Hibernation after Resuming from Hibernation ?

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    Hibernation after Resuming from Hibernation ?

    Hello all,
    I hope this is the correct place where to post my little but annoying problem. I searched already but couldn't find any answer to my question: every time I resume my system from hibernation it resumes, it displays the desktop for a couple of seconds and then goes in hibernation status again. It is not a big problem because it starts within a minute and a half anyway, but it starts being annoying. Basically I have to resume it twice, like the first resume goes bang.
    I do not have clue of when this started, I switch on the pc straight after waking up and sometimes I am too sleepy to remember if I resumed it or if I was still dreaming about doing it
    Definitely the problem persists since the last month or two.

    Any idea, please?

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    Could you live with a System Restore, assuming you have one that goes back a "month or two"?

    I can only think that if you have Hybrid Sleep enabled, try turning that off (advanced power options).
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    Thanks, I just checked and that was off already.
    As for system restore 22nd of August is the oldest date.. I will try that one later as a thunder storm is arriving and I wouldn't want to experience a power loss.
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    I hibernated the system before the thunderstorm arrived and I managed to resume it only once as it should be. I have no clue why, as exactly the same things where open since last night.
    I am going to perform the system restore and will report tomorrow morning, when the problem is more likely to happen. Thanks.
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    I was going to say that if it worked just now, leave it alone i.e. don't bother with the SR until it happens again. But if you've already done the SR, and it doesn't help (or breaks something that you may have changed since 8/22) then you can always un-do the SR again and get back to where you were this morning...
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    There is a timer in Windows that is designed to put a machine back into Hibernation if it does not detect user activity within a certain time. This is to cater for those times when hibernation is ended accidentally by an over-sensitive mouse or other device.

    There should be a registry setting that sets the delay, normally a few minutes, It may be that this has changed.

    Don't have the information to hand but will have a look and come back If I can find something
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    Windows 11 Pro x64 [Latest Release and Release Preview]

    Ok this is from Vista but should still be current for win7
    The registry key involved is at .....


    there are actually three entries under this that relate to the Balanced, High Performance, and Power Saver schemes, plus an additionl entry for any manually added power scheme.

    You need to change the relevant values under each entry for both the AC and DC subkey - a total of Six entries which should all be at the default of 120 (seconds), it's probably best to check and change them all to something longer

    May not be the cause of your issue but worth checking
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    Good morning, thank you both

    Yesterday night I restarted the machine, and then hibernated it. This morning the same issue occurred again; Max, I didn't use system restore as I am pretty sure that it was present already way before than 22/08.

    Nigel, I tried to have a look at those registry entries, they were 120 as predicted and I changed them to 360.
    I don't leave anyway the pc alone when it resumes: I have to log in so I move both mouse and type on the keyboard, but after 5 or 6 seconds everything disappears.
    But I will try now to see if anything changed.
    And I will report.

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    Ok, 2 days have gone, I started multiple restore sessions from hibernation and the problem didn't appear again, so I think that changing that 120s in the registry was the solution, thanks Nigel!
    Thanks also to Max for the effort of trying!

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