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    Windows 7 Ult x64 - SP1/ Windows 8 Pro x64

    mbreslin said:
    Actually the hdd subtest is the only part of wei that IS worth anything imho.
    SSD is still the biggest "actually feel it" performance boost to your computer, watch newegg for x25-v to dip below 100$ and get one (or 2!).
    ZaLiTH said:
    Techymike said:
    I really can't complain but the current HDD is pulling my score down and I honestly do not have much faith in Microsoft's assessment of systems.
    ... I don't take their WEI rating system too seriously either, but like anything in computers, if it gives a number, people want that number to be higher, so it creates competition and boosts hardware sales... It's just another one of the contributing factors to helping computer technology move along.
    Techymike said:
    ... I do agree with you on they play the game to boost sales and people do like the NUMBERS.
    For the rest of us, if your computer does what you want and whenever you want it to then be happy. If you wish to race and get the newest toys then do so, what ever makes you happy! I just wish there was some true and blue HDD or SSD that would fill the numbers game.
    Agree, it's not a real benchmark.
    WEI came out after Vista did, to help people check if Vista could run effectively on their current hardware, which was a major issue at the time.

    The WEI was introduced in Windows Vista to provide one means across PCs to measure the relative performance of key hardware components. Like any index or benchmark, it is best used as a relative measure and should not be used to compare one measure to another. Unlike many other measures, the WEI merely measures the relative capability of components. The WEI only runs for a short time and does not measure the interactions of components under a software load, but rather characteristics or your hardware. As such it does not (nor cannot) measure how a system will perform under the your own usage scenarios. Thus the WEI does not measure performance of a system, but merely the relative hardware capabilities when running Windows 7.
    More from... Engineering Windows 7

    Brink said:

    Forgot to post my updated WEI score from the old WEI score for the new system. Same old bottleneck.

    Attachment 67756
    Nice scores

    There are a lot of us waiting for the SSDs to improve and the prices to drop.
    As mentioned above, you can find ~40GB SSDs for sub $100, getting into the possibly acceptable range (for me anyway), should be enough space for a boot drive. You can always load some of your programs on the old spinner.

    Let's see what the $/GB is after the 25nm flash comes out later this year.

    Have read the X25-V will get you a 7.4 - 7.6, and two in RAID 0 will get you 7.9
    That is if your looking at the WEI score.

    As mbreslin said, this upgrade is one you can actually feel.

    Still waiting for that feeling, hopefully not for long
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    windows 7 home premium 64, and Windows 10 64 bit

    Has anyone run the older IDE drives to see what score they get?
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    Win 7 64 bit professional

    Here's mine
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    Windows 7 Ult x64 - SP1/ Windows 8 Pro x64

    Welcome to Seven Forums Snakeyeskm,

    Nice rig and really nice scores. :)
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    Win 7 64 bit professional

    Thanks for the welcome Dave76. As a newbie to Win 7 I am really learning from this forum.
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    Windows 7 + Windows Xp Pro + Ubuntu 10.04 + openSUSE 11.2

    My Pc is not much powerful though :P. Heres my WEI :-
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    windows 7 64b

    Well here's mine.
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    W 7 64-bit Ultimate
    Thread Starter

    Hello weebz, welcome to Seven Forums!
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    Win 10 Pro x64

    Fresh Install.
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    El Capitan / Windows 10

    Latest bump. Same low profile Antec case, mobo, CPU, RAM, etc. I just Arctic Silvered the GPU and VRAM to the stock heatsink and bumped both clocks up by 100MHz. This rig has not been fully rebuilt in years as I love to squeeze every last iota of performance out of mostly sub $100 components and stuff from the previous machine that still works. I'd really love to see a "bang for the buck" comparison here. Who gets the highest scores with the cheapest hardware. That's my bag really. I mean, any schmoe can buy a video card that gets upper 7's or the latest i7 or an Intel SSD and buy their way into the big boys club but that really defeats the purpose if money is no object. Why not just go buy the top of the line Alienware box and post your WEI? My money goes to Joe Six-pack who's got a rig he's been running with for some time that doubles as the family computer too.

    Show Us Your WEI-untitled.png
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