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  1. NoN
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    Windows 7 Professional SP1 - x64 [Non-UEFI Boot]

    chromatica said:
    Britton30 said:
    The front panels on the DVD drive will probably come off if you go slow and careful. Most of them have just a few lock tabs on them and the tray cover. they are small and delicate. If you get them off, grab the black spray paint.
    That sounds like a plan. Would the tray piece come off as well you think? Also the button.
    If not, tape it before you paint!:)
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    Windows 7 Ultimate X64 SP1

    Yes the tray piece should be held on with little tabs too. On mine the button was a part of the front panel attached with some tiny plastic spring hinges.

    If you remove them wash with soap and water, let dry completely. Use some automotive plastic bumper paint.
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    64bit Windows 10

    TanyaC - I must have missed the post of 3x27" screens, sounds awesome and can allready see how I would use them if I had them, grats and welldone on a great rig.

    Alan(linnemeyerhere)- Your white and black rig is very very nice! And great job on the wiring. Plus filling up all the pci slots is just bragging! lol

    Tw33k - As allways any chassis looks great with some blue lighting, and the 800d is a great chassis. And it seems like you have the sleeved led strips in?

    chromatica- Very nice looking rig! And great job on cable management! It's good to see most new builds tend to go with the liquidcooled cpu cooler blocks. As for spraying the dvd front, I took my dvd writer out, stripped it(few screws on top and bottom) and sprayed the hole thing apart from the back black, then just baked it in the oven for 15min and its been 2years and the paint is still looking good:)
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    chromatica said:

    I need to do something about the grey dvd drive though.
    Very nice. But, is that WD Green ??
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    Windows 7 Ultimate X64

    StalkeR said:
    chromatica said:

    I need to do something about the grey dvd drive though.
    Very nice. But, is that WD Green ??
    Yes. Ubuntu is on that one and windows is on the barracuda.
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    7 home premium 64bit

    Lian Li do a front drive bay flap you just need to mount the drive a bit further back and it mounts directly to the chassis and the front panel just in front.Ive got one on mine they look pretty much universal and are only about 10,they look great too.
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    7 home premium 64bit

    My finished rig finally,through in an extra samsung 256g ssd for music and game files,an xclio fan controler(fyi they you can only use their fans ov which you get 2,as they use front io usb 2 internal headers)and a Matrix orbital GX typhoon and a cracking set ov Bheringer ms 20's to top it off.

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    Windows 7 Ultimate X64 SP1

    Lookin' good there Paul!
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    Look ma' spaghetti... :)

    At one time boasting 6 HDD's but when I reinstalled Windows and scrapped my old setup with Debian Linux I had to downgrade how many hard-disks where in there because it was getting ridiculous and Windows prefers booting from the IDE disks in preference to the SATA disk's.

    Yes, I changed the BIOS settings but that didnt make a blind bit of difference.

    Still boasts four fans though, although in this photo which doesn't do my rig my justice you can really see them all, there's one on the opposite side of the motherboard one in front of the hard-disk bay, one up the back and one directly over the CPU.

    Killer desktop though...

    You may notice my lack of a windows start ORB I replaced it with the GNU Penguin because although I may have made the transition to Windows from Linux I am still a GNU Guru at heart.

    Hence why the majority of software I run is all under GNU license, who says you cant have your cake and eat it?

    I should really change my name and be henceforth known as nerd-core! Look mum it's a Klingon bird of prey.. Why a bird of prey? Well that's because you wont see it until it de-cloaks and fire's at you.... Whoopee nerd rage!

    Useful everyday klingon phrases "Hab SoSlI' Quch!" - Your mother has a smooth forehead!

    Earthlings "ugly bags of mostly water..." Best next gen star-trek episode ever No.34 season 2 with two Klingon women at the dinner table "He looks fragile, but I will take him!" Riker "is she serious?" Klingon "Yes!"
    Last edited by litecore; 02 Oct 2012 at 03:59.
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    8 Pro x64

    Wordsworth said:
    This thing's got wheels so its ready to go. :)
    My current case is the first case in a while that hasn't had wheels. You sure do miss 'em :)
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