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Windows 7: Windows Live Essentials 2011

27 Nov 2010   #1

Windows 7 Ultimate x64-bit SP1
Windows Live Essentials 2011

I had Windows Live Essentials installed and removed it and now I'm trying to install it back and the problem is that when I try and install it. It's staying that the programs are still installed but there is no Windows Live Essentials in the Programs/Features to remove it and I searched for the programs there is nothing there.




This is the fix thanks to: tagen

This is what I did:

1.) Installed: Everything Everything Search Engine

2.) Searched for these with Find Everything and uninstalled all of them.


3.) Then what I did was run Windows Update and installed Windows Live Essentials 2011 rebooted.

Then I got the Installer back in Program/Features and ran it and Repaired it. Everything is running fine now.

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27 Nov 2010   #2
Microsoft MVP

Vista, Windows7, Mint Mate, Zorin, Windows 8

Find KB2434419 (which is the live essentials 2011 update). That would fix it.
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28 Nov 2010   #3

Windows 7 Ultimate x64-bit SP1

This is the update in Windows the one you posted but nothing happens.
Windows Live Essentials 2011-1.jpg

I tried both ways and nothing happens.
Windows Live Essentials 2011-2.jpg

Saying that everything is installed.
Windows Live Essentials 2011-3.jpg

There is nothing under All Programs.
Windows Live Essentials 2011-4.jpg

Thanks for helping anything else that can fix it?

My System SpecsSystem Spec

28 Nov 2010   #4
Microsoft MVP

Vista, Windows7, Mint Mate, Zorin, Windows 8

Hmm, this is somewhat puzzling. It apparently went thru the installation routine (proof, your second snip that always comes up). Does it show in "Installed updates"? and did it disallear from ""Available updates".- in any case, it is liable to come back and you can try again.
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28 Nov 2010   #5

Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

Can you find windows live in program files folder? Maybe the shortcuts somehow disappeared during the uninstall?
My System SpecsSystem Spec
29 Nov 2010   #6

Windows 7 Home Premium x64

Let`s check if any other program installed on the computer is interfering with this process. You can place the computer in a clean boot state to uninstall the program. To do so, follow these steps.
a) Click Start, type “msconfig.exe” (without quotes) in the Start Search box, and then press Enter to start the System Configuration Utility. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password, or click Continue.
b) On the General tab, click Selective Startup, and then click to clear the Load startup items check box. (The Use Original Boot.ini check box is unavailable.)
c) On the Services tab, click to select the Hide all Microsoft services check box, and then click Disable all. Click OK, and then click Restart. Try uninstalling the program and check.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
29 Nov 2010   #7

windows 7 64 Bit
Windows Live Essential Installation

Sounds like a lazy uninstallation - thanks to a very lousy standard uninstall program that comes with windows 7. The Microsoft Programs and Features software is such trash it always leaves misinformation behind in the registry. Do yourself a HUGE FAVOR and download Revo Uninstaller - saves many headaches and a free version is available.

To remove all of the registry info from the registry and backups fire up Explorer and surf to COMPUTER: C LOCAL DISK: PROGRAM FILES 86: WINDOWS LIVE: AND FINALLY WINDOWS LIVE INSTALLER FOLDER. (This should have been left behind after the uninstall) Find the file named Wlarp.exe with the windows logo and double click it. It.s the uninstaller program for all of Windows Live. Follow the instructions and it should clear up your registry. For some damn reason it doesn't really work with the standard Microsoft Uninstaller - so it just leaves all the junk in your registry.

If for some reason you can't find Wlarp.exe on your computer I'm sure you can download it from the Microsoft site or anyone can send you a copy of theirs as an attachment in an email. (God I hope that's not illegal... if it is then scratch that - never came out of my mouth)

I wish you luck. The only thing of essentials that works on my laptop is the photo gallery and messenger - nothing else will install. No Worries - you'll get it fixed though with no problems. Take Care !

- Tagen
My System SpecsSystem Spec
29 Nov 2010   #8

Windows 7 Ultimate x64-bit SP1


This is the only thing in the folder
Windows Live Essentials 2011-3.jpg


It didn't work.


Already have REVO just there is nothing under the Installed Program List with Widnows Live. I did just remove the Windows Live Mesh but still nothing else will work
Windows Live Essentials 2011-2.jpg
This is what I get when I try and run Attachment 118939

Windows Live Essentials 2011-1.jpg

By the way I had to go find it and download it it wasn't on my computer.
Any other idea's we can try?

Thanks to all that posted

Also this is what Windows Updates is saying.
Windows Live Essentials 2011-5.jpg

My System SpecsSystem Spec
30 Nov 2010   #9

windows 7 64 Bit
Alright... wlarp.exe advice sucked - let's do this...

Kevin -

Sorry about the wlarp.exe suggestion not working. I've had nothing but issues with WLE 2011 and was hoping things would be easier for you. So I'm going to just list out things I did that helped me and hopefully something will either work positively for you or at least head you in a direction towards the answers you need.

First - keep in mind that my WLE is not working as it should so consider the source when taking any advice from me. After I uninstalled the old Essentials I could never get the installer to install anything. As of now I have everything of Essentials BETA except for Mail ( will not install for any reason whatsoever) and Writer is not working. ( it just likes to tease me by giving me an error message that "writer had to close for some reason" NO - writer was never even open. ) But Messenger, Mesh, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Sign In Assistant, etc... even Windows Live Essentials Installer Program - they all work perfectly - but I have no idea why mail and writer have crapped out on me. I guess Bill Gates just hates me.

This is how I was able to install those programs... I cheated.

First you need to enable hidden system files and folders to be seen in Folder Options.

Next find your way to C: Program Files (x86) - Common Files- Windows Live (it will be disguised as an empty folder but it isn't)- and inside you'll see the hidden 'cache' folder. Inside mine was approx 25 seperate WLE installers in seperate folders and they all had a different purpose. Active X, Language Files, Support Files, and of course the individual program installers. So I double clicked on ALL OF THEM and the only thing that wouldn't install was mail.msi because it was asking for the location of some other file that wasn't on my computer. But everything else installed with no problems.
If you don't have all of these installers in that location they could be in your C:\Windows\Installer Folder (again - another hidden folder), or in one of the many 'temp' or 'local/roaming' folders under either the Administrator or your profile. My favorite way to find anything on my laptop is a freeware program called everything . It's small, easy, free, and I swear to God it could find Jimmy Hoffa if it wanted to. Here is a list of just a few file names to search for :


But remember that they'll all be in their own seperate folders and they are NOT NAMED, just labeled with a 20 digit number on the folder ( very obnoxious but the Everything program that I mentioned has no problems finding the named installer files inside). So that might be one way of clearing up your issue.

Have you tried using BOTH the online AND standalone installer? The offline standalone installer worked better for me and I think that's how I ended up with all of the individual installers stored on my C Drive. And there should be a link to those offline beta installers here on this site. It runs about 155mbs I think.

Another way to check on the uninstall process on your computer is using the free uninstaller from Iobit. Even though my Revo Uninstaller PRO and Windows Programs uninstaller didn't list any of the essentials programs on their software, when I booted up my Iobit it was still listed on it's software. When it ran the 'leftover scan' (similar to Revo) and it found a buttload of essential crap that was telling the WLE Installer that it was already on my computer. Anyway it's a great product and it's free so you have nothing to lose. And you might be surprised at what your computer still thinks it has. (I've discovered that Revo is far from perfect)

And of course there are the usual steps in fixing Windows that I'm positive you've already done and tried - but - since everyone at Microsoft thought it would be fun to irritate me with these things I thought what the hell... I'm gonna irritate you too.

How long ago was this? Is system restore not an option to get your previous versions back and then you can just do an update and not another install?

Have you run System File Checker to fix any system errors? You never kinow... you could have a msiexec file that is corrupt and it's going to lead to more problems. GO TO START: ACCESSORIES: RIGHT CLICK ON COMMAND PROMPT AND RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR: AT THE PROMPT TYPE sfc /SCANNOW Should take around 15 minutes or so and when finished it will tell you if you had corrupt files and it repaired them or if it couldn't find anything corrupt. Either way type exit hit return and REBOOT IF IT DID A REPAIR. Try installing Essentials now.

What is your Event Viewer telling you in regards to errors?

Are you sure you checked the "I accept the agreement" box on the installer window before clicking 'Next' ? (sorry about asking that one - it always pissed me off when the MSoft people would ask me that. I think they thought I was Sarah Palin or something)

Anyway I don't know if any of this will help out your situation, but I can tell you the most definitive thing I learned with this issue is that there are probably around two thousand individual reasons for why you and I and thousands of people are having the same problem and Microsoft can't simply issue an update or fixit solution for all of them. ( Although seriously... they are the Authors of this software and haven't offered up any serious or reasonable solutions. Pathetic ) Until I started snooping on my computer and started thinking outside of the Microsoft box, I wasn't getting anywhere. But if I think of anything else I'll let you know. And keep me posted on your progress... maybe you'll end up fixing my WLE.


My System SpecsSystem Spec
30 Nov 2010   #10

windows 7 ultimate

You've joined the legions of folks that live '11 has caused grief to. However, in a fit of pique, prior to a system re-install, I had a play about with it.

Using SIW, I made a list of ALL the programs listed as being installed on my PC. I then installed Live Essentials (everything!) used SIW again and compared the lists. This is the list of new stuff that appeared after the install.

By using the msiexec /x command prompt and the uninstallers "names" listed below, I managed to clear out live '11 AFTER using the official method. I could then re-install live mail '08 (?) without a problem. Whereas, before, I was being told that a newer version of live mail was already installed.

Handle with care though. At a minimum, create a restore point.

Just in case.

Live Essentials        {FE044230-9CA5-43F7-9B58-5AC5A28A1F33}
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition        {F0B430D1-B6AA-473D-9B06-AA3DD01FD0B8}
D3DX10    Microsoft        {E09C4DB7-630C-4F06-A631-8EA7239923AF}
Live Remote Service        {E02A6548-6FDE-40E2-8ED9-119D7D7E641F}
Live Remote Client        {DF6D988A-EEA0-4277-AAB8-158E086E439B}
Live Writer Resources        {DDC8BDEE-DCAC-404D-8257-3E8D4B782467}
Live MIME IFilter        {DA54F80E-261C-41A2-A855-549A144F2F59}
Live Communications Platform        {D45240D3-B6B3-4FF9-B243-54ECE3E10066}
Live Photo Common        {D436F577-1695-4D2F-8B44-AC76C99E0002}
MSVCRT_amd64    Microsoft        {D0B44725-3666-492D-BEF6-587A14BD9BD9}
Live UX Platform        {CE95A79E-E4FC-4FFF-8A75-29F04B942FF2}
Live Mail        {C66824E4-CBB3-4851-BB3F-E8CFD6350923}
Live Writer        {AAAFC670-569B-4A2F-82B4-42945E0DE3EF}
Live Mesh        {A0C91188-C88F-4E86-93E6-CD7C9A266649}
Live Movie Maker        {92EA4134-10D1-418A-91E1-5A0453131A38}
MSVCRT    Microsoft        {8DD46C6A-0056-4FEC-B70A-28BB16A1F11F}
Mesh Runtime        {8C6D6116-B724-4810-8F2D-D047E6B7D68E}
Microsoft Silverlight        {89F4137D-6C26-4A84-BDB8-2E5A4BB71E00}
Live Remote Client Resources        {847B0532-55E3-4AAF-8D7B-E3A1A7CD17E5}
Live Messenger        {80956555-A512-4190-9CAD-B000C36D6B6B}
Live Messenger Companion Core        {78A96B4C-A643-4D0F-98C2-A8E16A6669F9}
Live UX Platform Language Pack        {6A05FEDF-662E-46BF-8A25-010E3F1C9C69}
Live SOXE        {682B3E4F-696A-42DE-A41C-4C07EA1678B4}
Bing Bar Platform        {65C0025A-2CDE-43C5-82D0-C7A56EF0DB39}
Live Remote Service Resources2        {656DEEDE-F6AC-47CA-A568-A1B4E34B5760}
Live Language Selector        {5EB6F3CB-46F4-451F-A028-7F6D8D35D7D0}
Messenger Companion        {50816F92-1652-4A7C-B9BC-48F682742C4B}
Live PIMT Platform        {4CBABDFD-49F8-47FD-BE7D-ECDE7270525A}
Live Family Safety        {46A5FBE9-ADB3-4493-A1CC-B4CFFD24D26A}
Live Photo Gallery        {34F4D9A4-42C2-4348-BEF4-E553C84549E7}
Live Mesh ActiveX Control for Remote Connections        {2902F983-B4C1-44BA-B85D-5C6D52E2C441}
Live SOXE Definitions        {200FEC62-3C34-4D60-9CE8-EC372E01C08F}
Junk Mail filter update        {1F6AB0E7-8CDD-4B93-8A23-AA9EB2FEFCE4}
Live ID Sign-in Assistant        {1B8ABA62-74F0-47ED-B18C-A43128E591B8}
Live Installer        {0B0F231F-CE6A-483D-AA23-77B364F75917}
Bing Bar            {08234a0d-cf39-4dca-99f0-0c5cb496da81}
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 Windows Live Essentials 2011

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