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    Win7 Home Premium x64 SP1

    ello chaps
    im just about to get crackin on this but wanted to just run this by you. ive just opened up speccy and it gives me the same readings as hardware monitor for the voltages and wondered if they are ok before i go any further.
    these are the voltage readings while idling
    +12V 11.731 V
    +5V 4.914 V
    CPU CORE 1.332 V
    VIN3 1.656 V
    VIN4 0.336 V
    +3.3V 3.147 V
    VIN6 0.144 V
    VIN7 2.244 V
    VIN8 1.704 V

    this while running the gpuz render test in full screen for sli.
    +12V 11.681v
    +5V 4.914v
    cpu vcore 1.332
    VIN3 1.656V
    VIN4 0.336V
    +3.3V 3.147V
    VIN6 0.144V
    VIN7 2.244V
    VIN8 1.704

    aida always showed them higher than this.closer to the suposed voltage. from what ive read the exceptable range is 5% drop?

    there is no artifacting/tearing while running the render test.
    sorry for posting it hear and if need be i'll start a new thread if/when the time comes
    cheers chaps

    heres the gpuz log while it ran
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    I think you have a weak power supply.
    All the voltages should be higher than the value at idle.
    12v should be over 12v. 3v and 5v above value also.

    5% drop may be acceptable to someboby but 1% to 2% should be actual with a good PSU.

    Here are mine at idle.
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    Win7 Home Premium x64 SP1

    ello hopalong
    cheers for the quick reply im not too sure with the voltages as those 2 programs have always given those numbers. ever since new but old faithfull aida or HWINFO show what i think r the right readings (screenie below)

    seems i paniced a bit soon as usual lol. i guess i thought as ive had nothing but grief with them so far it will just carry on.
    seems this ent the case for a change i found a couple of traces of AODdriver n some other amd stuff eventhough i uninstalled and ran driver sweeper and ccleaner. so i removed them and uninstalled all nvidia drivers/software as when i installed them i had'nt read anything about them. i didn't know that by default alsorts gets installed so i got rid of everything and started again making sure to only install the display driver and physX plus checking the clean install box
    launched BF3 and look absolutely amazing

    also included the gpuz log from the bf3 run
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    Windows 11 Pro

    ATX Standards are +/- 5% of rated value.
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    Win7 Home Premium x64 SP1

    essenbe said:
    ATX Standards are +/- 5% of rated value.
    cheers chap
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    Windows7 Pro 64bit SP-1; Windows XP Pro 32bit

    Glad you have it sorted ....again.
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    Win7 Home Premium x64 SP1

    cheers chap.
    i gotta stop stressin so easy lol and get over the ati nvidia malarky
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    Windows 7 Ultimate X64 SP1

    Good job Ryan! nVIDIA/AMD both have buggy drivers but their control panels cause problems as well. As to your voltages I think they should be fine. Using different monitors is like a man with two watches, he never know for sure what time it is.

    If you need to reinstall a driver again, try this:
    Try these steps to install only the graphics driver.

    1.Download the preferred driver and save it to the desktop.
    2.Double click the installer and you will see a screen where it will be extracted to, change that to your desktop.
    3.Open Device Manager through Control Panel.
    4.Expand Display adapters and right click the name for yours and choose Update Driver\Browse my Computer. Select the driver folder you just saved on the desktop. Click Next.
    5. Your system should say "Windows has successfully updated your driver software".

    If you get a window saying you already have the most current driver, go back to step 4 and choose Uninstall Driver software instead. Then restart from step 3.
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    Win7 Home Premium x64 SP1

    cheers chap
    the nvidia control panel is a total mystery to me lol. firstly cos ive not had an nvidia card b4 and secondly cos of the multi gpu's
    as for installing the drivers, i followed this guide that i found lastnight as the old ways are not advisable anymore. Ultimate Nvidia Driver Guide for Uninstalling and Installing driversets
    i never realised that all the other bumf that gets installed by default is'nt needed untill i read the install guide. its a good one too especially for the likes of me. i always used driver sweeper in safe mode when uninstalling ati drivers but this is a no no with nvidia enit... learn something new every day aye

    cheers for all ur help chaps much apreciated as always. i got a smile bk on me mug now

    edit: what do u lot use to monitor/change ur fan profiles? is afterburner still pretty much the best to use with nvidia cards?
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    Windows 11 Pro

    I like and use EVGA Precision X. I think you have to have an account with EVGA, No Evga card required, then you can get it for whichever card you have. It works much the same as afterburner, but in a much more graphical way. Read that as easier for a dummy like me to use.
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