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    Solarstarshines said:
    linnemeyerhere said:
    Tommy the rig looks like the Incredible Hulk ! Nice job and man when you said green you meant GREEN, those are laser green leds and they cast a very eery glow. Glad the new mobo is allowing the next level of stable OC'g for you.
    Thanks Alan ,I like it too and the fan control is awesome
    I just need to find a good green decal

    You might be on to something calling it the Hulk
    A large Hulk decal on the plain side that would look silly crazy man thanks for the idea

    @Zalith it looks incredible glad i went with green
    This would look cool :)

    A Guy
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    Show Us Your Rig [4]-photo.jpg
    Just finished putting in this 200mm fan. First time ever modding a case... think it went pretty good.
    Pretty basic for a guy still holding on to his 4 year old Antec Sonata III case! Haha
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    Nice one, is it intake then?:)
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    Sure is, upon your advice, of course
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    Ello folks.
    Just a couple of pics for ya.. I'm building my 11 year old daughter a rig for xmas. She knows she's getting it so is proppa buzzin
    Its ended up being a bit better spec than i originally planned bu that way i should'nt have to upgrade it again for a good few years

    CM Storm Scout
    Corsair CX600
    Asus M5A78L AM3+
    Phenom II 1055T
    Corsair Xms3 2x4GB 1600Mhz
    Corsair H50
    EVGA GTX 460
    1TB WD Caviar Black
    23" LG W2361
    Cyborg v7
    Arianet 2.1 speakers. (Not too loud)

    I went for this CM case because for the price, For £58 there wasn't another anywhere near as good as this. Proppa cheap

    Its gonna take me a bit longer than normal to do cos the winter really knocks me about. But i'll get some pics up once its done.
    She only has an acer extensa intel celron lappy so this will be a shock for her performance wise.
    EDIT: some of u may notice the EVGA box is for a 560. its not a typo on my part. Just a 460 in the box...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Show Us Your Rig [4]-s4030966-.jpg   Show Us Your Rig [4]-s4030968.jpg  
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    Good rig Ryan, your daughter should love it. I have a 1055T too and had it up to 3.2GHz once.
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    That rig will blow her little mind and keep her in a great performance envelope for years and years assuming you do some clean re-installs about every other year or sooner depending on how many funky sites are will be kids ! lol
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    Nice rig, ganjiry. Very nice for an 11 year old. Good job. But, I don't know many 11 year olds that need a Cyborg 7 and a Rat5. That must be for when Daddy wants to use it. I bet she will be in awe the first time she sits in front of it. Good job.

    Gary, I think you had the 1055T a lot higher than that. In fact, I remember you being worried that you fried it.
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    Very nice Ganjiry, That is a great gift!! Welldone!
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    Win7 Home Premium x64 SP1

    Cheers chaps.
    yeah i hope she'll be pleased, if not i'll beat her with it
    When it comes to kids and the sites they visit she ent too bad as i've drummed it into her head for the past 2 years about being carefull what she clicks. I was chuffed the other day as there was a link on facebook about her fav boy band. It said something like share this and you'll get to find out such n such about this band. She spotted that it was dodgy from a mile away and stayed clear
    I found this addon for chrome the other day called do not track me and its great. blocks loads of attempts to track info. Protect your Privacy with Abine Also available for Firefox and IE.

    As for the RAT and v7 she wanted stuff like mine and as they were near enough new anyway i just replaced em and gave them to her. I hated the v7 anyway and the only reason i had it was because i'd took a faulty board back and the only thing they had in stock was that.
    Two birds one stone n all that only way i could afford it lol.

    I may have a play with the 1055t sometime
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