Windows 7: Boot Screen?

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    Windows 7: Boot Screen?

    Last Updated: 04 Dec 2008 at 19:09
    Is this the new Windows 7 boot screen?

    When Vista's boot screen was revealed in an early beta, many were confused by its simplicity. This is the best Microsoft could come up with? Microsoft's explanation was that it wanted to keep things as simple as possible in order to encourage OEMs to stop including their own logos during the boot up process. If this video isn't a fake, that approach seems to have gone to out the window (pardon the lame pun).

    Rumor has it that build 6956 and later have this new animated boot screen (previous builds had one similar to Vista's). Just remember, Beta 1 still hasn't arrived (though it is on its way), so things can still change. On the other hand, traditionally speaking, the boot screen does not change much during the development of a Windows release. If this really is the new boot screen, I would gladly skip Christmas if it made January, and thus Windows 7 Beta 1, come sooner.

    Windows 7: Boot Screen?-windows7_bootscreen.jpg

    See the video here.

    Read more at the source.

    Later Ted
    Bare Foot Kid's Avatar Posted By: Bare Foot Kid
    04 Dec 2008

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    Hi Ted,

    Not too sure, hard to tell as video is not that clear, I think they will add an animation by RTM but I quite like the Clean look of 6801
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    I quite like the current builds animation as well. Then again, I like new novelties, just as long as it doesn't affect performance / boot times.

    In a dream world, MS would let us have several options to choose from.
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    to be totally honest apart from my own machine, most machines ii get involved with are sick in some way so will normally switch off all the "eye candy" available during boot so I can better diagnose problems, All that scrolling white text on black is boring but can be very useful
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    As long as it doesn't slow things down, doesn't really matter to me. If there are problems then I shut off the eye candy to see what's going on, but otherwise I have no reason to watch it boot. I punch the button and go get a cup of coffee. When I get back it's ready to go. I often don't even turn on the monitor until I get back with the coffee. I do have priorities.

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    Glad there is someone else in my "club" There is an extraordinary feedback on boot time in Windows 7. Do I care? I really want to see how it works at the end of that!
    Fwiw. Since the introduction of the Vista Betas, I have disabled the "eye candy" by default. There may be more advanced thinking in windows 7, hopefully, but the fat taskbar has gone the same way. The old one has plenty of room for what I do.
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    Video isn't working, but I see they've replaced the Windows logo on startup. I remember seeing it on a list of what they wanted to change from Vista in 7.
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    jackdelamare said:
    Video isn't working!
    Hello all....:)

    Sorry about the malfunction; all has been repaired. Please re-visit the OP above.

    Later Ted
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    If the big white spot in the middle is part of it, it's horrible. If not then you might try standing at a slight angle to the screen so the reflection doesn't come back to the camera.

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    Vista and now 7 in 32 and 64 bit.

    I,ve been ploughing through the links for this video. Maybe someone else can get lucky, but I cannot find a verification from Microsoft that this will be the final look.
    As any pre vista testers know, Microsoft do change their boot screens quite a bit, during the writing phase. As they are commenting quite a bit on the proposed boot up speed of Windows 7, I really doubt that an animated boot screen will help towards that end.
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