Best way to Update Adobe Flash Player

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    Best way to Update Adobe Flash Player

    Hey guys, just did a clean install of W7 and trying to set it up all nice and tidy. I looked into how to do this and it seems that Flash Player can be Updated via the Control Panel>Adobe Flash Player>Advanced>Check now. But is this the preferred way of doing it, especially when I'm so far behind, at like version 11.xx?

    Thanks, Nasty7
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    Each browser (Firefox, IE, Chrome) uses its own version of flash player.
    For Chrome, it's embedded, the "PPAPI" version.
    For Firefox, it's the "NPAPI" (Plug-In) version.
    For IE under Win7, it's the "ActiveX" version.
    The latter 2 must be installed separately.

    First step will be to UNINSTALL the older versions, as they are a huge security risk.

    To uninstall for eligible browsers, first download the uninstaller from this link, then CLOSE the browsers (important!), then run the uninstaller tool:

    Uninstall Flash Player for Windows

    For Flash Player for Firefox and similar browsers, you would need to separately download and install it from within Firefox from here:

    Adobe Flash Player download

    You can do the same by browsing to the same page using IE, to get the ActiveX version for IE.

    OR, manual downloads of the different versions are here:

    Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions

    To test each browser to see if you have the current version, you would need to try this website separately for each browser:

    Adobe - Flash Player

    More help:

    Flash Player Help


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    Would some of you also share with me what setting I should be using for security? I'm not all to paranoid about this but think I should no the basics. In Flash Player Settings Manger "Storage" I wonder what settings are best?
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    MoxieMomma, Thanks for the detailed information. I did try the Uninstaller and it would not work, kept getting this Error, and IE was not open. I also tried to Uninstall via Programs. is saying the "installer will automatically continue" but this is not the installer, I double checked, and got the download from your link.

    Also, I cannot figure out how to set IE to open last browser session, so I don't have to re-open my important tabs until I get Chrome and FF setup: EDIT: I SEE NOW "Open last browsing session" under Tools. Also, at the Help page there is this quote "Save the file in a location where you can find it easily after you restart your computer." What the heck are they talking about, restart computer after download? why would that be needed, I'll try it anyhow.

    Thanks so much for the advice.
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    Got it anyway, thanks!
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    Not sure why you had a problem with the uninstaller.
    I use it every time there is a new version of Flash Player, because I clean install each new version on every system.

    The instructions for using it are at that web page.
    Perhaps your older installed versions are somehow corrupted and would not cleanly uninstall.
    (You can probably also manually uninstall any old versions from Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.
    But the cleaner tool will likely do a better job.)

    With all browsers closed
    , one just runs the tool. It takes only a second or two.
    In the old days, it was helpful to reboot the computer after running it. That is generally no longer needed.

    NOTE: If you have both IE and Firefox, each needs its own version of Flash Player. Under Win7, IE11's Flash Player must be updated by the user (either manually or by configuring the ActiveX version to do so through its auto-updater). The version for Firefox (NPAPI or "plug-in" version) must be installed and updated separately, again either manually or via Flash Player's auto-updater.

    If you are not "hands-on", then I suggest configuring Flash Player in all browsers to auto-update through its own auto-updater. That way, you'll always have the most current, most secure version.

    As for the security settings, that's really up to the user. One needs to balance healthy paranoia with feasibility/practicality.
    The links in the dialog window screen shot you posted explain more about them.
    If you make changes, keep a record of what they are, in case you need to reverse them.

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