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    Windows 7 x64

    Mine is 3.1 Intel graphics lowers it

    I didn't know how to add screenshot here
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    Windows 7 x64

    Airbot, thanks, I know how to use snipping tool :) I couldn't figure how to upload files to here without using some third parity page.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    This is what I have learnt so far about the WEI build 7000
    4 different shots. The first With 1 Samsung sata3 HDD and the rest with 2 Samsung sata3 HDD's Raid0 I find the results interesting especially for the HDD considering the two different setups.

    If you make changes to your hardware then go to C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore and erase your old results before running the new WEI as a lot of changes do not otherwise show up

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Show Us Your WEI-1-samsung-sata3-tlb-disabled.png   Show Us Your WEI-2gig-ram-tlb-enabled-latest-nvidia-drivers.png   Show Us Your WEI-4gig-ram-tlb-disabled-old-nvidia-driver.png   Show Us Your WEI-4gig-ram-tlb-disabled-latest-nvidia-drivers-hdd-caching-enabled-2nd-tick.png  
    Last edited by johngalt; 06 Jan 2009 at 14:05. Reason: Improved description; JG put full path and boldfaced it
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    Windows 11 21H2 Current build

    johngalt said:
    During Install - it would hang when it was getting set to do the final reboot, and if I forced it (even after waiting 2 hours the first time) W7 gave me an error and asked for me to boot from the DVD and restart my install.

    Weird, since Vista never once coughed at my OC - then again, I did have my OC toned down a bit, to 3.21 GHz instead of 3.375, that may also have been a factor....

    Yeah, I did that - no change.

    But, I figured it out. Thanks to this post I found the answer - and I haven't even applied Dave's tweak yet.

    Many of us, especially OCers, tend to disable Native Command Queuing in the BIOS - however, I just found out that W7 has it enabled as an option for our SATA controllers. Whether this is from the nVidia drivers or native, I don't know - I suspect native because of the dramatic results I am about to show you:

    My original Build 7000 WEI:

    Attachment 1900

    So, seeing Dave's post made me think - perhaps there is another tweak. Sure enough, take a look at your SATA controllers in Device Manager. See the following window captur and the attached Speed Test:

    Attachment 1901Attachment 1902

    Now, if you uncheck Command Queuing, initially nothing happens if you run a speed test - because a reboot is required. However, notice the *dramatic* speed changes after removing Command Queuing and the requisite reboot:

    Attachment 1903Attachment 1904

    I say that the drop in sustained speed is negligible compared to the *massive* increase in the burst speed - and, as I suspected, the WEI is based more on burst than sustained....

    And, finally, my new WEI:

    Attachment 1905

    Again, this is without Dave's tweak - I am going to see if that makes a difference or not - I suspect I'll be back in the 6.9 range with it also performed.

    Enjoy, Folks!
    johngalt said:
    Note: On my system, after applying the Command Queuing tweak, I had no effect from applying it to any other port where enabled, so I suspect that WEI only tests a single disk.

    Also, I had no effect whatsoever from removing the Write Caching from the drives either - however, the WEI test itself took over twice as long to complete. Therefore, I suspect caching is not taken into account in the WEI.

    (Sorry, Dave)
    johngalt said:
    Nope - NCQ is not available through Intel Chipsets IIRC.

    check all your other HD related devices, though, there may be something similar....

    Also, you may want to check your mobo's BIOS and see if it is on, if it *is* supported by Intel....

    And while you're at it, check for an updated BIOS for your board....
    johngalt said:
    That may be it then. Since nVidia is already working so closely with M$ they may have advanced features.

    Now, I am curious - I want to know if this is a direct result of my chipset drivers install or if it is built in to W7 based upon the chipset detected when booting....

    Anyone out there with nVidia chipsets, preferably nForce 7 (750/780/790) based machines that have not installed the nVidia Chipset drivers? If so, can you confirm if you still have the Command Queuing option available?
    I deleted the info in the DataStore folder as mentioned above by Pooch and re-ran my WEI - CPU OC'd to 3.375 GHz, RAM running at 1000MHz 5-5-5-18-2T timing, all voltages trimmed *up* for additional stability...

    and it looks like I am going to need to perform my Northbridge / Southbridge heatsink mod - seems eVGA 780s had a bad contact with the chipsets, allowing them to run a lot hotter than they should. Mine don't dun quite as hot, but that is because I have a reversed 60mm x 10 mm fan blowing at full speed (plugged into the Aux port for greater voltage - and yes, it whines pretty loudly) so my chipset doesn't get too hot - but they still get pretty hot, running around 58 degrees at idle.

    The skinny - my system with a decent OC still gives me the same WE, though....

    Show Us Your WEI-windows-7-build-7000-wei-post-ncq-tweak-2.png
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    Windows 11 Workstation x64

    I have just checked my WEI on my Windows7 Virtual box running on Vista x64 and my memory score is higher than running on the real machine

    Show Us Your WEI-capture.png

    Attachment 1806
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    64-bit Windows 11 Pro for Workstations

    LOL, who would have thought that to be so.
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    z3r010 said:
    I have just checked my WEI on my Windows7 Virtual box running on Vista x64 and my memory score is higher than running on the real machine

    Show Us Your WEI-capture.png

    Attachment 1806
    Your CPU sure took a hit though ... what is your CPU score normally?!
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    Linux (Debian, Android)

    I can't seem to get the assessment to complete, I get the error listed below. Anyone know what is causing this?

    There seems to be nothing wrong with drivers in dxdiag or device manager. I would attach my dxdiag but it's too big.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Show Us Your WEI-wei.png  
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

    Hi Firestrider, welcome.

    You might try the steps in Brinks tutorial, maybe it will help, although I've never seen your problem before. Maybe run SFC as well. Might be a disabled service in Services but I don't know which one.

    Windows Experience Index - Enable or Disable - Vista Forums

    System Files - SFC Command - Vista Forums
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    Linux (Debian, Android)

    I tried both of those things and it still didn't work. The WinSAT.exe is stressing my components and the test seems to finish it just pops up that error just before the time it should give me my scores.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Show Us Your WEI-sfc.png  
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