Runs perfectly in Safe Mode - many hours - Normal Mode hardly

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    64 bit windows 7 professional

    Runs perfectly in Safe Mode - many hours - Normal Mode hardly


    Toshiba Satellite A300 -- Windows 7 Home Premium - 64 bit - intel (R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU
    T5670 @ 1.8GHz - 1.79 GHz - RAM memory 4GB

    STILL runs perfectly in Safe Mode with Networking - couldn't be better - stable, responsive from begin to end of non-stop use for say up to 5hrs.
    But not so Normal Mode - after MS January update - self shuts & restarts on booting or just after booting - freezes after any time from working: 2 mins - 10 mins sometimes 30 - 60 mins – rarely last length.

    QUESTION -- since perfect in Safe Mode with networking then why not in normal?
    Is there ONE or MORE processes/services in normal mode which cause the problem which are not loaded in Safe Mode with networking?

    How can I identify this/these?

    I see in Taskmaster in Safe Mode with networking most of the Services are 'STOPPED'. ONLY 22 SERVICES RUNNING -- And 35 Processes running of which 4 are firefox [open + Word open].

    WHILE NORMAL MODE HAS 21 PROCESSES 5 firefox [open + Word open] – 68 SERVICES RUNNING

    So would it be possible to start up in Normal mode and try to STOP a few processes/services at a time and see what effect that had on stability in Normal mode?
    Could such a trial and error procedure be done without in any way causing other faults to become constant? Or is the STOPPING/RUNNING of any process/service completely harmlessly reversible?

    Any suggestions which process/service have been known to cause shutdown/freeze

    Thanks for any constructive suggestions
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    win 8 32 bit

    Welcome to the forum. It will either be something running at startup msconfig or a service disable all startup in msconfigas a starting point. How long does it run in normal mode as another possability is a task scheduled to run
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    Windows 7 HP 64

    Use MSconfig. Disable all services but MS and all startup programs.
    If it boots normal, enable first half (services and startup programs). If it boots normal, the problem is on the other half.
    Then enable half of the suspected half.
    Go on until you find the bad guy.
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    64 bit windows 7 professional
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    Thank you Samuria and Megahertz for help.

    Would like and intend to try follow your suggestion BUT am green at recognizing MS services unless they are accompanied by 'MS' or Microsoft in their names.
    Is there an easy way to recognize MS Services from non-Ms? Can you give me a tip in that direction? Would appreciate any help with that. Is there a list available of MS services?

    Lastly I do appreciate your giving time to my question.

    Best, Kab
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    Windows 7 HP 64

    Run MSconfig. On services tab there is a check box to hide M$ services. Once you hide them, all others will be no M$.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 [Latest Release Preview]

    Another thing to consider, if services are not at fault, is the device drivers, a lot will either not load in safe mode but will in normal mode, or will only load in a basic form in Safe Mode. this could be the reason for your issue

    If the failures are always related to a specific task or group of tasks open the Device Manager and right click the major drivers, and click on update drivers, and allow them to update if they suggest it. (concentrate on those related to a specific task if that is relevant).

    This may often be possible to run from safe mode if you issues with running in normal mode

    Although you may not be required to reboot i always advise that before you do any updates of drivers you reboot before and also after updating, It's also a good idea if you have the patience to only update one driver at a time and check for at least a short time to look for differences in performance and reliability
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    64 bit windows 7 professional
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    Cause of ihstability found but need a solution

    Hello my 'Seven' Puter advisors. I haven't forgotten your advice.

    I hid all MS Services, but that had no effect on the Normal Mode shutting/freezing apparently randomly. Course I got a desktop with massive Icons and Menus – worse than Safe Mode. That took me a bit to restore to normal Normal Mode. But here’s the ‘good’ find.

    I booted up in Normal Mode and found it ran perfectly for about 1 + 1/2 hours and then the screen already a bit dim started to fade out!! Inadvertently I had forgot to switch on the mains power supply to boot up!! So it ran perfect on battery. I switched mains power and in a minute it shut, restarted and shut again in 2 mins, then it froze etc.

    So it runs perfect in normal Mode on BATTERY POWER ALONE or on mains power BUT only in Safe Mode. So what’s the difference between mains power set up in NORMAL MODE and SAFE MODE? I can only say it makes all the difference.

    Any advice on how I can set same power set up in Normal Mode as is automatically set up in Safe Mode?? That would seem to me to be the answer. Seems the problem is the so-called ‘Power Plan’ set up that I have for Normal Mode.

    I got to admit it all those options: hibernate, sleep, close lid, open lid. Button make me sick and I just get lost.
    What is the power set up in Safe Mode, and can I have it for Normal Mode? Would appreciate guidance to get this. Is there a service to disable in Normal Mode to make it have Safe Mode power set up??

    Best, Kab
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