Those speeds can only increase if people start using the newer 802.11ac along with channel bonding turned on.

Until devices are actually built with the new 802.11ac technology they won't be seeing much extra speed at all. For people using 802.11n, the additional bandwidth would allow more people to connect with less chance of channel crossover.

I believe the actual reason they are increasing the bandwidth is so that this new multiple channel bonding technology can be used to it's fullest potential. Up too 8 channels in the 5Ghz range can be bonded for increased bandwidth and therefore much faster wireless speeds.

At Wiki they say the theoretical maximum throughput for an 8 antenna 802.11ac A/P using 160Mhz spatial streams "all 8 channels bonded" is 6.93Gbit/s.

In reality they are seeing maybe, 1.3Gbit/s using a 4 antenna PCI/e NIC card and new 802.11ac router.