Explorer windows auto refresh then don't auto refresh. Why?

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    Explorer windows auto refresh then don't auto refresh. Why?

    Hello everyone. I'd like to know why win7 64bit decides by itself to auto refresh a window minute and literally the next second or two later it does not.
    Lets say, I save a pic from the net, just before I go into the browser I already have my downloads folder open. I save a couple pics and I go back to the open folder and the pics are there at the bottom (I sort by date modified). I go back to the browser save another pic or anything, I go back to the folder and the pic or whatever is not there, so i have to refresh myself. I was just in that folder 10 seconds ago I seen no reason for it to not refresh now when it just did it 10 seconds ago. Now, I have not changed any setting regarding this or any explorer action. I can't even find an auto refresh option anywhere.
    So how is this possible? What the heck is wrong with this OS?


    I must say, I will soon be at my wits end with this OS. I paid $300 to spent more time organizing and moving files around. A lot more time. They have really screwed up explorer this time around. Explorer in XP was essentially perfect (I never even touched Vista on my machines. My wife has Vista). I'm starting to believe that win7 was just a money grab and that of the many problems with this OS will not be fixed in any hotfix or service packs, but win8 will be all better just as long as you spend another $300. Its also being released in a year and a half!!? Win7 is in its infancy! MS will never fix this OS when it is marching on to the next OS as quickly as possible. I used XP for years and never had any problems at all (even before SP1 & SP2) when you compare the deluge of inconsistencies and holes win7 actually has. Also, why is it that this time around, nobody (websites & magazines especially) writes about the problems that this OS really has???? Hmmm I wonder. $$$$$. Vista got the crap kicked out of it but win7, not a dang thing in comparison.

    I didn't find a rant or complaints section on this website so I guess I'll just include these in my posts. If this is not appropriate please let me know and I'll refrain from adding them in any threads. The MS/Win7 feedback sites are completely useless. Not once have I gotten a response from them.
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    We have a thread for this kind of thing. I can't find it at the moment. I think unsubscribed from it on accident, but I'm pretty sure its in general discussion. Explorer is working like it always does. It can be annoying that it doesn't always refresh, but I'm sure you can find a pattern, like how many added files it takes or how long it takes to "auto-refresh". The reason you don't here anything bad about Windows 7 is for three reasons. 1) you haven't looked hard enough. There are plenty of news stories with Mac lovers saying its Vista with a new paint job. 2) XP was as unstable as Charles Manson on Crack at the best of times when it first came out. 3) Vista was, well Vista. MS claimed it would run fine on 512MB of RAM, so people were installing it on old computers, and new computer were being bought that were seriously underpowered. When it wouldn't run worth a crap, everyone hated it. Not to mention the incompatibility issues that no one saw between 2000 and XP. If you didn't use Vista at all, the changes do seem a lot more drastic. If you don't like it, go back to XP SP3. Problem solved!!!!!!!
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