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    Windows 7 Enterprise

    Havnt bought PC stuff for a few years now. But last I did was from ebay.
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    Hmm, hard drives are installed in my adapters, but I have encounted an unexpected problem, the power cables I have aren't long enough. This could be solved with either an extension or by mounting the hard drives upside down. Does anyone know if hard drives mind being upside down?
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    There should be no issue in mounting a HDD upside down. A Guy
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    Solved the issue using 2 cables for different things, not quite what I wanted but it works. Now I am just trying to rearrange all the darn cables. Tip: while fan controllers help with fan noise they can make cable management a nightmare :P

    Ok, so my 5.25" to 3.5" bay converters are done and in use. I wasn't as thorough in my sanding as I would have like to have been, but unfortunately my patience does not match my quality control. In the end I decided to dye the wood with Indian ink. I did a test, and once painted the wood took on a coarse texture, making the sliding of the trays difficult, the paint I have doesn't match the case well either. The ink however leaves minimal residue on the wood, gives a nice solid coat, and matches the case colour far better. However the ink does cause the imperfections in the wood to be highlighted far easier in light.

    The finished product:

    Installing the hard drives:

    Cable management V2:

    And here you see where I ended up putting all the fan controller cables. Because there were hard drives below the controller I could no longer leave them hanging around beneath it.

    And now perhaps a before and after shot hmmm?


    (I apologise again for the crap quality of this image, you can see below that I have improved :P)

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    @Tomha commin on now enit. i knew i should have bought a modular psu but i didnt have the funds for a decent enuough one i have the same case as u n want to change the filter in the front but i cant find any siutable material.
    i remember someone postin recently pics of them changin the filter in this case. was it you? i cant find the post again n it would be nice to know wot the material used was n where to get it.
    ive looked all over lol n have ended up blaggin a fly screen manufacturer to send me a free sample but knowing my luck it will arrive and be about 2inch square or somethin lol
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    Windows 7 Professional 64bit

    The fly screen could work out really well. I also wish to add filters to all my intakes, but just like you say, finding the material is hard. Any close mesh fabric should do, however something like a fly screen, if its a plastic or metal weave will be a lot nicer as it will hold its shape all on its own. Really even just something like tshirt kind of material stretched over a frame would do, which is something I have considered. Just grab an old tshirt, or buy one cheap (like a real cheap, black $5 one), make a wire or metal frame, put hot glue around the edge of the frame, stretch out the material with your hands, and while its stretched lower it onto the hot glue. You will need to hold it there a few seconds while the glue hardens. That should work. Alternatively you could use a very light weight foam. If you take off one of the 5.25" bay covers you will see a very thin, lightweight foam. This would also do the trick.

    As for removing the dust filters, there are 2. The first is the bottom one you slide out from the back, reach under and pull. However I assume you know this though and want to remove the front filter. Ill be honest, the front filter is pretty useless, while it will block larger clumps of dust it really does no better than the front grill. Start by pulling of the front panel. Place your hand under the front of the panel in the space between the feet. You will feel a small gap you can wrap your fingers around. It is held in by these funny metal spring type things, all you need to do is pull, both the things that attach the front panel and the part it attaches to are metal, although it may feel like its not meant to come off, as long as you dont bend the front panel's plastic too much it will be fine. Simply pull outwards and slightly up. You will then see that behind the main mesh there is like a thin sheet of plastic/fabric kind of stuff with a hole pattern in it. There are some small tabs holding it in, just place your hand over the span of it, and pinch it slightly and you should be able to get it out, just try not to crease it.

    That what you were wanting to know?
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    Win7 Home Premium x64 SP1

    cheers! this is the stuff i blagged a free sample of
    Insect mesh, Fly screens, soffit mesh
    the its steel mesh with a 0.8mm hole size. i have just noticed the size of thier samples. 300mm x 200mm and the front filter needs to be 250x150 cant get better than that i think

    here r the ones i think woould be good

    i also need to make a filter for the side 200mm as it proppa sucks some dust in
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    Good work with the fly mesh. Like I said before, I am aiming for a $0 budget, and so far I personally haven't had to spend a cent :P (though I havent done a whole lot have I ). Anyway, its the weekend, I got some time on my hands, perhaps I will give a filter a go for the top filter using t-shirt fabric. I might see if I cant get some kind of magnetic attach/detach kind of thing for easy servicing. If I do ill be sure to post pictures.
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    Win7 Home Premium x64 SP1

    a t-shirt wont let enough air flow through. if u want to go down that route i suggest using some womens stockings. i used some on the intake duct in my cm elite335 they let a fair amount of air through well
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    Thats why you stretch the fabric out though, and it kind of depends on the fabric quality. If I compare a cheap tshirt of mine to a better quality one, the better quality one is more dense. You may be onto something with the stockings though.
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