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    During IBT @4.6 my 3770K shows 75W.
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    It depends when you take the screenshot. IBT raises and lowers stress mine ranged from the 50's - 70's.

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    Do you think it is a rogue reading then Steve? 470 Watts sounds a lot right?
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    Possibly, perhaps the software hasn't caught up with the new hardware. I would think it is a bad reading, but what do I know? You can go above the TDP , but not by that much as far as I've seen.
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    paulpicks21 said:

    Guess you will be moving onto the GPU's at some point. Do you have the MSI Gaming App installed? I was testing it out the other night on Jess' dads PC, the OC mode takes it a little higher.
    You think I'm finished with the cpu
    Yeah I will move on to the gpu's at some point but when that will be I don't know. You know me mate I'm on a constant go slow
    As for the MSI gaming app, No I don't for a couple of reason's.
    The MSI gaming app supports SLI mode. To use it, open the MSI gaming app, and refer to the screenshots below.
    Due to software and driver limitation, you will need to disable SLI and re-enable it every time you use the MSI gaming app in order for it to work properly.
    2, there is absolutely no point with the silent mode as the cards are ridiculously quiet anyway.

    Britton30 said:
    Cool one Ryan, now when did you get a Haswell? Looks good, did you try IBT and check temps? The one I played with would go to 85C-90C real fast.
    Cheers chap
    I switched to Haswell at xmas chap when I posted in the show us your rig thread last. It was really doing my head in that my 780's were so limited by my 8350 even upto 5Ghz. So I had to switch to unleash the POWEEEEERRR

    I don't use IBT though mate because ROG Realbench is by far the best thing I've come across to test for stability. So I use that and then benchmark's and games for stability testing. Another thing is that Intel designed Haswell to increase the vcore by 0.1v when runnig anything with AVX instructions.
    There is one issue with Offset and Adaptive Mode that needs to be taken into account. The processor contains a power control unit which requests voltage based upon software load. When the PCU detects AVX instructions, it will ramp Vcore automatically beyond normal load voltage. There is no way to lock Vcore to prevent this if using Offset or Adapative Mode. This is pre-programmed by Intel into the PCU.

    As an example, a CPU is perfectly stable at 1.25V using a manual voltage (static), if Adaptive or Offset Mode is used instead, it is impossible to lock the core voltage when running software that contains AVX instruction sets stress tests such as AIDA and Prime contain AVX instruction sets. When the AVX instructions are detected by the PCU, the core voltage will be ramped an additional ~0.1V over your target voltage so 1.25V will become ~1.35V under AVX load. If you intend to run heavy load AVX software, we recommend using Manual Vcore, NOT Adaptive or Offset Mode.
    My max temp was during RB2 which heats up the cpu plenty I've benched the ass out of it and she's solid as a rock
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    paulpicks21 said:
    Do you think it is a rogue reading then Steve? 470 Watts sounds a lot right?
    I suspect it is Paul, as Steve said Core Temp is probably behind new hardware, and I think about 2 years behind. It can't even read my i5-2550K's model number.

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    @Ryan, yes, yes, I remember you doing the Haswell build now, how could I forget? Oh, yeah, I'm an old fart.
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    Britton30 said:

    @Ryan, yes, yes, I remember you doing the Haswell build now, how could I forget? Oh, yeah, I'm an old fart.
    My memory has gone to pot too so you're not alone mate

    I tried lowering the vcore again but it blue screened during BF4 so it's now back up to 1.232.
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    Hmm...I have Core Temp 1.0 RC6 and it doesn't show CPU power, the only thing I have that will show it is HWiNFO64.

    Here's a shot after running IBT.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Post Your Overclock! [2]-cpu-power.png  
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    I've had 4.7 running as my daily for awhile now, gonna try 4.8 for a little while. I bumped my ram a little too and I'm really happy withe the voltage for my cpu
    Post Your Overclock! [2]-trying-4.8.png
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    Good job, Dude. Nice voltage.
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