Further simplifying servicing models for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

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    W10 32 bit, XUbuntu 18.xx 64 bit

    The issue I don't like with the roll-up update it makes belarc advisor kind of useless for windows updates. It shows you need an update, you download from windows update catalog, then your system says you don't need that update grr. Belarc advisor still comes in handy for drivers and software updates that don't come through windows update & does other things as well.
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    Seffrid said:
    ThrashZone said:
    Imaging is for everyone or at least should be it's so freaking easy to do now days :)
    I've looked at various guides here and elsewhere over the last year or two and have found it incomprehensible really. If I recall correctly they started by saying I had to have a certain type of format and I don't have a clue whether I do or don't! I have two home computers with nothing that needs backing up other than the system files which aren't separately partitioned. At least being retired I have sufficient time available but a lot of ordinary computer users don't simply share my lack of knowledge, they don't have the time to make it a priority either.
    Not sure what the file format deal is you might post a link to where that stated
    Otherwise I've found this video as good as it gets :)
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    After trying to sneak in 6 GWX so called updates, we're now supposed to trust them with their 'simplified' all-in-one approach? I might be able to buy the security updates but I'd be suspicious of win 7 upgrades. I don't know how much more an 8 year old program can be improved so I'm inclined to leave the 'updates' at 'never check' from now on.
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    d4g4m said:
    I don't know how much more an 8 year old program can be improved so I'm inclined to leave the 'updates' at 'never check' from now on.
    Leaving aside Microsoft's questionable motives about telemetry updates, security patches were never about improving an older OS at all. It was about patching exploits, most of them newly found. There are are perhaps hundreds that aren't even known yet, and have yet to be found, and they will patch those in time.

    However, these supposed security holes have really never translated in to much of a concern. So I don't know if the supposed benefit outweighs whatever Microsoft is trying to pull with unified updating methods.
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    Windows 11 Pro x64 [Latest Release and Release Preview]

    Windows 7 has been in extended support for some time, this means that Microsoft will not add any new features or any support for new technologies, full stop

    They will however continue to supply security updates until end of life in 2020.

    Microsoft can of course change anything they want to with Windows 7 as it is a licensed not purchased product, and anyone who runs Windows has already accepted this fact, by agreeing to the EULA. There is an old saying that ignorance of the law is no defence - the same thing applies to the EULA whether it's read or not
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    If all that was true Micro... would of been able to upgrade us all to 10 without any legal problems :)
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    Windows 11 Pro x64 [Latest Release and Release Preview]

    They could and still can - If they want to, but it's unlikely. they could change the EOL for Windows 7 to the end of this year, but that is also unlikely -

    It's not as unlikely as any of the many Microsoft is Evil, Conspiracy BS that's touted around the net, in order to sell advertising on websites, actually having any basis in fact.

    Some people believe what they read on the net, that's fine, but it doesn't make it true
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    That would be a nice trick to see them pull off :)
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    I don't particularly mind update rollups, but I'm not too keen on the idea of lumping both Security and Recommended updates all into one rollup.

    Surely they could easily release 2 separate rollups a month. One for Security and the other for recommended. I know they're going to be doing a separate security rollup available for WSUS, but why can't they just do the same through Windows Update?

    Also, if one of these rollups does screw up a machine, does this mean we're going to have to wait longer to get fixes for it? I don't use Windows 10 regularly, other than testing in VM's. How does it work on 10 with cumulative updates? Do they get fixed quickly if something messes up?
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    Windows 11 Pro x64 [Latest Release and Release Preview]

    Not really had any specific issues with 10 updates myself but the updates did seem to come out, for anniversary update, pretty quickly that solved issues even those that affected few users, although you would have to expect this for any os that is still in full support. When 7 was new it was patched almost instantly when issues arose. Of course as all Win7 updates are supposed to be security related only this could help matters

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