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    I think much of the problem is, the more features they put on a board (those things we like) the more things that can go wrong with it. I also think that, from a pure business perspective, they figure that it is cheaper to do the RMA process than to hire and pay for quality control at the time the board is built. They also pay as little as possible on tech support. They do as little as they figure they can get by with. I have dealt with tech support for several companies. In every case I can tell you I knew more about the board than the tech support did. They have a manual and respond based on the troubleshooting steps in the manual.

    Like Jack says, if they would build a board with great features for us enthusiasts that works like it is supposed to and lives up to the hype they put out about the board; if they would step up to the plate and do what is right if the board fails, I would be willing to pay more for the board. Like most on this thread, when I call tech support, I need someone who knows about the board. I have already done what their worthless manual has said to do. I know just about every troubleshooting step there is. All of us do. They need to realize that enthusiast boards are bought by enthusiasts like us , who know the ins and outs of troubleshooting and know how to work around issues and find what the problems are. They don't and, I believe, don't care. We still buy their boards, and that is all they care about. [/soapbox]
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    As someone who fixes electronics every day, albeit TVs, it is a Russian roulette scenario. You spin the cylinder and if Click, you are OK. Bang, and here comes Bill. Electronics are fickle, and often their environments add to the risk. Assuming sufficient attempts at quality control, you can only hope for the best.

    BUT, the trick is, IF a problem exists, you want/need the company to make it better ASAP. This is where the dissatisfaction stems. You lose use of your PC, pull and send in the offending part, after an indeterminate time, you receive it back, and hope it's fixed. All the while your PC is down.

    If there is enough profit built in, then ideally they would send you a replacement (new or rebuilt) immediately, and then have you send yours in and rebuild that for the next guy. Better yet, send you a new one, and rebuild yours to sell as refurbished at a discount.

    It's a fine line of making $, and insuring customers will not go to their competitor next time. I believe word of mouth about a company that makes it right quickly and with as little end user expense, is a valuable commodity. It would only serve to draw more business form users who know the product is good, and if a problem happens, will be supported.

    That said, no TV manufacturer replaces a TV unless all attempts at repair have been made, or parts are not available (unlikely under manuf. warranty). Even with extended warranties, the last thing they will do is replace a TV, unless it is more cost effective.

    A Guy
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    This is how Gigabyte boards are built, possibly typical. Some of you know I'd rather have pins in my eyes than have a Gigabyte product.
    In the video you may see a few dozen places where mistakes could be made and the inspection process is very quick at each stage except the last where it is power up. The narrator pronounces "solder" as "sawlder", do we say it wrong? HE also calls where the CPU goes a, "PCU socket".

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    Really? I think they are fine, but your opinion is your honest opinion. I do consider ASUS mobos to be better.
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    A little comparing. Who do you want making your computer parts.
    Compare with Gray's post #973

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    Intel has the best manufacturing process there is. But, to be a player in the enthusiast motherboard market they are going to have to change their attitude
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    What`s wrong with the audio on these vids ?

    Ha, it was my audio driver, all fixed
    Last edited by AddRAM; 30 Mar 2014 at 00:14.
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    AddRAM said:
    What`s wrong with the audio on these vids ?
    I only watched part of one of them, but I found nothing wrong with the audio.
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    The instructions for adding the OC badge have disappeared.
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    Britton30 said:
    The instructions for adding the OC badge have disappeared.
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