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    Windows Vista SP2

    Very useful information, thanks.
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    windows 7

    good post! thanks!
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    Windows XP-Pro-SP3, Windows 7


    I jumped from the first page of this thread to the last, because in that long list of "things", nowhere did I see "Windows Mail".

    It's actually in there, but hidden and I can't get it to work, no matter what I do to try to trick it.

    I cannot set Windows Explorer to show me Hidden and System files like I can in XP or even Vista.

    But while in XP, I accessed my Win-7 drive and indeed I can see all the 'Windows Mail' files in their respective folder.
    The address book files are visible, but NOT the Windows Mail files.

    So my question to the "Win 7 Guru's" is, "How do I get email in Windows 7?"
    Do I need to register the "Windows Mail" DLL files, or what?
    Has anyone already created a "FIX" for that?

    Right now, I'm bouncing back and forth between my XP drive and my Win-7 drive, so I can get my email.
    I'm getting email from three ISP's all thru "Outlook Express" in XP.
    If I can't do that in Win-7, then it totally 'Wets the bed' and is about as useful to me as an 8" Floppy Disk.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. REALLY!

    The Doctor
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 [Latest Release Preview]

    Windows mail is not actually supported in Windows 7, it has been superseded by Windows Live Mail which is available from MS as part of the Windows Live Essentials.

    Saying that I know some members here have managed to resurrect the Windows Mail from Vista and run it in Seven. if you search the forum for Windows Mail I'm sure you will find the original thread with instructions

    Personally I use Mozilla Thunderbird to manage my multiple e-mail accounts,including my live mail accounts - so that may be another option.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate Vista Ultimate x64

    For all who are interested in Windows Mail for Windows 7, look here for the tutorial I have just made for it. Windows Mail
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    Windows 7 Ulti. x64

    DrWho. MrGrim has a good tutorial for getting Widows Mail (vista) to work on 7. You can also download Live Windows Mail for the desktop and it works much like outlook express(xp). Whatever you choose to use you are gonna like Windows Seven . lm
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    Windows XP-Pro-SP3, Windows 7

    I did read the tutorial, in fact I even printed it out. It was truly very well done.

    I must admit though, that I'm far from being a hacker or Software Guru and one simple line like "Take Ownership of the files" stops me cold like running naked into an electric fence.

    After several hours of fussing with the thing, and reading "Access Denied" at least a thousand times, I downloaded "Thunderbird" installed it and now have it working with my two main email addresses on Win-7.
    I doubt I'll be messing with Windows Mail again, any time soon.

    Since I like my email program to check for new mail every few minutes, I tried to find the setting in Thunderbird, but alas, I can't find it anywhere. So if some Thunderbird guru can tell me how to set that, I'll be forever grateful.

    I must say, that yous guys on this forum have been really great to help out this old timer.
    Just about the time I get one OS all figured out and beat down to size, MS comes out with another one and changes so many things that it just kicks me back to square #1.

    I have found out though, that many things that I developed for XP and modified to work with Vista Ultimate, also work great for W-7. So I now have W-7 up and running like a scalded dog.

    So some day when I have to go out and install a new computer for one of my customers, and it has Windows 7 on it, I won't be floundering around like a fish out of water.

    I was kind of like that on my very first Vista install and it wasn't a good feeling at all. But now I can install Vista as well as XP and it's due in a large part to what I've learned from forums like this one.

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate y'alls.

    The Doctor
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 [Latest Release Preview]

    Hello Doctor,

    Glad to see you have a workable solution.

    Thunderbird will check at regular intervals when it's running, The timings for these checks are set under the server settings - Tools then Account Settings.

    If you are not in the habit of keeping your email running at all times but still want to check the inbox at regular intervals I can recommend Poptray which runs in the system tray of all versions of Windows 7 I've tried it on, (x86 and x64), One tip if you need SSL or IMAP access check the plug-ins available on the site.

    PopTray Mail Notifier
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    Vista Ult 64 bit Seven Ult RTM x64

    DrWho said:
    I did read the tutorial, in fact I even printed it out. It was truly very well done.

    I must admit though, that I'm far from being a hacker or Software Guru and one simple line like "Take Ownership of the files" stops me cold like running naked into an electric fence.
    Take Ownership Shortcut

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    Windows XP-Pro-SP3, Windows 7

    Thanks again!

    Heck, my life is just full of "Work-arounds".

    On XP, I run O.E.6, starting from my "Startup" folder on Boot-Up.
    Then it stays on all day, checking for new mail every three minutes.
    I can carry on conversations over email, almost like being in a Chat room.

    About that "Take Ownership" thingy, it worked for me for files that were NOT .exe files, but NOT for .exe files or Folders. That's what stopped me cold.

    I'll go over to W-7 now and see if I can get Thunderbird fixed.

    Thanks again,
    The Doctor

    EDIT: I'm back in W-7 and indeed, I did get Thunderbird fixed, so it now checks for new mail every 3 minutes instead of the default, 10 minutes.
    I didn't realize that I had to do that for every email account. Not at all like O.E.6.
    Thanks again!!
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