Internet Explorer 12 to feature 'substantial changes'...

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    Windows 7/64 HPremium.

    jimbo45 said:
    Hi there

    Get back to basics -- why can't we have a FILE BROWSER that knows whether it's a local file system / an Internet address or even a multimedia type of file and could then launch the appropriate application for the type of file.

    Should also kill all these "extensions" and other addons as well to the browser. You should also be able to customize it as well so if you have a multi-media file for example you could set sat VLC as your default video application.

    My thoughts exactly! well said, Jimbo.

    I use Firefox, but have IE 11 set up with all Bookmarks copied to 'Favourites', just in case. Works for me during those occasional hiccups in FF, usually after every other upgrade in FF.
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    Thank goodness I don't use IE, so I don't have to be concerned what they do with it.
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    lehnerus2000 said:
    Based on current browser trends it will not:

    • Display Control Buttons
    • Display an Address Bar
    • Display Images
    • Display Video
    • Display Text
    • Play Sounds

    It will be astonishingly fast though.
    Hi there

    If you remove features then it should be faster -- I'm sure in your country you've seen Politicians who really believe that the profitability of the Railway system would be GREATLY ENHANCED if NO trains were run at all. !! Same principle at work here - remove loads of stuff and it should run faster - but will it be more useful -- I use IE a lot now for VIDEO streaming.

    What I hoe though is that IE12 is NOT METRO only - or if it is it has re-sizeable windows. Not the fixed 1/2, 1/4 etc of screen that is currently used.

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    Layback Bear said:
    Sounds to me their is going to be a browser war coming soon.
    The browser wars never really ended. It's not as intense as the days of Netscape and IE4, but it never truly ended. Firefox reignited the war after IE6 took the crown before things slowed down again, only to be instantly usurped by Chromium because Mozilla has turned to crap.

    Opera got KIA'd too in the crossfire, now it's just another Chromium fork. May it RIP.

    Right now Chromium is holding the crown and Firefox would appear to be slowly losing favor, with IE being IE like always. I wonder how the browser wars will turn out in the coming years.
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    Linux CENTOS 7 / various Windows OS'es and servers

    Hi there.

    Actually IMO only TWO are worth looking at now

    IE for all the obvious reasons and until people like Netflix and SKY GO stop using Silverlight you are going to have to rely on IE for those sort of streaming services, and for Linux I like KONQUEROR - it's the KDE desktop browser - but it also works as a standard file manager too. Konqueror isn't well known unless you like the KDE desktop - even then people often use Firefox or another fork of it known as Iceweasel (especially on Debian type distros).

    @Sitemods -- don't rely on "Browser stats" for publishing who uses what -- KONQUEROR for instance can set its identification to any browser you want so a lot of stats gathered are only what the Browser reports -- not what the browser actually IS. !!! I think other Linux browsers are also capable of doing that too.

    Chrome might lose appeal - especially as SAMSUNG for its next set of mobiles and tablets is looking at writing its own OS rather than being tied in to the "Google-opoply".

    If you are a Windows user there's nothing wrong with the current incarnations of IE - I can't really see any reason on Windows to use anything else. Speed of a browser is also one of those meaningless stats these days - so much now depends on how the SITE handles your browser, the number of access the site has at the time you want to access it, your Internet access speed, the processor you have in your computer - particularly when viewing high quality video streams etc etc.

    This whole topic is really a "Yesterdays argument". The only reason other people might want to flood the market with browsers is so they can direct commercials at you by gathering stats of what sites you are looking at and other queries you might be making.

    @Bertison - I remember Notts Forest from my undergraduate days in England -- Brian Clough -the best England manager they NEVER had.

    I'm a bit of a Chelsea UK fan when I'm in England with some support (inevitably) for Man Utd too even though they had a horrible season. I liked Liverpool at the end of last season and HATE Arsenal -- wish Hull City had slaughtered them in the FA Cup final - but not to be. English premier league still tops all wherever you are on this planet -- and often it's easier to watch TV games FREE OUTSIDE the UK than from the UK itself - like we get complete choice of ALL the UK Sat 15.00 afternoon games - not allowed (officially) in UK.

    - I'm really enjoying the World Cup -- England need to play like Holland a bit more and perhaps ditch Rooney - but that's a topic for another (Sports) Forum. !!!

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