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    Windows 11 21H2 Current build

    Shrako said:
    Sadly, i started having the same problem.
    I'm using Windows 7 64x build 7057 on an Athlon 64 x2 4000+ ; 2x1GB RAM and a GF8600GT.
    I tried to disable the HD Audio devise, the Gadgets and .xml file indexing. Also I checked for viruses. When I used the Minimal Safe Boot Option the problem wasn't there.
    The problem itself occured when i used verifier.exe to check if all drivers are OK. The verifier asked me to reboot and when I did the CPU Usage was hitting the roof.
    Honestly, for you, I'd suggest immediately moving to the RC - 7057 was by far the buggiest build I ever tried to load on my machine.

    bzbatl said:
    I have an even weirder one.

    My CPU monitors say 100% for Core1, bounces around between 50 and 100% on Core2... but when I check Task Manager, there isn't a single process above 5%. The usage certainly doesn't total even 30%.

    I've disabled drivers for devices that are not in use currently (SATA PCI card, ATI video capture card, and all USB card readers).

    I've disabled indexing, which took an incredibly long time.

    I've updated all drivers for existing hard drives and the controllers.

    I'm still at 100%, often on both Cores.
    I'd say your CPU monitor is lying. How many other CPU monitors have you looked at?

    evilcopacel said:
    kill smc.exe
    Only if you're running a Norton product....
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    Windows 7 Professional

    Hello everyone!

    I'm a little bit late with my reply, but nevermind. Right now I'm running Windows 7 Professional, build 7600 (final) and I had similar problems: my CPU usage was always around 80%, on all 4 cores. Task manager didn't show any active app that used all that CPU time, and ProcExp has shown slightly elevated HW interrupts and DPC's. After snooping around the net, I found that the solution is to disable VIA firewire controller. After that, my stats were back to normal.
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  3. Tri
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    Windows 7 RC (7100)

    Hi everyone.

    I've been having this problem for a while, but noticed it was only when connected to the internet.

    Just went through the service list, and noticed punkbuster was hiding under 'local system'.

    Disabled that annoying arse thing, and I'm idling at 1% and able to live my life.

    SO if anyone has punkbuster installed, try disabling PnkBstrA and PnkBstrB in services (or removing it altogether) and see if that helps.
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    Windows 7 Professional

    So I noticed after reinstalling 7, the cpu stabilized. After updating the windows updates, then the cpu went back to being crazy again. I hope they come out with an update asap to fix the cpu problem.

    *edit, actually after one more restart things seems to have calmed down quite a bit!
    I guess reinstalling 7 did help~

    Hope this helps.
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    windows 7 64bit

    turning off email mail notification on this thread?

    only way I know how is post a msg. sorry for the inconvenience.
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    windows 7

    hey everyone i had the same problem was running at 100% cpu usage.
    the way i fixed this was i went to my services and stop "Folding@home-CPU-[1]" and
    "Folding@home-CPU-[2] and that fixed my problem hope it helps you too.
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    Win 8 Release candidate 8400

    Leetalex said:
    hey everyone i had the same problem was running at 100% cpu usage.
    the way i fixed this was i went to my services and stop "Folding@home-CPU-[1]" and
    "Folding@home-CPU-[2] and that fixed my problem hope it helps you too.
    Hi and welcome

    You posted on an old thread. Just an FYI, not many ppl come here. BTW all the distributed client software max'es out cpu unless you throttle them. It is really, really bad to use on a laptop because of heat.

    I do seti@home and melted an IBM laptop that way.

    Good Luck

    Ken J+
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    Windows 7

    High CPU Usage while using windows 7

    I have found a soulution the issues is internet tweaks/system tweaks run tcp optimizer and do the default values thing and it should fix it.
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    Windows 7

    Hi all,

    I have the same problem and if I disable the HDMI Audio Driver, the CPU usage goes down. However, my sound is not working when I turn it off !

    I have a netbook , Intel Atom Z520 1.33 GHz, 32 bit , 2G, Asus Eee Pc ...

    Does anyone know what to do?

    Thanks in advance,

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    windows 7 x64

    Something always using CPU too much

    I have the same problem, but it isn't due to one problem, like some of you have. When I go to see what's using my CPU it can be anything, from svchost, to wmp, to I don't know what. It hits 100% even when I use youtube, and then it laggs.
    I tried also to disable hd audio controller but I lose my sound, and it doesn't seem to help the CPU ussage. Closing the gadgets also doesn't help.
    I have a dual core 2x2.33Ghz, 4gb RAM. I'm running win 7 x64 so my first opinion was that my computer was too weak so I should go on x32, but reading this kinda indicates that it won't solve the problem. Does anybody have a clue what that could be?
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