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    Windows7 Pro 64bit SP-1; Windows XP Pro 32bit

    A Guy said:
    Mike was kidding about the phaser Alan

    A Guy
    No I wasn't.

    Bill you have to go ruin everything!

    You have to admit it would add a new dimension to PC hardware.

    You can't put a phaser array on a laptop or iPud.
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    linnemeyerhere said:
    Killer air flow though your rig Wordsworth !
    It cools real well especially compared to the old case; there's another Noctua for exhaust in the top back drive bay as well; takes any remaining rising heat on out.

    LOL (literally) on some of our comments here. But I figure it's all a little cheaper than modding a car or truck, well that's a good excuse to justify it all anyway. Hmmm, I do need some new tires before winter though, maybe some new wheels would be nice....
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    Windows7 Pro 64bit SP-1; Windows XP Pro 32bit

    A set of four of these should work for us.

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    Windows7 Pro 64bit SP-1; Windows XP Pro 32bit

    Britton30 said:
    Hopalong X said:
    Now mounting the phaser array that was a pain in the behind.
    Yeah, I had trouble with magnetic container for the anti-matter vessel.
    Were using a generator w/flux capacitor for power.

    No anti-matter needed.

    Wordsworth and I will be collaborating on our "Death Star" version next.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

    Hopalong X said:
    A set of four of these should work for us.

    LOL! Yea, I think that will work for this winter, especially if we make up for the lack of one last year.
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    Windows7 Pro 64bit SP-1; Windows XP Pro 32bit

    Watch this year will be a record blizzard.

    Screwy weather.

    Oh well back to topic.

    I have been feeling poorly and needed a good laugh.
    It has been enjoyable.
    Thanks for allowing this side tracking of the thread.

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    linnemeyerhere said:
    +1 on the 3 screens, wow didn't notice the tri 27" set up, now that's a wall of monitors !
    Need my visual real estate. I'm usually doing 10 things at once, so three screens is wonderful. I don't know how I lived with two for so long

    @Britton; Re the PSU; It seems that upside down is the most common way of mounting PSUs on the bottom. I've been told, and read online, that in situations like mine, where I have thick shag carpet, that the way I have it is better, as the carpet may restrict air into the PSU. With cool systems drawing air from inside the case and out through the PSU I feel would not be undesirable. So, thanks for the feedback, but I'm going to leave it the way it is. Seems in a lot of cases to be personal preference.

    @Wordsworth.. I wish I could get my wiring that neat. Looks very nice.
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    Thanks TanyaC. It was not neat from day one but a project in continual progress. Cable management can be time consuming, more than we sometimes have for it. I kept buying different cables and trying different routes and tying things together over time. Some of the cables that helped were those for the drives like this. Nothing you can't put together yourself with some sleeving and heatsinking, but buying off the shelf saved time.
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    Windows 10 Technical Preview - x64

    That's one flush looking rig you've got there Wordsy. :)

    Does that brace not slightly annoy you though? I remember when I was working with the Stacker and the brace where the PSU sits would annoy me like crazy as there was only so much reach and freedom to be had without wanting to rip off the top and attack it from there.
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    So I've got all the new cases features finally working. These are the issues you find when moving too fast without reading. Trying to figure why my integral 2.5" HDD hot swap bay wasn't working?
    Show Us Your Rig [4]-power-plug.jpg
    4 pin connector not attached
    Show Us Your Rig [4]-sata-connection.jpg
    sata cable not attached
    Then look at what I found...very odd clicking that suddenly stopped!
    Show Us Your Rig [4]-hpim2473.jpg
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