kbrady1979 said:
madcratebuilder said:
I would pass on the SSD as the first upgrade. While it well certainly decrease boot time, program startup time, it well do very little to improve the game playing experience.

Your box has Nvidia GT650 embedded graphics, not exactly a barn burner. Install a good stand alone GPU, you well see a major improvement in FPS and a much more enjoyable game play.

The system drive is 1% of the overall experience, the GPU is 90%.
If you didn't catch what he said, I'll reiterate: He will play WoW occasionally, which is mainly CPU dependent, and definitely Minecraft. He should try out the graphics that come with it first to see if it does what he wants and if it needs to be upgraded.

The system drive is 1% of the overall experience..........I don't quite understand this. If you mean gaming experience, then yes it doesn't make that much difference. When he's not playing games, the system drive is 99.9% of the overall experience. An SSD will make every aspect of normal computer use faster.....boot/reboot times, program startup time, file access time, file transferring times....almost anything you can think of. The reason is simple, the storage component of a computer is THE slowest piece of the puzzle. It is slower than current CPU, GPU, and RAM speeds.....by quite a bit. An SSD is exponentially faster than a mechanical hard drive and closes the gap between the other components and the storage device, hence why it is the biggest improvement short of building a totally new system.