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    Windows Vista Home Premium

    Similar problem, no solution!

    For the past three or four days, I have been trying to install Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator (from the CS4 collection), but I keep getting the 1603 error. I have searched everywhere for a solution to this problem; from the Adobe website, to Microsoft, to InstallShield, and finally to many random tech forums, such as this one I stumbled upon.

    Here is some of the things I have done so far:
    - Used both the CS3 and CS4 cleaning utilities
    - Cleaned and fixed my registry with TuneUp Utilities 2009
    - Used the Windows disk check utility to run a full scan on my hard drive
    - Manually updated my Windows Installer version
    - Unlocked different files on my hard drive (as the Adobe forums suggested)
    - Unlocked different registry keys (from Adobe)
    - Booted in safe mode and tried installing
    - Used MSConfig to turn off all non-Microsoft services (including my antivirus and firewall) and booted in that mode to install
    - Manually removed all Adobe keys from the registry (after a backup, of course)
    - Created a new admin account to install from
    - Double, triple, and quadtruple checked my privileges for my admin and SYSTEM accounts
    - Tried to install using a "simplified mode" (which is copying all files to the desktop to install from)

    Some additional background information...I have no Google programs installed and I am using the (only) admin account on my computer (I deleted the other account I created). I am using Vista Home Premium and everything is completely up-to-date, with no viruses, spyware, or malware. I had Photoshop CS3 awhile back and later upgraded to CS4. Last week, I uninstalled CS4 to upgrade to the CS4 Extended version, plus Illustrator and InDesign. However, no CS4 program will install, because they each report back with the 1603 error.

    I used Adobe's Support Advisor program to decipher the error message. It said something about the privileges of a certain key in the registry and some files on my hard drive, which I went in manually and changed these privileges. Here is the topic that the Support Advisor sent me to:

    I followed everything they suggested, and I think all of that worked. Except...the part of changing the privileges in the registry. I did change it but it gave me an error that said, "Registry editor could not set security in the key currently selected, or some of its subkeys."

    I'm not sure if it is supposed to have that message, but I am guessing not. By process of elimination (and mostly out of hope), I think this is probably the problem (...I hope).

    Any suggestions? Does anybody understand what this means? Is there ANYTHING I can do?!

    In an Adobe support forum that described what to do in the case of a 1603 error, the last step said to install on a different machine. Hm. Does anybody else see a problem with that? Mainly because we pour thousands of dollars into this company that has terrible customer support, just to have them tell us that they don't know what else to do? Um. Hello?
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    My opinion? Considering everything you've done, including using registry tools likely not certified for W7, I would take it as an indication that the W7 install got messed up somewhere along the line. I would reinstall W7.
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    win 7

    I just installed cs4 in win 7 (64bit). The open gl stuff is not working. Everything else in CS4 works great. I'm running a nvidia 9600 GT video card and my preferences are set up correctly. Any suggestions? Also I'm sure I understand what running in "Compatibility mode" means. Can someone explain?
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    Windows 7

    Thanks a million

    It worked, I tried installing pro three times until I found your post. Two thumbs up, if I had three thumbs then I would put up three. Thanks
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    windows 7

    smooth1212 said:
    I just installed cs4 in win 7 (64bit). The open gl stuff is not working. Everything else in CS4 works great. I'm running a nvidia 9600 GT video card and my preferences are set up correctly. Any suggestions? Also I'm sure I understand what running in "Compatibility mode" means. Can someone explain?
    I did a clean install on a Q9300/8gig ram 64 bit NVIDIA GEFORCE 9800 GTX. I installed PS CS4 and not Open GL either. Installed the Newest Nvidia Drivers of the 9 series and all is fine.
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    Windows 7

    hey kirk I did wat u said, but I still get the error!!! why?!?!?!
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    Windows 7 Ultimate

    My DVD of CS4 brings up the auto play and then when i click on install it dissipears and even when i go to the setup.exe i double click on it and nothing helps...

    I can't get any permission changes on my C:\Windows\winsxs

    Any help please,
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    Windows 7

    hi guys i try install adobe photoshop but i have this problem:
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    win7 vis xp


    Do Not! listen to any of the posts here CS4 DOES NOT WORK IN WINDOWS7! I am an instructor at a Graphic Design School and we have tried with several versions of the Adobe Creative Suites and various computers with the students. THERE IS NO FONTS FOLDER WHEN INSTALLING ANY OF THE CS4 SUITES. You will not be able to add fonts to your collection which is great for once a year warriors but not for a professional. C/programfiles/commonfiles/adobe is where the fonts file is located in vista and xp but the fonts folder DOES NOT! show up in Windows7. Also if you have a high end graphics card like the 4000 series from ATI Gamer OSD the "in game overclocking feature" does not install as well on a personal note.
    P.S. despite support for AMD Overdrive being advertised through AMD it also does not work in Win7.
    We have tested this extensively and the results were the same in a futile attempt to rid ourselves of vista.
    The tested OS is the current Windows7 RC. The entire class ranted and raved about it and I changed several teaching methods to accompany this request. DO NOT! send me a bunch of garbage stating it works. If 34 students in a motley assortment of install methods and PCs cant get it to work chances are theyre right and your wrong stop misleading people with this win7 crap. If all you need to do is crop images for myspace it works fine but for a Graphic Designer its grabage from the ground up possible like your storys here.
    There is no right click on the exe when you approach the install thats another myth as well. Oh there is a right click and compatablility mode but not for Adobe CS4 products from the disc.
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    7600 x86

    what are you on about? i've been using photoshop cs4 in widows 7 almost every day for the last 6 months, and have not encountered a single problem. opengl drawing works fine on my 9500 gt. i just install it and it runs...
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