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Windows 7: Windows 7 pricing rumors retracted

08 Feb 2009   #1

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Windows 7 pricing rumors retracted

With all the buzz about the multiple versions of Windows 7, many have been wondering what the price tag will be for a retail copy. On Friday, rumors about what sort of prices Microsoft had in mind were floating around. The figures instantly earned a lot of ire from potential customers with the first desktop-usable “Home” versions floating in the $260 range. Needless to say, those prices were shocking.

However, only a day later the pricing rumors have been retracted with no reliable source being able to confirm the outrageous figures.

So what will retail Windows 7 prices actually be? At the moment, it's probably safe to assume Windows 7 will fall inline with Vista's pricing given the similarities in the SKUs and target markets for each edition. That certainly doesn't mean it will be cheap, as the “Ultimate” edition for Vista still carries a price tag greater than $300. Hopefully for those that pitched in to get Vista, Microsoft will continue to offer lower-cost upgrade options.

And while on the topic of Ultimate editions. According to Neowin, Microsoft will no longer support the Extras model with Windows 7 as the company believes they are better off dedicating that effort on core development. After an underwhelming number of Extras became available for Vista, this is probably a good decision.

My System SpecsSystem Spec
08 Feb 2009   #2

Windows 10 Pro x64 x3, Ubuntu

Thanks for the post Pooch

The interesting thing I've noticed myself with this price discussion is that nobody seems to have actually read the title of the original post - "Rumor - ..." as far as I can see there was no basis for these prices and as this blog states no comment or confirmation from Microsoft.
The other thing that concerned me a little was the fact that retail prices were quoted for SKU's that there is no intention of being available to the retail marken.
It may be that this rumour was started from within Microsoft to check reaction but I think it's more likely a traffic generating sceme from the original posters
My System SpecsSystem Spec
08 Feb 2009   #3


i think i'd pay £100 for the complete version, i know its a great OS & over time & updates it would progress much further...

but there's no way i'd pay over that personally....

My System SpecsSystem Spec

08 Feb 2009   #4

vista x64/ win 7 x64

yeah, that seems a reasonable price, i'd pay that. Comes to about 100 euro. 125 it's maxing out for me. after that i'd feel swindled.

Surest way to combat unpaid use of your product: Don't overprice it.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
08 Feb 2009   #5

Windows 7

Funny how both sources (Gizmodo and Neowin) actually quote Ars Technica in their article, but this source just quotes them.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
08 Feb 2009   #6

XP/Vista/Windows 7 builld 7000

i think you're right, at 100 pounds or just about 200 canadian plus or minus it will fly off the shelves...more than that and you cross a psychological buying additional's going to benefit you, but people want to see that up front in tangible terms. for the expenditure they just don't want better performance or greater reliability, they want new features that they can see. while 7 depending upon your point of view may or may not fit that criteria, (I would argue that it does, even if it mostly functional implementation on promises of some years past), the argument will be that this is actually worth upgrading xp machines to the next level to support the os. i'm not hopeful of a upgrade from vista program for the bulk of users(if hardly anybody..who is buying a laptop today with the new os just round the corner, current models will soldier on for a bit longer) , but a marketable price will benefit everyone across the board. MS knows this and i don't think will miss this opportunity as well as potentially firing a shot across the bow to the piracy asian or indian markets. 100 pounds/200 dollars seems about right to me, plus or minus.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
20 Jun 2009   #7

I think the Price offered China is about RIGHT.

Why should we pay more than China.
Update Time :2009-4-20 Source: Sina Technology Windows 7 prices will be 399 yuan and 499 yuan. This converts to 49.96 USD 62.48 USD.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- 新浪科技讯4月20日凌晨消息,微软大中华区消费与在线事业部总经理韦青向新浪科技透露,微软下一代操作系统Windows 7的价格预计将与Vista持平。 Sina Tech the early morning of April 20th message, Microsoft Greater China, consumer and online division, general manager of Sina science and technology to韦青revealed that Microsoft's next-generation operating system, Windows 7 and the price is expected to be Vista unchanged.

这是微软方面首次披露有关Windows 7的价格信息。 This is the first time Microsoft to disclose information about Windows 7 pricing information. 此前,微软这款备受关注的操作系统价格信息一直非常保密。 Prior to this, Microsoft's new operating system have attracted much attention has been very confidential price information.

“Windows 7的价格原则上是与Vista同步。微软过去一直努力给中国用户提供最好的价值,可以说Vista在中国市场的499元价格已经是非常非常的低。Windows 7的定价细节,我们会在合适的时间向外界披露。”韦青这样告诉新浪科技。 "Windows 7, in principle, the price of sync with Vista. Microsoft has been working the past to the Chinese users with the best value, it can be said of Vista in the Chinese market price of 499 yuan is already a very, very low. Windows 7 pricing details, we will at the right time to disclose to the outside world. "韦青told Sina science and technology.

为了在中国市场抢占份额,微软曾多次针对中国市场调低操作系统的价格。 In order to seize the Chinese market share, Microsoft has lowered the operating system for the Chinese market prices. 在2007年8月,微软曾宣布大幅下调Vista价格,最低版本售价499元。 In August 2007, Microsoft announced that Vista reduced price, the minimum price of 499 yuan version. 去年底,微软针对XP系统进行调价,最低版本售价降至399元。 The end of last year, Microsoft for the XP system price, the minimum version of the price to 399 yuan.

微软Windows业务高级副总裁Bill Veghte告诉新浪科技,尽管目前Windows 7的上市日期未公布,但预计会第一时间在中国同步上市,因为中国市场对微软非常重要。 Microsoft's Windows business, Senior Vice President Bill Veghte told Sina science and technology, despite the current listing date of Windows 7 is not released, but is expected to be the first simultaneous listing in China because the Chinese market is very important to Microsoft. 而此前,Vista在中国与全球市场同步上市。 Previously, Vista in China simultaneously with the listing of the global market.

据Bill Veghte透露,Vista全球用户已达2亿,达到当初预期。 According to Bill Veghte said, Vista has reached 200 million users worldwide, is expected to reach first. 由于Windows7是基于Vista架构开发的,能实现从Vista的平滑过渡,同时它将解决Vista时代的软件兼容问题。 Windows7 is due to Vista-based development framework, to achieve smooth transition from Vista, at the same time it will address the Vista era of software compatibility issues.

美国知名科技博客日前撰文称,从最新公布的调查报告显示,尽管Windows 7饱受非议,但该软件有可能成为微软史上最成功的商业操作系统。 Well-known U.S. technology blog a few days ago, said the author, from the latest survey, although Windows 7 suffered reproach, but the software has the potential to become the most successful in the history of Microsoft's operating system business. 另据外电消息称,Windows 7 RC版(发布候选版)公开发布时间为5月5日,其正式版有望在今年内上市。 According to foreign sources, Windows 7 RC version (release candidate) publicly available time for the May 5, the final version is expected this year listed. (全智) (Full Chilean)
My System SpecsSystem Spec
20 Jun 2009   #8

Microsoft Community Contributor Award Recipient

Vista x64 / 7 X64

499 yuan =$75 or £45 approx.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
20 Jun 2009   #9


China is where the Home Basic version gets marketed:

China tends to end up with a lot of pirated systems anyway, so they need to keep the price down however possible.

If they dramatically lower the price there for higher level things like Premium, Professional, and Ultimate though, they'll just end up getting sold overseas in places like the U.S.

Anyway, if there's a lower price in China, it's likely the Home Basic version that's targeted for "emerging markets."
My System SpecsSystem Spec
21 Jun 2009   #10

Linux CENTOS 7 / various Windows OS'es and servers

Hi all

Even at 499 Yuan (approx75 USD) a lot of Chinese won't bother since whatever the politicians say you'll be able to get a full ULTIMATE version of W7 for almost next to nothing.

I've been in Shanghai a few times -- great place but paying even 500 Yuan (approx 75 USD) for something "intangible" like an OS is such an anethma to Chinese Computer users that it would be pointless to even attempt to market the OS there at that sort of price --- it would be on sale in the markets around the Bund and French Concession for a fraction of that price almost before the first shipment arrived in the Shanghai Docks.

Most of these guys (and they are totally different from what the West perceives as "typical Chinese") are relatively wealthy and could easily afford to pay the price -- but its not in their psyche. 10 USD and you might have a chance but any more than that and you are in BIG trouble.

Remember with a decent manufacturing base and a market of Billions -- selling at say 5 USD would still make a lot of "dubious 3rd party suppliers" rich beyond the dreams of avarice. Western Economic principles just don't apply in these sort of places.

So MS as in the immprtal words of NASA's earlier moon missions " Houston --- We have a problem.......".

Enc screenshot of likely Chinese edition.


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My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Windows 7 pricing rumors retracted

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