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Windows 7: More Than 3 Out of 4 Enthusiasts Reject Windows 8

07 Apr 2013   #671

Windows 10 (64 bit)

Microsoft could also be screwing up Xbox with hints of not being able to use used games and one Microsoft exec say the Xbox will requre an always on internet connection. When some users protested he just said "deal with it".

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07 Apr 2013   #672

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I believe they backtracked on some of the office terms - they obviously realised it wouldn't go down too well.

Interesting to see if Google is able to make much ground there, or even if home users will ever realise Libre office may be good enough for what they need.
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07 Apr 2013   #673

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Vista x64 / 7 X64

Yep, he may have messed up his career there. I believe he is a director. Slip ups like that give the public an idea what MS is actually thinking ( tho they don't usually say it out loud ).

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by PaulGo View Post
Microsoft could also be screwing up Xbox with hints of n ot being able to use used games and one Microsoft exec say the Xbox will requre an always on internet connection. When some users protested he just said "deal with it".
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07 Apr 2013   #674

Win7 64

This I found a little while ago..
Windows 8.1 Build 9369 Screenshots Leaked - Softpedia

If this is an update for win8 to win8.1(Blue)

Question is... where's the Modern Gui?
And there's an an "X" too?
And a start and task bar.

Or is it just reconfigured after install to appease the "few"?
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07 Apr 2013   #675
King Arthur

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

I see the usual Windows 8 desktop with no Start button, as for Metro it's just not in the screenshots. Among other things, more stuff in the Control Panel are being copied/moved over from the desktop onto Metro.

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by PaulGo View Post
Microsoft could also be screwing up Xbox with hints of not being able to use used games and one Microsoft exec say the Xbox will requre an always on internet connection. When some users protested he just said "deal with it".
If MS keeps the current "screw you, you're either with us or not" attitude then the next Xbox will very likely be DOA. I refer to the recent SimCity disaster that EA pulled off, among other incidents of "always-on-internet DRM"-related incidents as to why I say this.
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07 Apr 2013   #676

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit Build 7600 / Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3

This is really suspicious... don't you see a pattern here? they say "Screw you" to PC users, the same now for Xbox users... I don't really know, it's like to trying to finish Microsoft and leave the path clear for Apple and/or Linux...

Think of it... killing desktop results on forcing NOT ONLY the userbase to use Modern UI, also, deplovers and software vendors will be forced to ditch their current APIs in favor of getting their software to run on Modern UI (I can't imagine Photoshop running on a touch based screen... most of it's functionality would be reduced or hidden, and most options and menus just cutted off...)... This is time consuming, and time is money.

Users getting pissed off by this and leaving Windows in favor to other platforms, if Windows 7 expires (2020) then, the migration could be massive...

If people get's used to Linux, software vendors will get their sales drasically decreased, good raise for free software and more access to people to have more soft for their PC and do what they want to do, but in exchange, many companies could go broke in the process. Balance is good if it is under control.

Xbox will slowly die if people realize that PS4 is more flexible with games and requirements, in this case there is no bad ending, game creators will move to another platform if they see their sales reduced...

People that want to afford an expensive purchase, will move to Apple...

Is Balmer and his team looking forward to disappear Microsoft in favor to other companies? Is Bill Gates aware of this plans? Maybe I'm paranoid, but this is just weird if you ask me...

Just my two cents...
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07 Apr 2013   #677

W7 Ultimate SP1, LM18.3 MATE, W10 Home, #All 64 bit

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by gregrocker View Post
With Windows 8 they have overreacted to the Ipad so badly they've abandoned the perfect Desktop Experience in Win7 which is required for productive work. This is why business is now migrating almost entirely to Win7. The Live Tiles improvement on Ipad is even lost when foisted on a Desktop user who doesn't need or want it.
I've said it before, it's simply a case of iPanic!

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by gregrocker View Post
What's worse, they seem to think they can bully through doing away with the desktop, as though productive work is going to be done on tablets in the cloud. I think they've moved there, so maybe the market will bring them down to earth.
I willing to bet that the code for Windows isn't written using a touchscreen tablet.
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07 Apr 2013   #678
King Arthur

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by FerchogtX View Post
<post not quoted for space conservation>
I can understand the reasons behind why MS would want to kill Desktop so badly on Windows and insist on forcing always-on DRM on their XBox. I don't agree with nor accept them though.

To start with the Xbox, it's basically MS and whoever other software vendors board ship profitting at the expense of the consumers: You can't transfer your software to others, legally or otherwise, and you are required to have resources previously unneccesary. Assuming that users don't jump ship, the prohibition of software transfer means a forced increase in sales if more people want a piece of software and those people cannot give/sell to and/or receive that software from friends or "used games" sellers. The requirement for internet means that ISPs will profit because, again assuming everyone wants to use their XBox, they will need an internet connection.

The only problem with MS's vision here is that people obviously do not want, and in some cases don't have the physical and/or financial means of, having a permanent internet connection everywhere they go. I was in Japan recently for family vacation, and even in the country that can boast one of the most advanced internet infrastructures in the world, the connections I had at my disposal were relatively slow and very unstable for anything beyond basic email and chatting. In addition, people want to share; the internet's philosophy of "information distribution for free" is a shining example of this human trait. Needlessly prohibiting sharing will only serve to antagonize and alienate any potential customers.


Moving on to the Desktop and why MS would want to axe it so badly, the answer is simple: Win32. Win32 is the API behind all Windows programs since the days of Windows 95, it is the core API that drives all of the Windows programs (both free and commercial, open- and closed-source) that we use daily and appreciate. Win32 is an integral part of what makes Windows 7 and prior an open ecosystem for development and use.

MS's notion is that because Win32 has been developed for so many years, it is now deprecated, obsolete, inefficient, and a general mess to work with (let me make it clear that I at least don't agree with this notion!). MS has made no secrets about wanting to kill off Win32 for at least a decade now, if not longer. The only things that stood in MS's way was that they had no comparable API to replace Win32 with, and killing off Win32 would mean also killing off every single Windows desktop program that have been created to date. The arrival of Metro and WinRT, in MS's eyes, was the answer to that problem.

Metro, at least as far as I can pick up from MS's recent change in attitude, is the replacement and successor to the Desktop, and WinRT which is the accompanying API to Metro is the replacement and successor to Win32. The introduction of Metro/WinRT placed MS in a position where they can afford to take a gamble and kill off Desktop/Win32 because software vendors like Adobe will have to port their software over to Metro/WinRT to keep benefitting from Windows market share (this also indirectly psuedo-addresses the problem of killing Win32 programs) assuming that market share doesn't tank. The introduction of Metro/WinRT also places MS in a far more authoritative position overall because Metro/WinRT run on the "app store" business model not unlike the Apple App Store, where MS is in direct command of what goes in and runs on Windows 8/RT and what does not; MS also directly benefits by being able to siphon off money from all software sales on their Windows Store.

Basically, Metro/WinRT serves to place administrative command of users' computers in the hands of MS as well as directly empower MS via a what I'd call "MS Sales Tax" on Windows Store, while also validating (in MS's twisted theory) that Desktop/Win32 is obsolete and outdated and needs to be replaced with the brand spanking new Metro/WinRT.

What can possibly turn MS's grand scheme upside down is smart/informed people not buying into the notion that Metro/WinRT is the next Windows 95. Indeed, Metro has a great GUI to use on mobile devices, but it is absolutely impossible to use in any serious way on desktop computers, and more importantly the baggage that Metro/WinRT brings to the table (that many do not seem to yet realize the dire implications of) does not serve to benefit the end-user in any possible way.

Right now, I am happy that Windows 8 is suffering from lagging sales and acceptance because market refusal is the most effective way to answer MS's attitude. I am glad that some people, if not many, realize bullshit when they're given it and responding to MS's attitude in kind. I am also dismayed that MS does not realize their folly and continues to press forward on Metro, while also taking no heed of an end-user's needs as implied by the recent comments from Adam Orth regarding always-on DRM. If MS keeps going down the road they're currently walking, they'll just become irrelevant in several years' time when effective successors/replacements for Windows 7/XP and Xbox inevitably come around; already the PS4 looks to be becoming the de facto replacement to the next Xbox.
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07 Apr 2013   #679

Win7 64

M$ still has such a large section of the desktop and user database worldwide that they can do a gamble like this.
90% of people worldwide grew up with M$ and there apps.
It's the standard.
Users won't jump ship very easily, the M$ way is the only way they know. sad isn't it.
If Win7 is supported till 2020, Corporate business can still extend that for a price, M$ still win.
If in 2 years M$ have an epiphany then they can do a service pack with the desktop code they took out.

Win7 is still viable for many years yet, so if you don't like Win8 then there always Win7.
It's still M$

Is there any hardware that you need Win8 for? That Win7 won't run on? or apps for that matter, or function in an app?
That's the main reason to upgrade an OS
I have Win7 on a music pc that's controlled via touchscreen or remotely via iphone/ipad or android.

If you think M$ is being bloody-minded then deal with The Fruit Company and see what it's really like. They are the standard in that.

"Is Bill Gates aware of this plans?"
"My Mate Bill" has been giving away pc's to schools, charity, "feels guilty about having so much money" more than likely with M$ OS on them. so the kids grow up used to MS, again.
With the charity pc's from Bill, Which OS ?????????
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08 Apr 2013   #680
Dallas 7

Windows 7 Pro x64

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by gregrocker View Post
I promised myself I would again with an open mind try Win8 on a new Asus i5 laptop which advertised it was optimized for 8.

What I learned is that I can't stand the Metrosexual start screen even for half a day, can't wait to install Windows 7 Start Menu for Windows 8 to have the replica 7 Start Menu. Then it's no faster or better than Win7 dual-booted on a second partition.

In this case I noticed this "optimized" Win8 was a bit sluggish so also clean reinstalled 8 to a third partition without the Asus bloatware, which unlike most Asus hardware is crap. Sure enough an 8 Clean Install (like Win7 Clean Install) is considerably faster than the "Optimized for Win8" Asus bloatware install.

I ended up running Factory reset and taking the PC back because it felt like cheap plastic compared to my ten year old HP 510 which even full of sand weighs only slightly more but feels like solid steel by comparison, and runs Win7 just as fast with a Celeron and 1gb.

This is why I always say its Win7 and the install that matters.

Hey Greg, wait'll the 8 Police reads this! They're not gonna like it Greg! LOL
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 More Than 3 Out of 4 Enthusiasts Reject Windows 8

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