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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

    Nice looking Rig's

    @ James & lovewin7yea
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    Windows 7 Professional 64bit

    I have had the idea to get either some plastic or thin metal laser cut to form a nice backplate and ventilated side plate for my 7950. I'm just not really sure how to go about it, for a start, what material is best? Plastics are easier to get in a nice colour and wont make that really expensive buzzing noise/sparks if it touches the back of the card :P. Metal however is easier to get in a nice thin and crisp looking plate. Then comes the issues of attaching the plates, getting the measurements just right, and so on. Anyone ever seen anyone try to make their own backplate?
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    64bit Windows 10

    YUP! I did that with my old gtx285 and it looked great, but I took the mesurements of a allready desighned backplate. For example, if you say have a nvidia gtx580, then type in google : ek 580 backplate, it will show you backplates you can buy, then just use those as a giude. I used aliminium(not the best, it gets too bendy) so then I got this hard mix between plastic and perspex,and that worked great, but did nothing else, just looked good.
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    Thats what I'm after :P pure aesthetics. Thing with something like aluminium is I would then need to search for a powder coater to get a nice finish. How did you attach the backplate? My card has a few unused holes I could screw through, do I need some kind of washer or something to separate the board from the screws and backplate?
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    64bit Windows 10

    Yeah, best would be to search for your cards buyable backplates, then download the how to install pdf's, thats what helped me with the size of plate and where the holes will need to go and what I needed to assemble. The washer were easy, my problem was finding screws small enough, in the end it was held together with only 2 screws, on either ends haha

    But don't go for aliminium, if you make a mistake on it it shows for ever like if it gets a dent or bends, that too was my problem
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    Windows 7 Home Premium x64

    A Guy said:
    jamesandalexis said:
    Here's my baby. Currently @4.5ghz temps max at 66degrees Celsius with Prime95 running for 24hrs. I'm going to call it done. Next build to come later this year, a 2011 based system.
    Did you notice any drop in temps with the 2nd fan on the 212+? I've read that you gain little to none with a 2nd fan. A Guy
    TBH, I never even tried it without. I knew that I would eventually be overclocking so I didn't even think twice. I will say that I know that I am not getting the full potential of even having both fans due to the fact that they are not matched. I know I said I'm done with it, but I intend on buying all new fans from Noctua to replace the ones I currently have. Also, the other point to having push and pull is the actual thermodynamic flow within my case. The top fan pushes air directly over the RAM and then is pulled into the cooler and pushed back out and then out of the case by the rear exhaust. After some more tweaking last night, I managed to drop my max temps down to 64degrees Celsius.
    Last edited by James7679; 21 Mar 2012 at 06:05. Reason: typo :P
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    I haven't posted in awhile, but here I go. My desk has stayed pretty much the same, other than kbm/speakers. I did add some red cathodes to it to match my back lit keyboard though. My actual rig has had a MAJOR overhaul though. New motherboard, graphics cards, hsf, ssd, fans, and soon a new psu and cpu.

    But here is where the overhaul has happened!

    I am currently in love with my computer.. I leave the side of the case off currently so i can stare at it, its a computer like i have always wanted!

    It is going to be awhile till the next update to my rig though.. I need to put some repairs into this guy.

    (The red one is mine)
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    Windows 10 Home x64

    At least one has a V8 :)

    A Guy
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    64bit Windows 10

    Maxwell- i like the x-fire, nicly done.
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    Windows 7 Professional 64bit

    The v8 is such a nice looking cooler :P
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