Hi Everyone,
I would appreciate the help of people with greater knowledge of Hardware/OS compatibility than me.

My computer use is quite intensive, involving video creation/viewing., Corel PhotoPaint/Draw creative work and image processing/management., Word & (serious) Spreadsheet processing., emailing and browsing (Thunderbird/FireFox) and (limited) Website creation. One x Ilyama + one Samsung 4K res. 27" monitors are in use, but I do NOT "do" gaming of any description.

My current storage is spread across 3 x Orico 5-Bay units, each Bay containing a minimum 5TB HDD.

Win 7 Ultimate SP1 is installed on 850 Samsung Evo (250Gb) with Programmes installed on 500GB Samsung NVM 970EVO.

I have an absolute hatred of Windows 10 and 11, and am too long in the tooth to change to or learn Linux.

I would prefer to stay with Intel Processors too.

All suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thank you.