New Nodersok malware has infected thousands of PCs

    New Nodersok malware has infected thousands of PCs

    Posted: 27 Sep 2019
    Thousands of Windows computers across the world have been infected with a new strain of malware that downloads and installs a copy of the Node.js framework to convert infected systems into proxies and perform click-fraud.

    The malware, named Nodersok (in a Microsoft report) and Divergent (in a Cisco Talos report), was first spotted over the summer, distributed via malicious ads that forcibly downloaded HTA (HTML application) files on users' computers.

    Users who found and ran these HTA files started a multi-stage infection process involving Excel, JavaScript, and PowerShell scripts that eventually downloaded and installed the Nodersok malware.

    The malware itself has multiple components, each with its own role. There's a PowerShell module that tries to disable Windows Defender and Windows Update, and there's a component for elevating the malware's permissions to SYSTEM level.

    But there are also two components that are legitimate apps -- namely WinDivert and Node.js. The first is an app for capturing and interacting with network packets, while the second is a well-known developer tool for running JavaScript on web servers.

    According to Microsoft and Cisco reports, the malware uses the two legitimate apps to start a SOCKS proxy on infected hosts. But here is where the reports diverge. Microsoft claims the malware turns infected hosts into proxies to relay malicious traffic. Cisco, on the other hand, says these proxies are used to perform click-fraud.

    Nevertheless, malware is malware, and it's not a good sign when someone gets infected, despite the output. Just like any other malware strain built on a client-server architecture, Nodersok's creators could, at any point, deploy other modules to perform additional tasks, or even deploy secondary malware payloads like ransomware or banking trojans.

    Since Microsoft found the malware, Windows Defender should also be able to spot it.

    To prevent infections, the best advice is that users not run any HTA files they find on their computers, especially if they don't know the files' precise origin. Files downloaded from a web page out of the blue are always a bad sign and shouldn't be trusted, regardless of extension.

    According to Microsoft telemetry, Nodersok has managed to already infect "thousands of machines in the last several weeks." Most of the infections have taken place this month, and have hit US and EU-based users, the company said...

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    Brink's Avatar Posted By: Brink
    27 Sep 2019

  1. Posts : 337
    Windows 11 Pro (x64)

    Can't we just put these EVIL SOBs to death already... the MALWARE etc these idiots code is a blight on our brighter digital age!
      My Computer

  2. Posts : 684
    Windows 7 Professional, SP1, x86

    Sounds about as Evil as Microsoft's WUDO, in Windows 10...Eh? And how about that spying B**ch Cortana?

    I'd rather have any good virus, than an Un-Tweaked version of Windows 10.

    I had to do a Clean Re-Install of Windows 7/Pro/x86 on my main PC, after several years of just cleaning and backing it up. Something finally got in there and was making the OS take a minute or more to just go on-line. I'm used to a boot up with full ON-Line capability, and my email on my desktop, in just ten seconds. But a minute? NO WAY Jose! Something was really WRONG!!!

    In addition to re-installing Win-7, I also had to replace a faulty DVD drive, and a Dell 21" monitor that was getting really funky! The text on my desktop screen was twitching like it was electrified.

    Now, I've got a beautiful little PC, that boots up in ten seconds, shuts down in just five seconds and runs like a scalded cat. And, it was so very simple..... I just backed up all my data, put in the Win-7 Install DVD and booted to it and did the install. Then I restored all my data, shortcuts, etc. After two days, I've got a NEW computer again.

    The only problem with installing Win-7 and not 8.1 or ten, was that I had to provide all the drivers for the Sound, Lan, Video, USB-3 ports, etc. No Big Deal, though, because I have all those on disk.

    MS Updates are shut OFF, and I've run "Never 10", so I won't be bugged to upgrade. I'm just a Happy Camper!

    Cheers Mates! Sorry if I have a tendency to just Ramble on.

    PS: What I've never understood, is all those who have so much trouble installing Win-7.
    It's just so darned simple!!!
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