The new brushes are a good idea but they should have left the old brushes that painted solid colors, at least the paint bucket worked with them filling in solid colors. WITH THE NEW BRUSHES the paint bucket does not work & drawing with the new brushes has a bad grainy artificial look.

My hands were injured in a car accident years ago & menuvering the mouse is quite hard. The palettes were movable in the previous paint softwares, making the palettes stationary was a big mistake. I paint pictures that are 4225 by 3228 pixels & constantly going to the top to change my colors is a painful effort.

I started using paint when windows 3.1 was launched in 1995. I have been using paint ever since. I loved the paint software as it was until it was changed in windows 7 & I miss it. Now I can not draw & pain like I used & I am disappointed.

Microsoft, you made windows vista which was a disaster, you finally make windows 7 & the paint software is a useless software & WORTHLESS. When are you folks at Microsoft are going to REPAIR the paint software so I CAN ENJOY TO PAINT AGAIN?? I guess I will be forced to reinstall WINDOWS XP in order to paint again. XP was the best windows Microsoft ever made.