SVCHOST consuming 25% of my CPUs

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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

    SVCHOST consuming 25% of my CPUs

    Just started today, but it seems to be continuous, even after a couple of reboots

    SVCHOST consuming 25% of my CPUs-capture.jpg
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    Win 7 Pro 64

    You may be getting that from Windows Update. I've got the same, for the last two days. Stopping the process for Windows Update fixes it, but whenever you boot or restart Update, it comes back. Yesterday, I left it going while a ran errands for an hour and it finished whatever it was doing. Today, I left it going 45 minutes and it didn't finish, so I shut it off again. I have updates set to "Check for updates and allow me to decide whether to download and install".

    Does anyone know what Update is doing on these long runs?
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    windows 7 64bit Home

    I'm getting the same thing svchost.exe sits at 13 cpu usage the whole time which really slows down firefox, killing it speeds everything up again.

    I rebooted the laptop, it took a few minutes to appear I didnt start anything else. Killed it, it came back after a few minutes. Killed it again and hasnt come back. Using Firefox, Greenbrowser ok now.

    A few weeks ago I changed my windows update preferences to notify me so I don't get the auto win10 upgrade, seems to have been slow since then (fan also going the whole time)

    Done various searches online to find a fix but just seems to be this :

    svchost.exe 436
    AeLookupSvc, Appinfo, BITS, Browser,
    EapHost, gpsvc, iphlpsvc, LanmanServer,
    MMCSS, ProfSvc, Schedule, SENS,
    ShellHWDetection, Themes, Winmgmt, wuauserv

    not sure it is Windows Update ?
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    Yep every month it seems to be a hot topic
    This month you can see if this update is installed if not
    Switch your update settings to Never check for updates and restart the machine then manually install it
    After it's installed switch the update settings to what ever you had before
    Main download page KB3161664

    Win 7 32 bit
    Win 7 64 bit
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    Win 7 Pro 64

    Start Task Manager, click "Show processes from all users", then sort by CPU usage. svchost will come to the top. Right click on it, choose "go to services" and you'll see a services list. The ones using svchost will be highlighted. "Wuauserv" is Windows Update. You can stop it with no worries, it will restart the next time you boot. That will stop, temporarily, the annoying high CPU use and noisy fan.

    I have found that I can restart it when I'll be away from the computer for a while and it will finish its work in an hour or so. Otherwise, I've also found that if I keep killing it for a couple of days, it will eventually stop these runs, for whatever reason. Probably going to come back again at some time, I'd imagine.

    About avoiding Win 10...

    I also changed my Update settings to "check and notify" to work against getting Win10. This svchost CPU usage behavior started after doing that.

    If you're interested in avoiding the Win10 update, check my thread on TenForums - same username. Just turning off updates may not be enough to protect you. My plan:
    1-Run Never10 or GWX Control Panel to set registry keys to disable the update
    2-Uninstall these updates: KB303583 and KB2952664. Google these and you'll see what they do.
    3-Make sure you don't have a $Windows.~DT directory under c:\. This is where the update gets downloaded

    Windows Update will push hard to get you to reinstall those two. Don't do it.
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