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    Windows 7 7000

    Similar issue I had too, and ended up boiling it down to the Microsoft Audio Endpoint Builder service. Found if I went into device manager and disabled the ATI HDMI Audio driver (Don't even have it hooked up) viola! Problem solved.

    My cpu usage wasn't 100, more like 20%, constantly at idle. I'm quite happy with this now :)

    Hopefully this will help anyone else out with random svchost.exe cpu hoarders!
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    Windows 7 RTM x64

    Believe it or not i had this problem initially and it turned out to be my gadgets!! Turned them off voila! CPU went down to .2 lol turn them back on and pop CPU went up through the roof!!
    So i reinstalled and it has not happened again.

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    Windows XP/7

    Hi everybody, thanks for the suggestions. I fired up process explorer last night, and found that the vast majority of my CPU usage is going towards "hardware interrupts", which is listed under system idle processes. It shows 0% virtually all the time in my XP install.

    This seems to suggest some sort of driver or other hardware problem. I am going to try the suggestions listed here when I get home tonight, including disabling the HDMI audio driver (anyone know how exactly I do this? is it in device manager?), turning off gadgets, and anachronymous' suggestion regarding the AHCI driver (that appears to be a dead link he posted, but I will look around). I'll post back tonight and let you all know if any of that helped.

    Any more thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Windows 7 RC 7100 32bit/64bit

    I've been having the same problem with hardware interrupts on my netbook.

    Solutions I found on the internet were referring to either bad SATA cables for the hard disks, or bad IDE/SATA drivers for the hard disk again.

    In general, they were all focusing on the hard disk and ide/sata controller drivers.

    Regarding my netbook, I tried to install chipset/ide drivers from the manufacturer's download page, but it still kept giving me hardware interrupts CPU usage. Then , after a few days, Windows Update found and installed a new chipset driver from Intel and the problem was gone.

    My suggestions:

    1. Check windows update for update chipset drivers if any.
    2. If not, manually download and install IDE/SATA controller drivers and chipset drivers for your mobo.
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    Windows XP/7

    [quote=ZerouEx;25603]Similar issue I had too, and ended up boiling it down to the Microsoft Audio Endpoint Builder service. Found if I went into device manager and disabled the ATI HDMI Audio driver (Don't even have it hooked up) viola! Problem solved.

    Thank you ZerouEx! This was what solved my 100% CPU usage problem too. I went into device manager, and under 'System Devices' there was a listing for "High Definition Audio Controller". The very instant I disabled this entry, my CPU went from 100% down to the types of levels (<5%) that I would normally expect from a mostly idle machine.

    Thanks to all for your suggestions, and specifically to ZerouEx for the one that worked.
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    XP / 7

    Have any of you thought that it may be the indexing going on in the background? Change these settings and you may see a difference... If you leave it be it may lessen once all the files are indexed that need to be.

    Personally I am not a fan of indexing even in XP- but Vista / 7 rely on it to be responsive etc.

    I am sure you can uncheck all file types and disable the indexing service altogether (Like I do in XP) but you may then get lag when searching if you are a big fan of the Search feature :)
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    Windows XP/7

    Nope it wasn't the indexing; I tried disabling it, along with defender and the firewall. None of that helped. It was definitely the HD Audio Controller like I said above. The difference is night and day.
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    Windows 7

    100% CPU Load

    I am having similar problems.
    I just installed (upgrade) Windows 7 Build 7057 x86 over an existing (and perfectly working) Vista Ultimate x86 OS.
    I just noticed that both cores on my Core 2 Duo proc are running almost constantly at 100%. Based on advice on this forum I ran Process Explorer and I seem to have found the culprits:

    SearchFilterHost.exe using 49.23%
    wmpnetwk.exe using 49.23%

    What do I do to fix this?
    Any help will be highly appreciated!
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

    Hi there, small question!

    What is your page file sitting at right now?

    You can turn this setting on and off by right-clicking the Computer icon, clicking the Advanced System Settings link, then clicking the Settings button under Performance, then the advanced tab.

    My CPU is at 0% during idle, and page file is 4934MB

    Please note, I have 4 gigs of RAM so my paging file is larger then someone with less RAM (yes these numbers are seperate), also, please let us know your hard drive size, so we can determine if you are able to have the required space for the paging file.

    Finally, I would suggest this:

    Disable the .XML file extension from being indexed in the Indexing Options control panel.

    Good luck guys.
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    Windows 7

    My page file size is 2814 MB, but this is after I went in to services.msc and disabled both services (4 GB RAM and 320 GB HD).
    That was a quick fix for the CPU load issue, but I'd rather have the services enabled and working correctly!
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