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    essenbe said:
    Hey, you guys remember about 3 weeks ago I posted pics of my spare rig that I built from my spare parts bin? I guess it's a good thing I built it. I just sold my main rig, so am 'stuck' with only the spare and an empty parts bin. I guess I'll have to start planning a new build. It might be my "Bucket List" build (for those who know what that means) I may even name it Bucket list. Anyone have any suggestions? I know Paul will have some. I don't have a budget, but it has to be reasonable, as in no $700 cases or $600 motherboards or $1000 CPU's.

    It's a tricky but fun road you have ahead of you Steve, I won't make any suggestions for now as some pretty good ones have already been made.

    It's just ashame no new CPU's are on the horizon so you could try something totally new. I know you had the 3770k but sent it back, what were the reasons again? I think you had issues with overclocking and heat iirc.

    I just hope you have better luck this time round, maybe you should just order 3 of each item so you can send the 2 broken ones back each time on RMA to save time lol.

    Speak soon

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    essenbe said:
    Not bad, Gary something along those lines. I really haven't decided yet, but am inclined to go with that CPU, The motherboard isn't a bad choice, I like the features but not so good reviews. ( we both have had more than our share of MB RMA's) I like the ram, but may go with 2X8GB rather than 4X4GB. I probably won't do Blue ray, I just don't use it much, seriously considering the PSU but may Go AX850, or AX1200 depending on what GPU I get. I have been seriously considering that same GPU, but just curious if I may get 2. I really don't know why I need 2, but maybe it's the bucket list thing, or just feeding this habit I have. What do you think of that CPU and this motherboard?

    How's your build going? You must be already through.
    I had considered that Maximus board for you too. It looks like a good fit with the 3770K. Two 8GB DIMMS might actually have better performance and the prices have dropped a bunch.

    Paul's idea of ordering 3 of everything may be viable too.

    Still building, in the $%(&&# wiring phase. Putting black tape on some cables and that is a PITA. I'm going to take a "nap" now, LOL.
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    Britton30 said:
    Here ya go Steve.
    or Case
    Graphics card
    BD/DVD burner
    CPU Cooler, well that's up to you since you've tried several out.
    Very nice Britton. +1
    But one suggestion for the case. Level 10 is too expensive, I'll not go with it. You can get something else from CM, like HAF X or Chaser MK-I.
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    Steve, It's so fun to dream.
    Show Us Your Rig [3]-fun-dream.png
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    Alan, Not a bad list. But, you know. You managed to pick the only 'K' CPU Intel has made in the last few years I have never owned. At one time or another I have owned every other K CPU they make. Just a question, is there any reason you picked the 600T, I thought you were a 800D man. You may teach me something. (not hard to do).
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    Well it's available in White, Black and Silver ! lol. I really like the air flow and design.....I think I like it better then the 800D. But in the end those and a couple of SilverStones would be my dream cases. I just think if you aren't going mondo water cooling or adding 5+ drives or widgets to the front then this form factor just works.
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    I am gonna mess with Linnemeyerhere's list a bit, sorry mate, but the gpu is wrong in many ways, those Asus ones look the part and is cooled enough, but is so heavy you need extra mounting brackets, they are to thick to SLI proparly and they cost more then a decent not heavy Evga/Msi and so on would be. And ROG over Sabertooth, no reason just personal choice
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    No worries I prefer MSI mobo's and GPU's as well. But so many here have issue with MSI.
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    The Motherboard for asus is fine, especially if its ROG, but I read allot of people have problems with the weight of those ASUS direct cu cards
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    Very nice Britton. +1
    But one suggestion for the case. Level 10 is too expensive, I'll not go with it. You can get something else from CM, like HAF X or Chaser MK-I.
    Nice suggestion, Boshko. The rig I just sold was in a HAF X case and I really liked it. The HAF X is on my short list too.
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