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    As well congrats on your resourcefulness and tenaciousness. I was going to suggest taking the leads off but I didn't know if they could be the power headers and so glad they are just the led headers. The rig looks incredible with both cards SLI'd and I'll bet it's going to game/run like a scalded ape !
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    Congrats ganjiry, hope you can do without the leds. Just curiosity, do you know which card is the one running 3 degrees warmer? A Guy
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    Glad you have it sorted.
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    @linnemeyerhere cheers chap looks loads better now i dont have all those empty pci-e slots i never thought id ever manage to get a rig like this together. i was planning on saving for a 7970 next year but a very good friend got me the 670's could'nt believe my luck lols.

    my monitors are only 60Hz tho so need to be changing in some way. i dont know weather i should get another screen the same as i have and game across the 3. or get another monitor with higher refresh rate to use as a center screen just for gaming.

    @A Guy im pretty sure its the top card thats running warmer as the 1st card always idled at 30c. now it has the other card underneath its getting a bit of extra heat. the dropdown box in gpu-z shows the top one as the hotter one too. im glad i had all this trouble really as if i had of had 2 dual slot cards i would of had less breathing space between them meaning hotter cards. these idle nice n low but im have trouble getting my fan curve right. the max temp ive seen on them so far(single card) 75c. ive managed to keep it at around 65c with fans around 63%

    edit: cheers hopalong
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    ello chaps
    still not got ingame yet. i launched planetside 2 and had 2inch high horizontal flickering lines across the screen. i checked to see if it was just planetside as its still in beta by launching BF3 and got flickering blue over the whole screen but i can still see the game content underneath. when i alt tab out of game so its running in a window the blue dissapears
    i enabled adaptive vsync but no change. everything is at default in the nvidia control panel and sli is enabled.
    the nvidia control panel is totally new to me as ive only had ati cards. im lost lol.

    anyone have a clue what this could be?
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    Ryan, my standard ideas for your red/blue stripes, although I suspect you know by now how to install a GPU card. re-check the PCIe 12V power connectors to make sure they are fully seated, on bit of a MM and it may not deliver full power. I'm sure the cards, by this time, are fully seated in the slots.

    In your BIOS, check the voltages and make sure they fall within the values in Method two here:

    The power supply has some good reviews but may have some degradation and under-powering under the bigger load. You can also run Specy while gaming and check volt ouput under a full load.
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    OCCT has a GPU test (like Furmark) and will also monitor all voltages while it runs. It then creates a number of graph images showing what happened when you close it as well.


    A Guy
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    ganjiry, GPUz has a log file it will make. It will give you almost every piece of info you need on the card, from voltage, GPU usage to FPS. You can select a file for it to put the log file into. You will be able to see exactly what is going on when the problem happens. Also, on Kepler cards, they will begin to throttle slightly at 70C, so set your fan profile to keep them below that. Adaptive V Sync a little down the page may explain it. Also in the Nvidia control panel is vertical sync, I turn that off.
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    I don't know the voltage draw on those monster cards but Gary has a good point, you might want to confirm the PSU.
    Here is a little info on your (very good) PSU.
    XFX Core edition pro 750w - PSU REVIEW DATABASE
    OEM: Seasonic
    Power Distribution +12V rails (A): 62
    Max. Load +12V: 744W
    Those are very good specs.

    As Bill says, OCCT has a good GPU test and they have a 'Power Supply' test, you could run both, the graphs are very thorough.

    Steve, I've only used GPUZ a couple times and didn't know it had a log feature, will try it out. Thanks.
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    cheers for all the replies folks. much apreciated
    ive only just woke up though so will get on it in a bit. ive not run any tests yet but im pretty sure my psu is sound although i dont have aida installed at the min it has always shown my voltage's at the right range. CPUID hardware monitor has always shown a couple slightlly under but still well within the expected range's i think +12v = 11.73 and +5v =4.91 as i said though aida and all other progs have shown the same numbers, apart from CPUID hardware monitor.
    a 700w psu is recomended for 2 x 670's according to ALL the reviews i read and mine is about 18 months old now.

    yeah i remember using occt when i 1st oc'd my phenom so will give it a check aswell as setting gpu-z to output to a log. ive seen the check box but never neede to use it

    once ive woke properly i'll do a clean install/update to 306.97 following this guide. how on earth can people say that ati make bad drivers or they're a pain in the ass? ive had more trouble in the past 2 days with nvidia than i ever had with ati just thought id chuck that out there
    process of elimination i suppose

    as for throttling, its not that as the 670 start to throttle at 70c as u said and come down in i think 13Mhz increments. however the cards are @ 32c while this is happening. its as soon as i launch the game.

    cards are fully seated, i made damn sure of that with the amount of time i put the bloody card in lol. grrh nvidia never once had any issue with ati

    again cheers chaps, i'll get on it as soon as im awake llol.

    edit: ive gotta drive 40m first to pick up some greenary so will get on it once im bk
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