Seffrid said:
Unfortunately this means that there will be no choice any more as to which updates you install, so if one bricks users' machines you're also stuck with it unless you opt out altogether - which some may do. You won't simply be able to miss the offending month's update as it will be included in the next month's one.
HammerHead said:
The fact you can't choose what to install, tells me they now can add the win 10 updates and you have no say. It is getting closer to rejecting all updates.
Don't worry.

One of these cumulative updates will simply replace the W7 Updater with the W10 Updater, problem solved.

Barman58 said:
It's not as unlikely as any of the many Microsoft is Evil, Conspiracy BS that's touted around the net, in order to sell advertising on websites, actually having any basis in fact.
So we should just accept the fact that MS is incompetent instead?