August 2016 update rollup for Windows 7 SP1

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    August 2016 update rollup for Windows 7 SP1

    Posted: 17 Aug 2016
    The August 2016 update rollup includes some new improvements and fixes for the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 platform. We recommend that you apply this update rollup as part of your regular maintenance routines.

    For Windows 7, the update got the KB3179573 patch ID. It includes the following changes:
    • Improved performance on specific networks that have a high-bandwidth and low latency.
    • Addressed issue with users encountering a bugcheck, when trying to access a domain DFS namespace (for example, \\\SYSVOL) on a computer that is configured to require mutual authentication (by using the UNC Hardened Access feature).

    Brink's Avatar Posted By: Brink
    17 Aug 2016

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    Win 7 Pro, SP1, x86, Win-11/Pro/64

    I am forced to ask WHY?
    After doing a forced RE-Install of Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, last night, Auto Update fired up and began downloading 229 updates, so being a dutiful MS user, I let it finish.
    But it was going slowly and so I went on to bed and let it run.
    This morning I went back to that PC and it was OFF. So, I tried to boot it up, and it went right into a FIX mode and then went into a Boot, Fix, reboot, repeat loop. Arggggg!
    Restoring a Ghost Image made before the updates, fixed it. Now Auto Updates is shut OFF.
    Scream, yell and stomp your feet all you want, but I've found that Windows 7 is on the downhill slide, like XP was just a few years ago, and it runs just fine without the dang MS Updates. So now, on all of my 20 PC's, Microsoft Updates is shut OFF.
    It will stay that way.
    Well, that's my opinion anyway.

    Cheers Mates,
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  2. bej
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    Windows 7 Home Pro SP1 64bit

    Updating anytime is pure madness and a waste of time (IMHO).
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    W7 Ultimate SP1, LM19.2 MATE, W10 Home 1703, W10 Pro 1703 VM, #All 64 bit

    Is this August update roll-up just the individual August updates bundled?

    I wonder if the network update was responsible for breaking file sharing on our network.

    I was forced to edit the Registry (LanmanServer & SessionManager) fix the problem.
    Last edited by lehnerus2000; 18 Aug 2016 at 01:32. Reason: Additional
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    W7 Ultimate 32-bit

    ALSO. when I checked, KB3179573 wasn't part of the package I manually downloaded on the ninth of August, the normal update day, but on Tuesday the 16th, did receive the one for Egypt going OFF of DST.
    YEP, this one is listed as optional, so if it ain't broke, don't fix it, since my system is stable, going to ignore it, so I don't have to go through hoops like Techno and Lern just did.
    Last edited by BlueGuy; 18 Aug 2016 at 04:36. Reason: further research.
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    Probably will take this as a good thing considering on patch Tuesday I got about 11 Important updates

    Then I believe Friday I got 1 Net framework Important update
    And again yesterday or Tuesday got 1 more Important update for a time zone

    Things have to get better than this scattered release crap :)

    Neither of the 2 later updates were worth making another system image so I just flipped a coin and installed only the 2 important ones as I usually will
    Optional section stuff not for a while if at all.
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    W10 32 bit, XUbuntu 18.xx 64 bit

    Just be advised, still check out the optional updates. On mine, the roll up was in the optional section not the important section and the removal of daylight savings time for a certain country was in the important section.
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    Win 7 x64 Pro

    I wonder if MS is now making people PAY for not upgrading to Windows 10--and then you will have to pay. (I did the upgrade, and saved an image of 7 so I could decide to use either one later.) But before the Win 10 Free Upgrade termination date, I wondered if they were making things a little more difficult for 7 users, so they would have more incentive to upgrade....
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    win 7 X64 Ultimate SP1

    Update What?

    I quit. No more updates. Something fishy is going on.
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    Win 7 Ultimate, Win 8.1 Pro, Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon (All 64-Bit)

    groze said:
    Just be advised, still check out the optional updates. On mine, the roll up was in the optional section not the important section and the removal of daylight savings time for a certain country was in the important section.

    Often you'll find most (not all) of the updates that come as optional later turn to recommended. My guess is this will probably change later, as it's a rollup. The only exceptions that have stayed as optional are the Remote Desktop Updates. I don't install those as I've never used it. Driver updates usually stay as optional.

    Oh, and an Azerbaijan currency update. I don't live there, I've never been and probably never will, so.... skipped!

    Also, the DST update would be classed as important for someone living in Egypt. I can't see MS differentiating the update for separate regions, so they just push them out as important to everyone.

    There was a good explanation I read as to why these timezone updates should be classed as important, and how it affects many regions. They cited using communication programs like Skype across different timezones, for example. Although, I've completely forgotten where I read the article, so can't point to it right now.

    Anyone finds it, let me know!
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