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Windows 7: Australia Imposes Internet Filter

17 Dec 2009   #31


Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Orpheous View Post
It makes me wonder if their "National Broadband Network" is part of the plan to enable them to police the IP filtering even closer....

you are most certainly right - the faster the internet the more you can manipulate/filter it and no one knows. Fits perfectly into our current political think-tank!

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17 Dec 2009   #32
Night Hawk

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While MS has been working on things like "suggested sites" as well as antiphising filters to veer you away from bad sites in their browser the government there "seems to be" taking steps to block access entirely. In a way you also have to look at the benefits of not getting trojans and other malwares from sites you can't wander into as well as some other side benefits despite some politician making a "Big Noise" to bolster his own career.

(nothing new there)
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18 Dec 2009   #33


Hey Guys,

I just posted this on the Australian broadband forom about this issue and since Ive been largly absent from my own topic I thought this would provide some food for thought

How did we miss this?


As a programmer, I think a huge majority of "IT experts" have missed (I would consider major) issue with the Minister Conroy's Censorship proposals with relation to how easy it would be to reverse-engineer and replicate a near identical copy of the entire blacklist... Heres my perspective of Conroy's proposals based on my experience with writing and working with similar software systems identical to his proposal.

Anyone can easily reverse-engineer Minister Conroy's proposed secret filter after an update to any ISPs regardless of any measure they try take to prevent it, I also believe this will give criminals and child molesters a free government sponsored address-book containing thousands of links to illegal pornography, links to terrorist videos/propaganda, child porn etc... at the expense of the taxpayer and it will be available on every Australian Internet connection across the country considering its mandatory.

The Minister Conroy has said the filters provide "100% accuracy and negligible speed impact (Note: Its this 100% accuracy that makes it incredibly easy to reverse engineer the entire scope of filtering being employed including the filtered addresses) also the $43 billion NBN was never tested at the speeds Minister Conroy himself tells Australians everyday that they will be getting (we'll need new hardware since none currently are compatible, so newly created hardware specifically for the NBN = $80b after R+D.. whats the go here?) " for blocking specific material, also that there will be two blacklists, one is a "Federal state secret" and the other partially-public administered by possibly another government department or organization setup by government?, He has also mentioned the blacklist will be automatic and completely encrypted to prevent its leakage once again.

When these "RC" URLs begin getting filtered (inc two youtube links), What is Conroys reason to keep the list a secret? no one including kids should be able to access these sites after their filtered or be able to bypass the filter... right?
The sane belief is that the decision was made because the Gov don't want kids/adults or criminals having a free government sponsored address-book containing thousands of direct links to illegal material that's regularly(?) updated (if public) on a government website like the ACMA (we've been told even though we will be filtered from viewing any URL on that list even if we tried, we still cant view the list itself, object to anything on the list that shouldn't be on there and the public most probably will not be informed when the legislation changes at a later time (actually happened a few years ago, sorry about that news thing).

Last year some should remember EFF released a tool called Switzerland after widespread illegal filtering by US-ISPs of US customers had taken place:
"The software uses a semi-P2P, server-and-many-clients architecture. Whenever the clients send packets to each other, the server will attempt to determine if any of them were dropped, forged, or modified [.] Switzerland is a much more sophisticated successor to the pcapdiff software that we released last year. It automates many of the things that had to be done by hand with the earlier code.
One advantage this architecture has over other network testing tools is that it can spot arbitrary kinds of packet modifications in any protocol — it doesn't assume that the interference comes in the form of TCP reset packets or web page modifications, and it isn't limited to BitTorrent or any other specific application."
(Info here: Switzerland Network Testing Tool | Electronic Frontier Foundation, Sourcecode here: Switzerland - Develop)

I used an idea that Phone Phreakers have used for decades called "War Diallng" and I changed the architecture slightly to suit more adequately for more direct tcp/http use than the server just analyzing the traffic between two clients, create a quick "mini-signature" for all web domains without having to download/store the entire page.

Its currently takes 3 ½ days to process a substantial part of the worlds domain index and display analysis of the results (its a crappy spare box) Note: Lists of website domain names can be legally obtained and this should make identification of urls on the blacklist easier because it would negate the need to preform "War Addressing" in two countries.

I plan on optimizing the code over the next year before releasing it publicly in the event the mandatory filtering (pyramid?) scheme is passed by the government since its currently the only way I have let alone others will have of verifying what the government is blocking is legit while keeping them honest (A secret blacklist of banned material setup solely by government is just asking for trouble... It will be abused, dont doubt your politicians wouldn't filter something they shouldn't)
Once the library is a little more mature and optimized by next year, it will only take a few hours and a handful of people inside and out of Australia to reverse engineer Australia's little secret blacklist.

In short, On the first day these mandatory filters are turned on my major concerns are:

a) Instantly allows the secret government blacklist to be reverse-engineered by anyone including criminals, who will get this list then view sites over encrypted connections making it impossible to catch them.

b) Instantly the filters become a target for hackers wanting to DoS the entire Australian public from accessing the internet outside Australia or even in Australia.

It remains to be seen if these (unrealistically) tested filters (that I hear contains multiple CVE exploits from using depreciated FOSS) are capable of detecting/blocking all hackers/ terrorists/ over seas Governments like North Korea or Russia's from being able to modify the filters to suit any of these groups and others nefarious deeds.

c) Instantly the filters become a target for Terrorists and Australia's enemy's wanting to cause a massive communications and stock-market disruption/blackout/crash (could be done by a 17 year old kid half way around the world using just a keyboard).

AFAIK from all the media ive read, Minister Conroy has not planned or even considered the effect these things could have over the entire Australia continent.

I turned 19 in July and over a year before this system is introduced and years afterwords Ill be able to reliably obtain the "secret and encrypted" ACMA blacklists very simply using an application "doing a process of elimination" (War Addressing after War Dialling :P) for links accessible outside Australia and ones accessible inside Australia using (semi) distributed computing and recording the links showing consistent blockage by our govt filters.

Simple and 100% effective.

Minister Conroy, I just informed the public how your secret blacklist just doesn't work and how easily it can be reverse-engineered by a mere kid. dont even bother hiding your shame from the Australian public, We see it now.

Have a happy Christmas and new year.

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18 Dec 2009   #34

Linux CENTOS 7 / various Windows OS'es and servers

Hi there
just use a Proxy -- there's plenty around -- those with .RO are good - nobody's going to filter those.

I don't want to get involved in Politics but in this case it IS relevant to the thread -- most Politicians seem to be Lawyers, non Technical Teachers, etc etc. VERY VERY FEW are Engineers or Computer specialists -- so by the time they even get around to THINKING about the Internet they are already 3 generations of Technology too late.

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18 Dec 2009   #35


Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by dmex View Post

Minister Conroy, I just informed the public how your secret blacklist just doesn't work and how easily it can be reverse-engineered by a mere kid. dont even bother hiding your shame from the Australian public, We see it now.
Icing on the cake :)

(you're only 19? Live and learn, live and learn )
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18 Dec 2009   #36
Night Hawk

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Well that's summing things up there! dmex But you know what they would come back with don't you?

"We are the legislators and responsible for ...." blah blah blah whatever other crap they throw in. They still have to show they are taking some actions whatever those turn out to be.
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19 Dec 2009   #37


I also had a look at a list some time ago, and in principle agree to filter out pedo sites, it also filtered out genuine sites. Changes may have been made, but it goes against our right to free speech.

Agree on the proxy server bit.

Mr Conroy, in case you don't know it..................We own this.

I'll now get of my hobby horse.
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19 Dec 2009   #38
Night Hawk

W7 Ultimate x64/W10 Pro x64 dual boot main build-remote pc W10 Pro x64 Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64

Nothing effective will ever avoid stepping on something else unfortunately. It's either allow all the crap in or take some steps to filter at least some of the crud out. The best term simply put is a "catch 22"!
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19 Dec 2009   #39

XP Pro/Vista Ultimate (64)/Windows 7 Ultimate Signature Edition(64)

The internet options here in Australia are quite different to what they are in the states, so I'm told. I'm currently paying AUD$79.99 per month for 25Gb of data, downloads & uploads are included in that limit. I'm fortunate to live in an area where 8000kbps is available, however, many people that I know are paying similar prices for 512kbps. If I go over the 25Gb, my speed drops to 64kbps. If I go to the next plan up (50Gb/month) excess usage is charged at AUD$0.15/Mb, or AUD$150/Gb(!), and the service would cost AUD$99.99/month
I have never downloaded content which is being alledgedly targeted by the filter, and yet my speed will suffer because of our governments unwillingness to take a harder stance on kiddie fiddlers & terrorists etc.
I have an alternate solution: For a small increase on my current salary, I could chemically castrate all 100% proven & convicted child abusers. In the event of them re-offending, a full frontal lobotomy service will also be offered.
I'm not currently trained in either medical procedures, but I'm positive that a dose of high concentration phosphoric acid would work for the first, and my makita angle grinder would suffice for the second.
A little gorey I know, but I think it's a small price to pay to ensure that my HD Youtube content still streams perfectly. :P
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19 Dec 2009   #40
Night Hawk

W7 Ultimate x64/W10 Pro x64 dual boot main build-remote pc W10 Pro x64 Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64

Things are actually a bit different here but not for the same reasons. With some ISPs your every web site visit is tracked by the ISP itself and the information sold to advertisers later! Then you start wondering where all the spam seen in your inbox comes from!

Filters in browsers do a lot more to help in steering people away from ? sites with the antiphising filtering and updated security features. For most that is a preference then seeing their internet speeds reduced.
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