FastStone Image Viewer and Missing Location Metadata

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    FastStone Image Viewer and Missing Location Metadata

    FastStone Image Viewer (free, from is the only image viewer that gives me exactly what I want in a viewer to display all my photos, except for one important feature: it will not preserve the location data (lat., long.) if the original .jpg (or RAW) is converted to .tif or to .psd in Photoshop. I know that the location metadata are included in the .tif and .psd images by putting them into Adobe Bridge. I need this to allow me to see, in FastStone, where the image was taken.

    If I Develop the original .jpg or RAW images in Adobe Lightroom and save the Developed file with Lightroom's setting to include all location data, FastStone displays the location data for the resulting .jpg files.

    For some odd reason, FastStone strips the location data in any .psd or .tif files. I have sought help from FastStone three times but get no reply, not even "sod off".

    Can anyone help here please? Is there something special about .psd and.tif files that would cause this?
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    In case there is anyone out there who uses FastStone, I have found that it stripps all EXIF (camera) and location data from .PSDs made from camera .JPGs, all EXIF (camera) data from .TIFFs made from camera .JPGs, but preserves all the data in .JPGs, even those subsequently Developed in Lightroom. This must be a bug. Therefore, I must ensure that all photos in my FastStone album remain as .JPGs.
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    I know this thread is a bit dated; however, I was seeking an answer for something else and it was top of the list --- so ---
    I have used FastStone for many years and I have never experienced what you are describing.
    In fact, my experience is that FastStone is one of the best at preserving metadata within files.

    Just exactly what are you doing inside FastStone that is stripping metadata ?
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    It was probably true for the old version... Remember, this thread was created in 2015.

    Few things I'd like to share.

    There are tools out there that can scan websites and their images looking for metadata. So these tools can be used in OSINT (Open Source Intelligence). Before Twitter et al striped the metadata the data was pretty damn impressive to say the least. There are other tools that work with Twitter and at one time the API allowed one to search with a search term and see images in near real time from Twitter corresponding to that location. So, if I searched for "DIA" (Denver International Airport) I'd see people's dumb images taken that very second uploaded to Twitter from DIA. I used this tool during the "plague" and saw right away someone installed a mask vending machine at DIA that someone took a picture of and uploaded to Twitter. If there was something going on in the world newsworthy, I'd just do a search of that location and Twitter users share all...

    Metadata is HUGE for marketing and profit! In addition to Facebook, Instagram and what have you, it's bought and paid for with all those little Apps everyone uses to get "freebies" and crap. No, there's only price perks for Starbucks et al because you handed over all of your metadata in the form of telemetry via the App. Right down to some 10' of location accuracy as well... "Download the App for this. Download the App for that." "Scan this QR code." Nah, I'll pass... Don't forget that in the U.S. and maybe other country's, the grocery store likes giving you "perks" for your phone number... That's metadata. I've been meaning to do some research on how much money it creates - (and how there's only three check outs open out of ten)...

    To bring this together on the subject of metadata and photos. Have a lookie here.
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