Windows 7 extended support ends on January 14, 2020

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    Windows 7 extended support ends on January 14, 2020

    Posted: 14 Jan 2019
    Microsoft is ending free extended support for Windows 7 in one year on January 14, 2020.

    Windows 7 extended support ends on January 14, 2020-lifecycle.jpg

    Source: Windows lifecycle fact sheet
    Brink's Avatar Posted By: Brink
    14 Jan 2019

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    Windows 7 End Of Support

    What are your plans for when this happens??? Interested to hear what you're gonna do..
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    End of W7 support

    Having read countless articles about the impending demise of Windows 7 support I am left with unanswered questions.

    No one is saying that MS will send an update that will kill W7 so why can't we just keep using it?

    The scare story is that it will suddenly be open to attack by malware & viruses. Given the number of years that this OS has been in use why hasn't MS found all the vulnerabilities by now? Was it so full of errors from day one that it can't possibly survive without constant plugging of holes? Having said that, I haven't had a single problem with it since I gave up my death grip on XP in 2010 to make the switch. I dumped ME and luckily avoided Vista and W8 completely but am completely happy with W7. I don't care how many bells and whistles W10 may offer because I value my privacy and have no confidence in MS to make their "hand held" device system perform as well as 7 does at the moment.

    Another claim is that the existing software we use with W7 will stop working. Why is this? If it works today, why wouldn't it work next month? I am still using a version of Paint Shop Pro that hasn't been updated since I first installed it in 2001. It worked with W98 and XP before I started using it in W7.

    Only fairly recently has the usage of W10 overtaken W7 worldwide and I suspect that is only because of the stranglehold MS has on the hardware manufacturers. It is increasingly more difficult to buy a PC or laptop without W10 pre-installed. I build my own so it has never been a problem but I see now that the later processors lack the "architecture" to support W7. Time to stock up on N.O.S. hardware or start learning Linux.

    Can anyone shed light on what the future might have in store for us Windows 7 diehards?
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    Hi Aardvarkly,

    There have been quite a few discussions on this forum about this topic. This one is worth a read => Beyond Windows 7.
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    I really don't care how much people bleat on about "you must update to Windows 10 by 2020" or your PC will explode! There are still plenty of people running XP who haven't been hit with viruses or malicious software.

    Many articles written by people (mostly suckered in by MS marketing) will have you believe that after the Windows 7 EOL every PC will be getting hit with ransomware, or you'll be getting hacked left, right & centre - it just isn't true - providing you use common sense online.
    - Don't open dodgy looking emails or attachments
    - Use browser/privacy protection
    - Keep many layers of good security like AV and Ransomware protection (particularly nasty these days). I scan every downloaded file with both AV and MalwareBytes
    - Keep copies of all your drivers and software setup files
    - Keep regular and multiple images/backups and 7 will continue to run fine for a while.
    Even when I do decide to move on to something else, I'll still be running multiple VMs with 7 installs, because it just works for the things I need it to do.

    Eventually some software will stop getting updates for 7, but again it'll be a few years yet. Plenty of businesses will continue to run 7 for a few years.
    Some software makers are still updating their products for XP & Vista, and I'm still using older versions of some software if I haven't liked newer versions. I'm not one of these who has to have the "latest and greatest" of everything because "newer is always greater, because.... erm... it's newer... right!?". There's nothing wrong with being a so-called "techno-luddite" when you have something that works fine.
    I've yet to have been hit with a virus since I started using Windows '95!

    My brother just bought a new laptop within the last 12 months and first thing he did was wipe Windows 10 and install 7 because he hated 10. Had to search around for a few drivers for it, but the laptop runs fine with 7 on it. And he's not even a "techy" bloke.

    Here's what I'll be doing after Windows 7 EOL....

    Zero, zilch, nothing - at least not for a couple of years anyway!
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    Windows 7 Pro 64bit

    Nice one! Power to the people.
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    Well, so far most of what I read have been personal opinions and feelings..
    Not much about what preventive measures anyone is taking or methods to make up for the lack of no security updates when end of life happens.

    I have been around since the DOS days and have built several computers and am pretty knowledgeable..I know I don't know everything but do know that doing nothing and planning nothing usually is a future disaster waiting to happen...

    Anyway, it's an interesting discussion...
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    Brds7t7 said:

    Here's what I'll be doing after Windows 7 EOL....

    Zero, zilch, nothing - at least not for a couple of years anyway!

    Yep, same here.
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    The best preventive strategy is to start using Linux now. I just put Kubuntu on my wife's laptop, along with Windows 7. By the time next year rolls around, she will be comfortable with Linux and will use it daily, especially for sensitive uses. And she will still have W7 for any programs she likes, and the games (Linux games are good, but Windows are better). she has already discovered she can open her spreadsheets she did in windows, in Kubuntu with no problem and work on them without missing a beat. and Linux updates come frequently and as needed. You rarely even have to restart. After using Windows, it's a revelation. Operating systems can be smart, up to date and easy to use. All for free (or a donation, which you really should make). Now is the time get to know Linux.
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