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    Windows 7

    I got a similar problem but, it's really really strange: I don't have 100% CPU all the time; It's ONLY when I unplug my laptop from the outlet! When i check in the task manager, the resource monitor, i found that the task manager was tooking like 30% and the resource monitor 40%. Then, i've plugged the outlet, it goes back to normal after like 30 sec, but when i check again the resource monitor, the resource monitor is still the one that is using the most the CPU, even if it's not using so much. Right now i think it's a probleme with a service because its looks like Tri's probleme, but i don't know what's the service I have to disable.
    I've recently installed win7 with the CD of upgrade of HP which contain the drivers for my PC. My PC worked normaly when i was under Vista. So I've thought about two sources for this probleme :the updates i've automaticly made a bit after i've installed win7, or some drivers linked my they installed at the win7 installation that were not good for my PC.
    Does anybody got a solution for this probleme or an idea to check if i got a good drivers or a bad service running?
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    Win 7

    Hi All,

    I am Facing the problem with CPU Usage & Physical memory usage....

    I am Using:-
    Intel4 CPU - 2.00 GHz
    RAM 1. GB DDR2
    Win - 7 (32 Bit)


    * CPU Usage 100%
    * Physical Memory Usage upto 70%

    Till now tried to solve this by:

    * Checked Windows media player lib location changed it to other partition from system partition.
    * disabled windows update automatic.
    * used service optmizer for vista/7
    * increased page file size ( Min-1501 - Max. 3000)
    * Re-Install WIN7

    Kindly provide your expert help to resolve this -

    Below will be screen for your reference to understand the actual problem.

    Kindly find the below screen shotwhere in i have taken task manger process.

    * When i am playing media player ( Its Media player which is eating CPU & Physical Mem.)
    * When i am Using Internet explorer ( ItsInternet explorer which is eating CPU & Physical Mem.)
    * Also one more file which is on thrid position is DMW.EXE ( Desktop]Window Manager)

    *** I have already scaned PC with Anit-viruse but nothing found.
    *** I have re-installed WIN 7 but not working for me.

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    Win 7

    Hi All,

    Kindly visit the link for the further details to provide the solution for the issue i have tried to update as much info i can from my end to do the CA.

    CPU Usage 100% & physical memory 70%
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    Windows 7 64 bit

    CPU 100% HP HDX16T Windows 7

    I have had that problem since I installed Windows 7. Along the way I found a 50% CPU problem with the IDT driver (stacsv64.exe) which, after re-installing it several times, I seem to have permanently solved (knock on wood) by simply setting stacsv64.exe to run in Vista compatibility mode. I reasoned that this is only a Win 7 problem and the developers probably just copied the Vista drivers over and tested them a bit--not bumping into the CPU usage issue. I think the 64 bit software is only half-baked for Windows 7 and they are clueless about the problems and not trying very hard to duplicate them, even though the problem reports are all over the internet. Someone needs to talk to these people!!!

    However, the pesky 100% CPU utilization (showing in task manager) when the machine was not running any applications and no process was showing more than a few percent usage, was elusive. Finally, with some help from the forums, I realized that it mostly happened when the machine was unplugged. I had seen some references to batteries and power settings in the forums and some references to the problem occurring when the machine was unplugged. Then I was able to duplicate the problem at will when the computer was plugged in by setting the [advanced power options/processor power management/system cooling policy/plugged in] to "passive." Voila! My machine went into slow motion as soon as I saved the setting. I had to use the power switch and boot into safe mode to get it back. It would time out on a shut down command. I am speculating that, in passive cooling mode, the CPU throttling on the Intel Core 2 Duo processors is ramping the CPUs down to about 5% or even less--which then shows an overall usage of 100% of that 5% in task manager while no single application is getting more than a few percent (except Task Manager, itself, which shows up at 30% to 50% intermittently). Note: Task Manager only uses 3% to 7% when the CPUs are running at full. So, even 100% of 5% (or less) is not enough to run Windows 7. The machine becomes useless. What are they thinking to allow the CPUs to throttle back that far???!!! Definitely a power management bug.

    Anyway, that is my theory.
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    windows 7

    It works!

    Hey, thanks brucewilkinson! This one's been driving me mad. I've now set the advanced power options / processor power management / system cooling policy / on battery to "active" and, hey presto, I can at last use my laptop on battery power! Magic!
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    Windows 7

    CPU 100% solved!

    Control panel/Adjust commonly used mobility settings/Battery status/High performance. This was set to Power Saver, which obviously has a bug because my computer would frequently become unusable.
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    Windows 7 32bit

    I would't faf around with changing settings, I just reboot or just restart the computer, the most common reason for high processor idleing is the system idle process that can be located in task manager but cannot be disabled.
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    Windows 7 Professional x64

    CPU and Memory at 100%

    i7 720QM 1.6ghz
    4gb ddr3 1333mhz
    ati mobility radion 5730
    640gb hdd

    I have run into a similar problem but it started out with my memory usage. It tends to mostly happen when I play a game but it's occasionally happened at other times. The performance monitor gadget and task manager were both telling me that my memory was getting used up anywhere from 95% to 100%. I checked the processes list to see if I could find what was hogging up all the memory but everything seemed to be normal. This problem only stopped when the cpu usage started jumping to 100%. This problem only occurred while playing a game. I would start playing a game and it would run fine then the framerate would steadily decline until it was anywhere from 0 to 2 frames per second and the sound would be buzzing and scratching. I closed the game and checked task manager and it said my cpu was at 100%. After a few minutes the cpu steadily went back down to normal usage levels. I then did some research and downloaded Systinternals Process Explorer to see what exactly was hogging cpu and it was usually svchost.exe. I'd expand that process to see what within it was hogging cpu but everything was either at 00 or 01. Then there were other times that everything was at 00 or 01 including System Idle Process.

    This is a brand new computer and it's been running flawless up until I ran into this problem a few days ago. I've been wanting to reinstall the OS and do a clean install just to remove the bloatware and install everything from the ground up. I just want to make sure that a clean install will also cure this problem. I read somewhere that someone was experiencing this problem due to an ATI HDMI Audio driver which I do have.

    Another note, my computer is running in high performance mode and plugged in. So I know that my problem isn't anything to do with power settings.
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    Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium

    CPU Usage

    I have the same problem i have clean installed and there is no difference, i have clean installed 3 times already :P and it does not work. My computer was working fine till i formated the computer to make it a clean install. I had Vista installed and then upgraded to Windows 7 Home. Now i clean installed with the Upgrade CD n now i am facing this problem as well.

    Skype, NFS World, OR Adobe softwares They start freezing as the CPU usage goes to 100%.

    My laptop is QUAD Core and 8 GB ram n i have this problem and i just cant find a Solution to this CHAOS
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    Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium

    I Realised that only when i am online n using applications that need Internet connection my CPU jumps to 100%.
    Skype starts acting Wierd on me if i have a Browser on which is WIERD! Skype uses 100 000 k and NFS WORLD goes to 700 000 K O_o ... IN PROCESSES.

    SO Now i am going to Reinstall Vista and do an upgrade i am assuming there is something that is missing in Windows 7 Copy which needs to be added from Vista
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