End of an era - Internet Explorer is now officially dead

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    End of an era -  Internet Explorer is now officially dead

    End of an era - Internet Explorer is now officially dead

    Last Updated: 23 Aug 2022 at 08:06
    Microsoft's Internet Explorer has died many deaths over the years, but today is the one that counts. The final version of the browser, Internet Explorer 11, will no longer receive support or security updates starting today, and it will gradually be removed from Windows 10 PCs via a Windows Update at some point in the future. It was never installed on Windows 11 PCs at all.

    ...a browser that annihilated all competitors in the late-'90s browser wars only to be decisively wiped out in the early-2010s browser wars. For those who weren't there, we've put together a brief history of the life and times of Internet Explorer. IE's heyday is a distant memory, but the entire story is worth knowing. Google Chrome is on top of the world today, but that didn't happen overnight, and the browser wars have been nothing if not cyclical.
    Internet Explorer was once synonymous with the Internet, but today itís gone for good | Ars Technica

    Probably one of the first browsers I used back then on Windows 95 to Windows 98se. Though, my first experience with the Internet was at my friend's house using dial-up and AOL (America Online) on a Macintosh computer. I don't even remember what that browser was called. Back then you didn't "search" for things like you do today. You used "keywords." You'd often hear on the nightly news "keyword 9News" or what ever. They even mentioned their email address which at the time was a relatively new thing and I remember when the news reporters mentioned it from reading the teleprompter laughed and said, "what's email?"

    Internet Explorer was one browser I used like everyone else back then. But I made the switch to Netscape. Then I tried Opera only because I read about it in the book Internet Privacy for Dummies. LOL Opera at the time was owned by a Norwegian company and was a pretty cool browser. Then the Mozilla Suite came out which was a browser and email client rolled into one. I also used Phoenix which was the precursor to Firefox and it was then I used nothing but Firefox (loved that browser). Then around circa 2008 came Chrome and back then I knew it would be popular among the masses despite Google having to air a commercial for it.

    Now-a-days your choice of a browser that makes sense in my opinion is long gone unless you know how to code. Google is pretty much taking over the Internet in more ways than one...

    Funny how they say, "what is Internet." Today it's, "what is the blockchain? Can someone Google search that please?" LOL

    F22 Simpilot's Avatar Posted By: F22 Simpilot
    16 Jun 2022

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    Internet Explorer, you were never the greatest browser, but you left us with many memories, I remember using you to download chrome when I got my first pc, thank you for that, you never bugged me either! Enjoy your time away,

    Thank You, Internet Explorer

    August 16, 1995 - June 15, 2022
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    Well, this is one mell of a hess! What happened to post #1?

    Personally, I was forced to give up on Internet Explorer many years ago.
    I've been running Mozilla/Firefox since they were still in Beta.

    Rots O Ruck, you MS fanatics!
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    Organizations I support are starting the process of removing it and my employer already has removed it from their systems. I suppose that's for the best. Personally I haven't had it as my primary browser for 15+ years and I've barely used it at all over the last 5 or so years (if not longer). I used to run it all the time. Even at one point with toolbars especially on IE 6 which didn't have tabs except with a toolbar. Was that the MSN toolbar? My favorite version was 7. I didn't like the visual changes after that and I especially appreciated the tabs addition (which Firefox already had). It isn't a big loss. It's long been replaced as stated. It belongs in the geriatric ward lol.
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    TechnoMage2016 said:
    ...... What happened to post #1?
    It's a 'feature' of the forum software that when posting an item in News it doesn't get a post number, the first reply is always post #1.
    Personally, I was forced to give up on Internet Explorer many years ago.
    I've been running Mozilla/Firefox since they were still in Beta.....
    Personally I held onto using IE11 for as long as possible, finally switching to Firefox some 5 years ago when too many of my regular sites were being broken by IE.

    My reason being that the IE rendering engine seemed to give the most readable text. In a side-by-side comparison all other browsers showed text that looked 'spidery'.
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    IE may be "dead" on certain Windows versions but is still functional under Win7 even with the June 2022 security updates installed for W7

    For certain versions of Windows currently in-support and used in critical environments, we will continue to support Internet Explorer on those versions until they go out of support. These include all currently in-support Windows 10 LTSC releases (including IoT) and all Windows Server versions, as well as Windows 10 China Government Edition, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 with Extended Security Updates (ESUs). Future versions of these editions will not include Internet Explorer. Developers who rely on the underlying MSHTML (Trident) platform and COM controls on Windows will also continue to be supported on all Windows platforms.
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    Internet Explorer 11 still works fine for me in Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit and Windows 10 Pro Version 21H2 Build 19044 64-bit.

    I'm a creature of habit and have been using it since 1997 when it was version 3.02, so I've resisted breaking away from it completely.

    Because more and more of my visited sites (including my email accounts) no longer work properly with it, I've been using Mozilla Firefox 102 as my default browser.
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    I recall using IE when I first learned how to use computers & internet, good old days with Dial Up & massive telephone bills LOL !!! Designed my first basic html webpage for IE

    My first migration was to Opera & Netscape Navigator
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    I also used IE in its infancy (I used Hotbot as the search engine) and continued using it up to about a couple of years ago because Edge kept popping up and telling me it could display a page better. I probably wouldn't have a problem with Edge except I don't know how (and haven't made a concerted effort) to customize it to look like IE (menu bars, tool bars, etc.). As a result, I use Firefox. I can still use IE9 pm this Vista system but primarily use Opera and Firefox (obviously not the latest versions).
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    wither 2 said:
    ...because Edge kept popping up and telling me it could display a page better.

    Ah, advertising.

    Speaking of advertising.

    End of an era -  Internet Explorer is now officially dead-u7ikii.jpg

    Talk about absolutely butt f***ing the competition....
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