How to patch windows 7, 8, 10 32-bit to see above 4gb ram (new patch)

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    How to patch windows 7, 8, 10 32-bit to see above 4gb ram (new patch)


    I know this has been discussed before many months in a rather old thread, but now I discovered a new patch that works in my current v21H2 build! I created a new thread so this info is not lost in a very old thread.

    As we all know Microsoft has restricted all 32-bit Windows versions to 4GB RAM total, no matter how much RAM you have installed in your system. This in practice means 3.2GB (or 3.5GB in very rare cases) available for use while the rest 0.8GB is system reserved. One could suggest to install Windows 10 64-bit to take advantage of the full available RAM, but this is not always easy. For a typical computer with Office and a couple or other applications doing a clean installation of Windows 10 64-bit and reinstalling them is easy. What about a work computer loaded with tens of applications and several GB data? It would be asking for trouble!

    In my case, an old Core-i3 laptop recently upgraded with SSD and 8GB RAM, the only option to use all this RAM is to patch Windows 10 32-bit. It is a small file with a script included to patch the system automatically. Once run (as Administrator of course) it creates a new boot entry. The default is to use the patch and see the whole RAM and the second is to run the original system, just in case something goes wrong and you need to restore. So far I have seen at least 4x faster response of my work laptop and no issue. If I ever see a BSOD or any other issue I will report here. I'm looking forward to test it on my old Acer laptop (running Windows 10 Pro 32-bit v21H2 on purpose to maintain compatibility with old games and hardware, also successfully running Windows 11 64-bit on a spare SSD)

    Download the patch from this site: Windows Vista/7/8/10 x86 128gb Ram Patch | Operating System Revival

    Disclaimer: Use this at your own risk. I won't be responsible if you lose any data to anything else happens to your system. I'm just trying to help fellow posters that are still stuck with a Windows 32-bit system hard to replace or upgrade to 64-bit.
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    spapakons said:
    As we all know Microsoft has restricted all 32-bit Windows versions to 4GB RAM total, no matter how much RAM you have installed in your system.

    Microsoft didn't do that limitation. 2^32 = 4 gb. It is a mathematical size limitation of the 32-bit architecture. The same thing would apply to linux, mac, bcd, etc for the 32-bit versions. The only way past that is PAE which I would not trust for stability reasons.

    You might want to read this:

    The original releases of Windows XP and Windows XP SP1 used PAE mode to allow RAM to extend beyond the 4 GB address limit. However, it led to compatibility problems with 3rd party drivers which led Microsoft to remove this capability in Windows XP Service Pack 2.
    Apply this at your own risk.
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    I was able to see more than 4 GB of RAM using XP 64. So there's that. I've read however that XP 64 may have been somewhat of a hack job. The 64 bit version of XP was the last OS I used before I went with Windows 7, and I here am! LOL One day I'll strip 11 down and reinstall/configure everything, but it's not in my interest right now. It's a real project that I'm not willing to dive into.
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    There isnt an advantage in doing this just install a 64 bit o/s it has other advantages beside extra memory your no getting full use of a 32bit
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    F22 Simpilot xp x64 pro is an official release of XP. It is actually based upon 2003 so it has the same kernel version and service pack. Unfortunately it didn't have very good driver support and you know that they built next to no drivers natively into XP. I have a copy and I tried it on a old desktop and I wasn't really able to use it. You can fit more than 4 gb because it is a 64-bit release.
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    I know that this is off topic but somebody may find it informative to know that modifying an O/S to use more RAM than the CPU normally supported is not new.

    CP/M Plus was released in 1983. CP/M Plus incorporated the bank switching memory management of MP/M in a single-user single-task operating system compatible with CP/M 2.2 applications. CP/M 3 could therefore use more than 64 KB of memory on an 8080 or Z80 processor.

    I had a Lobo Max80 computer that had a 8-bit Z80 CPU and came with 128MB RAM. Normally with CP/M 2.2 it could only use 64MB RAM. With CP/M Plus it could use all 128MB RAM. Like later attempts there was compatibility problem with drivers. Also, very little software existed that could take advantage of the additional RAM.

    I also built a computer in the mid 1980's that also had a 8-bit Zilog Z80 CPU. It had 7 64-MB memory cards. Using the MP/M operating system it could support up to seven simultaneous users. It also supported 5 printers. Each user was allocated 62MB of RAM. Looking back now I find it amazing that it could do that considering the CPU probably was only 5 or 6 MHz which is over 1000 times slower than current CPUs.
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    If you have a simple PC running Office and surfing the internet, then yes it would be better to clean install Windows 7 64-bit or higher. Any 64-bit Intel or second generation 64-bit AMD or higher can even run Windows 11 in MBR (Legacy BIOS mode) if you bypass compatibility check. But if we are talking about an old Pentium 4 (32-bit CPU) or a work computer with tons of data that is very hard to reinstall, then it makes sense to patch Windows to see 4GB or more RAM. In the Pentium 4 case it would make a huge difference to use the full 4GB RAM instead of 3.2GB. Do it and see for yourself.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Compatibility report: In my work laptop, Windows 10 32-bit, some feature updates fail to install. I just restart the original system (without the patch), complete all updates and then restart at PAE mode (full RAM access).
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