The Fight is on:- Windows 7 or Vista SP2?

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    The Fight is on:- Windows 7 or Vista SP2?

    Posted: 13 Nov 2008
    There is the start of a bitter debate amongst the "experts" as to whether Windows 7 is a genuinely new OS or just Vista SP2

    It's Just Vista with Bells

    "Test Center benchmarks: Windows 7 unmasked
    Measured by runtime specs and performance benchmarks, Windows 7 M3 looks like Vista, and it runs like Vista. Welcome to Windows Vista R2!

    * By Randall C. Kennedy
    November 10, 2008

    It's here! After months of speculation, Windows 7 was finally unveiled last month at Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference (PDC). Through a series of well-orchestrated keynote presentations and supporting breakout sessions, Microsoft walked conference attendees through the highlights of its new desktop OS: better performance, an improved user experience, and some nifty media-sharing features. Overall, Microsoft's pitch was quite compelling, and the PDC crowd was practically salivating at the chance to play with Microsoft's latest and greatest.

    Accelerating Virtualized Environments - read this white paper.
    Back to special report: What to expect from Windows 7

    But after the stage props came down, and after the projectors finally went cold, attendees were left with a pre-beta copy of something that looked less like a new OS than the repackaging of an old one. At least that was my impression after I started exploring the Windows 7 M3 (Milestone 3) bits that came on my shiny new 160GB Western Digital USB hard disk (one of the better tchotchkes I've received at a conference). As I reported on my Enterprise Desktop blog, the more I dug into Windows 7, the more I saw an OS that looked and felt like a slightly tweaked version of Windows Vista...." read on
    Test Center benchmarks: Windows 7 unmasked | InfoWorld | Analysis | 2008-11-10 | By Randall C. Kennedy

    Randall is Bogus. Uses Psuedo Science and and false logic.

    "Unmasked by Thread Counts

    Yesterday, a story made its rounds across the internet. It was picked up by many large news websites, and I'm sure it will be quoted by people until eternity. It was published by a large website, looked all fancy, it had multiple pages - it looked like it was really something. However, anyone with even the remotest bit of knowledge knows that the article was a collection of complete and utter bogus.

    The article in question is titled "Windows 7 Unmasked", and in it, author Randall C. Kennedy tries to prove that Windows 7 is Windows Vista. While this may or may not be the case - it's the methods that he used that made me - as someone who enjoyed a strictly scientific education - almost want to poke my eyes out. Let me walk you through some of them.

    He starts by using the Windows Performance Monitor tool to look at the kernel included with the Windows 7 PDC build - build 6801. "When comparing Windows versions," Kennedy explains, "it's always good to start with the kernel because this is where the most fundamental changes take place." This is a pretty reasonable starting point. However, he follows up with his findings.

    In fact, the kernel in each major new version of the Windows OS has spawned a different, typically higher number of threads. So when I examined Windows 7 and found a nearly identical thread count (97 to 100) for the System process, I knew right away that I was dealing with a minor point-type of release, as opposed to a major update or rewrite. This was not "MinWin," the mythical, streamlined new Windows kernel that promised a clean break with the bloated Vista.

    Oh boy. Where on earth do I start...." read on

    Unmasked by Counting Threads?

    What do you think?
    NormCameron's Avatar Posted By: NormCameron
    13 Nov 2008

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    8 Pro x64

    I think that regardless of whether it's a 'new' OS or just Vista SP2, it's still the Vista that should have been.

    End result=A better OS for all :)
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    Windows Vista x64

    If you consider Windows 7 to be Windows Vista R2, then Windows XP is just Windows 2000 R2.
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    Vista and now 7 in 32 and 64 bit.

    I have a really heavily customised 64 and 32 bit Vista running. I applied all the tricks and patches available. <since RC2 I have had no bsod's, other than those brought about by my own experiments. Surpluse services etc, have been removed. Vista runs for me faster than XP and is easier to handle. I have installed 7 and run it through its paces. The install was a little faster, but this could be that there are still a few things MS are planning to hang on it.
    I am afraid this was where I parted from my fellow critics. Having alonside my Vista machine, on identical computers, I failed to find any mind boggling performance improvements - but wait!
    Is this because I have already self configured my Vista into 7? I am inclined to follow the now popular view that 7 is the version of Vista, pre customised, that should have been retailed originally. It would be interesting to hear if other customising freaks, like me, have had the same experience and views.
    Not so much SP2, as has been lauded, but maybe SP4!
    Another improved feature - It finds the correct drivers more easily and the compatibility options work marvellously. I have even reintroduced some old 98 games for my grandchildren.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    If you feel that W7 is just a tweaked version of Vista, would you still pay for the new o/s?
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    Vista X32. Windows 7 32bit
    Thread Starter

    x3haloed said:
    If you consider Windows 7 to be Windows Vista R2, then Windows XP is just Windows 2000 R2.
    From what I can see Windows 7 is a good solid OS with room to grow, so YES I would.
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    Vista and now 7 in 32 and 64 bit.

    I would, of course, wait for later test releases before. Fact is, I got my Vista OS's from Microsoft free, through the Beta testing, and backed up with a Technet subscription, which I have now had to abandon, because of the cost. I am a pensioner on a very low income and doubt if I would feel my budget would allow the purchase of another OS in my lifetime! As I said, so far I would not even see the justification for it. Messing with Vista, and XP a little, before that, has been an engaging hobby but the bottom line in my environment, would have to be "How much"
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    SEVEN x64

    well W7 is NOTHING like vista was in its inception, pre SP1 was a nightmare even with the final build.....

    this ''PRE RELEASE'' offering is pretty flawless, there are the odd few programs that W7 don't like but as far as the OS is concerned its solid!!, i think i would buy this on release

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    Vista and now 7 in 32 and 64 bit.

    I ask with genuine interest, not rudeness, as Vista testing became a large part of my life. Can you recall any of the particular nightmares. I have had Vista as my only desktop since, maybe RC1, but certainly from RC2 and the problems have been really few. - Maybe not appropriate to get drawn into a thread like this on a 7 forum?
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    W 7 64-bit Ultimate

    Hello all....:)

    I will buy the final release of Windows 7. The thing is that I really like Vista but sadly it has recently fallen by the wayside.

    Later Ted
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