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    7 X64

    SEVEN and SSD


    Read on a site recently that MS is working on 7 being optimised to take advantage of Solid state drives.

    Don't have the link to hand, but it didn't give any more info. than that.

    SSd may be a long way from being affordable, but my guess is it won't be long before we're all using hybrids.

    Any thoughts on this or anyone got any more info. at this point?


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    Vista x64 Ultimate

    I doubt I get SAS RAID support that soon for it

    My problem is waiting for driver support for my RAID controllers. It took 18 months to get SCSI RAID drivers for XP x64. It took 12 months for Vista x64 drivers. I hope its faster for Windows 7. I also hope they put WinFS into it to optimize my already fast SAS RAID.
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    Windows Vista Ultimate

    SSD are in a way better as they have no moving parts. The price, though is expensive, but soon will become affordable and soon after that become standard.
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    SEVEN x64

    the price on DDR RAM is bottoming out!!

    it wont be long before the ''price per gig'' will look better for these drives.

    very soon SSD derivatives will be common place, the only issue these throw up is the physical size....
    as the SSD storage size increases so will the units Actual physical size, a 300gb SSD would be the size of a house due to the way they are ''currently'' manufactured.

    the DRAM versions contain battery's to retain their DATA & are supposed to have an access time of 0.1 millisecond that's fast!!

    i would love one to store the OS on

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    W 7 64-bit Ultimate

    Hey SK cool sig ... even though you beat me to it!

    skunksmash said:
    i would love one to store the OS on
    Yeah, that would be fast!

    Later :) Ted
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    7 X64
    Thread Starter

    "SSDs are on the path to reach their full potential," Microsoft senior program manager Frank Shu said.

    In a WinHEC presentation, Shu outlined four ways Windows 7 will improve upon Vista and XP support for SSDs.

    First, Windows 7 will turn off disk defragmentation when it detects an SSD instead of a spinning disk drive.

    Defragging disks speed ups the reading of data from conventional hard drives by moving similar data together. But flash-based SSDs are already fast at reading data. Rather, SSDs are slow at writing data. Moreover, the process of erasing and moving data requires "flashing" the memory cells with high voltage. That gradually wears out the SSD.

    Defragmentation thus shortens an SSD's lifespan without improving performance, Shu said.

    Second, Windows 7's new "trim" feature will improve performance three ways. It will: Reduce the amount of data to be deleted, which improves the SSD's lifespan; delete garbage data in advance, which speeds up writing of data; and maximize the amount of unused data, which helps even out the wear and tear on the SSD, Shu said.

    Third, Windows 7 will partition the SSD more efficiently to cut down on unnecessary read-write cycles, Shu said. This requires Windows 7 to be installed fresh and not upgraded from XP, he said, since the latter OS formats SSDs in an inefficient way.

    Finally, Microsoft plans to create a certification program for SSDs. To win the software maker's logo of approval, SSDs must identify themselves to Windows 7 properly, prioritize data reads over slower data writes, comply with the Serial ATA (SATA) drive interface for faster connections, and more, Shu said.

    Read the full article here:

    Windows 7 and SSDs - Business Center - PC World

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    W 7 64-bit Ultimate

    SIW2 said:
    Read the full article here:

    Windows 7 and SSDs - Business Center - PC World

    Hello SIW2.

    Thanks, this is a very informative article.

    Later Ted
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    Windows 11 Workstation x64

    As soon as x64 beta arrives I will do some benchmarks with my ssd
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    Windows 11 21H2 Current build

    You got an SSD to go with that monster rig? *flame*

    Sigh - I can't touch your rig even after my upgrades - I'll not be having SSDs for a very long time unless someone wants to donate about $3000 for me to upgrade my current rig....

    However, the price drop in DDR is not necessarily going to *directly* reflect on the price of SSDs - remember, RAM is volatile....
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    win7 x64 (7000)

    long time listener first time caller.

    (or something like that)

    I did not know about the natural optimizations for SSD. I recently reinstalled x64 vista and already i know i did something wrong because certain settings are not sticking inside of windows explorer (always seems to be resetting to a different icon format)

    as stated above, as soon as an x64 version of windows7 comes out I'm probabily going to give it a shot full time on my main computer. I have windows home server backing up so if it really is bad I will simply revert back to x64.
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