W10 takes a bite out of W7

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    indianacarnie said:
    Well, .......... you can use whatever metrics you care to, but the simple fact is......... 10 is the future. It WILL beat out 7/8/8.1 in due course. It WILL be the OS the computer noobs (hey, we all were at one point) will learn on in the months/years to come. Facing reality is hard to do sometimes but THATS the real world. 10 (and its offspring) will be around for awhile and in ever increasing numbers. I personally only know one person who still uses 7, my 77 year old stepmother.

    Not when 10 doesn't work with your system. One major issue is my blinking screen when I open up my start menu, blinks at login screen and when I login and with the anniversary update its even worse. What strange about the blinking screen it didn't happen till way after the November update & I tried both 32bit & 64bit system same issues. I am sticking with windows 7 sp1 & Linux Mint xfce 18 (Haven't update my specs yet, because I am trying out Linux mint 18 upgrade from 17.3).
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    I too don't see anything in W10 that represents a benefit to me over W7. On the other hand, the forced updates, spyware, forced advertising, and uncertain compatibility issues are very real causes for apprehension. With all my computer decisions (including, for example, drivers) my golden rule remains "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". W7 serves my computer needs very well and will hopefully continue to do so until at least 2020 by which time we may have cause to view W10 differently, one way or another.
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    Just my points.

    If one like W-10 then by all means use W-10. Use as many operating system as you care to or need to.

    If one thinks that W-10 helps with their computing needs and or desires then by all means use W-10.

    At this time in my life and the W-10 that is available does not meet my needs or desires.
    I know that the time will come when I buy W-10. I know it will not be perfect to my needs or desires but it wasn't made just for me. It was made for a billion plus users.
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    We know that the number of Windows 10 users is likely to grow but the title of this thread:

    W10 takes a bite out of W7

    Could be read as how many W10 users are there vs. Win7 users


    How many Win7 users will switch to Win10

    Free Windows 10 Upgrade Deadline Failed to Move Windows 7 Users En Masse
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    MS didn't do themselves any favours whatsoever. Their pushy tactics and annoying Windows 7 and 8.1 users for 12 months did a lot to damage 10's reputation, I think.
    If they had maybe toned it down a little and did some simple things like adding a "Remind me in x months" option to the GWX app, then I believe the reception for it may have been a little warmer.
    I've tried it, and while I don't hate 10, I don't exactly love it either. I feel it may get better over time, but right now I just can't see me wanting to switch anytime soon.
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    Yea after the stuff the anniversary build removed I see no good coming in the future :)
    It is just getting more restrictive seems to me in the name of some false security crap reason
    Removing group policy setting is just outrageous to me
    Yea-yea there's always a workaround but this is so irritating and counter productive to keep having to do silly tasks..... to undo what should never of been removed in the first place.
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    indianacarnie said:
    10 (and its offspring) will be around for awhile and in ever increasing numbers. I personally only know one person who still uses 7, my 77 year old stepmother.
    Oddly - I am still waiting for someone...anyone that I currently know or did know that is using Windows 10. This runs from friends at work to my pals at recording studios to all the friends we have in the ole social circles.

    We talk about this stuff all the time - and I cannot confirm a single person as of yet - who actually uses Windows 10 on an active computer.

    Now I do not know thousands of people but enough to go "that's really weird". Especially after a year of "free".

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    I know no one using windows mobile or any surfaces....
    All android's and or iphones :)
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    10 Pro and 8.1 Home

    I don't like the anniversary update, especcially the start menu, they have hidden documents etc, I know they are there with icons but that just dosen't cut it with me. I'm now regretting getting rid of 7 as I only have 8.1 and 10 and I'm using 8.1 a lot more than 10.
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    Win-7-Pro64bit 7-H-Prem-64bit

    Yea you can always reinstall the prior os = I did :)
    If you need installation media just ask
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