2009? No Way! Yes Way! Windows 7 Time baby

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    7 Will have harder tougher activation than Vista did. It is just fact and your going to have to accept it. I will just purchase my copy and not be upset about it.
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    Will this beta version which is supposedly be coming out early 2009 work free, or needs to come from bittorrent or legal at a store? Would it be wise to to use the early Windows 7 software until the final version of Windows 7 comes out? After what you said, final is about May, June or July it wouldn't make a bad decision to use Windows 7 beta, especially if they are pre-activated. People test betas all the time and betas are pre-releases of a new software or existing one. People test betas and alphas so they can report back to the companies and give feedback and info. That's how the process works.

    Out of curiosity, how early is it going to be in 2009 for the beta release? Mid-January, February, anyone?

    Will WMP12 come with the early beta version or the final version. How do you activate the beta, key, serial, and if so or not will it be forever activated?

    Why are Microsoft giving away these betas all the time? I know they want Windows 7 to work well and sell but why give away hard drives of the Win 7 pre-release and not DVDs? What kinda messages are they sending to us? Things are gonna change? Microsoft is not as restrictive anymore? I really hope a stable enough beta comes out soon cause I would definitely use it as I love new software, beta and all. I always try them and they usually work 98% of the time or so.

    What does anyone else think?
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  3. Joe
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    Windows 7 RC

    Regarding the public beta release. From what I've read, Windows 7 (7000) is close to if not being beta 1. And if that's the case, beta 1 should be out within a couple of weeks. Of course none of this is official Microsoft release information, just what I've put together from snippets of information about beta 1. As far as a full release time line, that's just a guesstimation. If there's going to be a wide public beta now, then the full release should only be a few months away. My money is still on summer 2009 for a full release. I could be way off, of course. As new information develops over the next 60-90 days we all should have a better idea of when the final product may be available.
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    I don't know if anyone noticed yet but Windows Media Player 12 has been extracted from Windows 7 and uploaded to the net. They say you may have to make a few steps but it's there now and the setup supposedly works. I don't have the link to the page but it looks pretty cool and legit.
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    I don't really want to put the links up because I don't know if it is allowed but the Windows Media Player 12 is making waves online now more than ever. Google it and you will see. The interface looks a bit inferior to WMP 11 but is quite unique in its own right. Try it and tell me what you think. It made mention that you have to try tweaking a system file or something like that. After all this while I may finally get WMP12. I also look forward to using Windows 7 Ultimate even though Vista looks a lot better at this point. Anyway, I could probably tweak settings or try a skin. Anyone try the Hyperdesk Suite thing from skinsfactory? Does it work on Vista or just XP?
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    How does Vista look better than 7 at this point? 7 as a beta is already better than Vista SP1.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

    7 looks and feels better to me than Vista.
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    Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows 7 Ultimate

    me too i cant wait but i am using the beta version but cant wait for the actual thing
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    Lol. My biggest problem with 7 is the taskbar not necessarily the whole system. But Win 7 supposedly is better. I hate the confirmations in Vista. Have you guys actually tried it yet? And is it really that good?
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    By the way. Did you try WMP 12 in 7 Beta and if so, how is it?
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