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    Windows 7 Ultimate, Ubuntu

    Sorry 323Starz - but your post is absurd. I have installed PS CS4, Fireworks CS4, DW CS4 , Latest Acrobat and none of the things you complain about are true (for me - obviously).

    The vast majority of problems reported here relate to re-installation after a good install - clearly that is a problem - but seems to have a good workaround.

    The OpenGL problem might be something that Adobe needs to look at - but again, OpenGL works for me (and lots of others).

    I have no problems with the Fonts issue you report and as I have not seen anyone else complain of this it just may be that your problem with this is unique or rare.

    As for all your absolutes and capitalization and claims of "misleading" and "crap" - cool it. No software is perfect on every set-up despite our desire and hope that it should be. No-one here has been doing any misleading - we are trying to report and help based on our experiences.

    Maybe you started with a bad attitude (sure sounds like it) and a bad disk.
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    win7 vis xp

    this is precisely what I'm talking about!

    A. I never mentioned that Open GL did not work
    ATI OSD is what I mentioned pertaining to Win 7 itself

    B. None of the things I complain about are true ha... well i have pictures of the "massive" diffence in the way win 7 uploads the files as opposed to vista view the pics please. with that bieng said who knows to what extent that win 7 has butcherd Adobe files no professional will want to install on win 7 and go through some "unknown" venture awaiting to find out what else is missing in the workplace

    C. This was not a re-install issue nor was that ever mentioned in the post which seems to be a weak attempt to stray from the issue at hand well the photos can attest to that now.

    D. Conclusion : obviously someone here trying to defend a "defective product"

    E. The one who stated hes been using the win7 os for 6 months is even worse because you would have to be using the beta which has expired do yourself a favor and step up to the RC tard

    F. "I installed it and it just runs" is totally inadequate for a professional who uses "all" of the features.

    G. I really didnt have a bad attitude but I knew what was going to happen by posting here and the results are exactly the way I thought they would be "inadequate" "unprofessional" and "total lack of proof" this is a great os if youd like to just doodle around and in that case you could save some money and get gimp but dont get any version other than 2.0.4 because its unstable in Vista

    Now if someone here works on the Win7 project they will readily see that Win7 has butcherd the Adobe install to unknown proportions and maybe that will help you to fix it but to say I was way off track is "absurd"


    To give Win7 a thumbs up "amazingly the pref file is still in the same place"
    The fonts file in the photo was added by me ok as an attempt to fix the problem but there is way too much out of wack here
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Adobe Photoshop CS 4-vis-os.jpg   Adobe Photoshop CS 4-win7-os.jpg  
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    Windows 7 Ultimate, Ubuntu

    In my install the fonts folder is exactly where you say it should be (see attachment). Perhaps if you wish to use this facility you could simply create a font folder there. I'm sure you know how.

    However simply installing a font in Windows (manually, thru Control panel or 3rd party program) will make it available to CS4. (see 2nd attachment)

    Adobe has good user forums where your issues may already be addressed.

    Hope you can resolve your Photoshop issues.
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    7600 x86

    323starz said:
    E. The one who stated hes been using the win7 os for 6 months is even worse because you would have to be using the beta which has expired do yourself a favor and step up to the RC tard
    your rudeness and name-calling is really not necessary. you have come into a community, shouting at people from the very beginning about things which are blatantly false. i don't know what you're trying to accomplish here, but i can assure you this is not the best way to go about it.

    i've been running photoshop since 7000, and am now using 7229. as i said, i have had no problems with it. all system fonts show up fine, so i'm not sure what you're ranting about there.

    exactly what sort of problems are you having? perhaps if you settle down and try to explain yourself, some of the fine people here will be willing/able to help you sort them out.
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    win7 vis xp

    Well maybe thats another issue that the Win7 team can fix instead of loading all of the fonts into Win7 and bogging down Office just let Adobe install its own fonts folder and take the load off of Office and its startup time. I have a countless amount of fonts and just by putting about 60 -70 of them in the generic Win7 folder it bogged Office to a very noticeable extent. I couldnt imagine the lag from a full fledged professional putting all of thier fonts into the Win7 fonts folder and expect to get some decent load time out of Office.
    Well the good news is that just installing a fonts folder into c/programfiles/commonfiles/adobe isolates a massive font collection to adobe only. I wonder how extensive this damage is throughout the entire CS4 suite with Dreamweaver, Indesign, Illustrator and all. I dont see why they cant just let it install like it does in Vista. Even if you do install it with compatibility mode that so many rant about which cannot be done you then have the trailing "unguided" second disc which personally I think is where the problem exists. The only time I saw a wisp of compatibility mode is when I looked at Adobes site at the 10.99 trial version that just may be a download with an accessible exe file. What were they thinking to do all this compatiblity stuff for the practical user. I thought it was supposed to be better than Linux not more like it and in this instance even worse.

    What in the world are "all" of those files doing in the Adobe folder and why such a dramatic difference between the install there and vista?
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    Windows 7

    Encore BluRay

    Let me add something to the discussion here.

    I tried CS4 Master Collection on different W7 builds (both x32 and x64).

    Now I'm on 7229 x64.

    Everything from CS4 MC worked well on all builds, except for one thing, that didn't work on all builds:

    When in Encore you want to burn a BluRay project the whole system freezes and does not come to life anymore.

    Can others confirm this behaviour? Any hints?

    (I installed all the latest updates on system, drivers and CS4)
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    Moderators: Thank you for getting rid of only really annoying CS4/Win7 problem.
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    Windows Vista, Windows 7

    renthor said:
    I've got mine installed fine, but almost every app seems to crash after using it for about 10 or 15 minutes. It's not memory related, I checked that first, it barely uses half of my available RAM. Any thoughts? It will always crash, I've never once been able to keep them open more than 15 minutes.
    Hey renthor,
    I remember a similar problem when i was using Adobe Photoshop CS3. Unbelievably, it seemed that Microsoft Intellipoint had a problem with Photoshop. After I uninstalled Microsoft Intellipoint, Photoshop ran just as it should without the crashes. I'm not sure if this is related with CS4, but the similarities are there. Good luck and hope I'm not too late!
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x86, Windows 7 Professional x64, Windows 8 Pro x64

    I have the Photoshop CS4 32-bit version running great on my build 7100 of Windows 7
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    I Use, Photoshop CS4, Flash CS4, And Fireworks CS4 they all run great on 7, No problems at all. (Except once, but that was because i had 3400 fonts installed )
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