ZTE Cell Phone MTP Software Won't Install...

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    ZTE Cell Phone MTP Software Won't Install...

    I have Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 on several computers. 64 bit and one 32 bit. I recently purchase a ZTE 'Cymbal 2' cell phone but I've been having trouble getting the software to install properly on Windows 7. Each computer has all the most recent Win 7 updates installed but I have only been able to get the ZTE phone software installed successfully on just one computer. And that was after very many countless attempts.

    I most often get the error message "Installation Unsuccessful" but even if I get the random "Installation Successful" notification the installation shows up as "Failed" when I reboot in order to let the changes take effect. What seems to be happening is that the ZTE software actually installs itself (I can still access my new phone on the computer even after the "Unsuccessful Installation" error message) but each time I plug the phone into the computer's USB port it tries to reinstall the same files all over again.

    It's more of an annoyance than anything else. Has anyone else here been experiencing the same "Unsuccessful Installation" issue with the 'ZTE MTP Device Driver' software? I can't seem to figure out why the software has only worked properly on just one computer. I've been in contact with ZTE tech support and they have confirmed that their software is indeed compatible with Windows 7 but they were unable to figure out why I keep getting the "Unsuccessful Installation" notification.

    Does anybody have any idea what is going on with this issue of ZTE software failing to install properly on Windows 7???
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    Before I try and dive into the reason as to why the software is dong this, are you absolutely sure you need it?

    I can just attach the phone to the computer via USB and in the phone chose the appropriate USB option to transfer files and that's it. You'd then go to the My Computer icon ("This computer" in Windows 10) and browse the device. It's a pain to those that don't know where files end up and what not in the phone, but there's no software needed to browse the phone.

    = Now for the nerdy side of things. =

    I actually don't need to attach my phone to a computer. I use a no thrills basic FTP server software on a couple of computers here that are on 24/7 with the AndFTP Android App. When I need to transfer a picture or what ever from and to my phone or computer, I use the AndFTP App and chose "share" in the phone's options and upload to the FTP server. Now on my computer I use the WinSCP FTP program and navigate to the local FTP server and grab the file I just transferred.

    This is just all local, no external ports and what not. While you could open a port in the router for that, I wouldn't for security reasons. I used to use the built-in OpenVPN server in my router flashed with ASUS Merlin firmware. I'd launch the OpenVPN Android App, make a connection to my router and transfer via FTP with the AndFTP App since as soon as you establish a VPN connection between your phone and router at home you now have local network access. A better and probably a more secure way of doing this is with a program called Zerotier which creates a type of peer to peer connection without the need to open a port. I now do this for a local TeamSpeak server. And it'll work with my FTP server as well. Just food for thought...

    Anyway, there could be many variables as to why your software isn't installing, but the best place to start would be the Event Viewer log. I can give you two batch files you double click on and they'll grab the last 50 events I think I have set in the batch file and then you can Zip those logs and upload here.
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    F22 Simpilot said:
    Before I try and dive into the reason as to why the software is dong this, are you absolutely sure you need it?

    Thank you for your reply. It is much appreciated. As I had mentioned, I managed to get the software properly installed on one computer so that I can most certainly live with. The phone itself is a low end no frills ZTE Cymbal 2 'flip-phone' so it has very limited features anyway. I have no idea yet how useful it will be to interface it with my computer so at this point I must concede that I am not "absolutely sure" that I need it.

    I am just curious to know if other Windows 7 users have had problems installing the 'ZTE MTP Device Driver' software on their commuters. Is it a problem with ZTE software? Is it a problem with Windows 7? Or am I doing something wrong???
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    I just tried an old ZTE Cymbal Z-320 flip-phone with my Windows 7 computer. In the phone menu I selected Connect to PC > Media device (MTP). The computer took a few minutes but finally installed the drivers automatically to connect with the phone. Once connected the phone showed up in Windows Explorer as Z320 in Portable Devices. I finally was able to copy photos from the phone but it was a challenge because the phone kept connecting and disconnecting.
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    Out of curiosity, try a Linux live disk. Try different distributions...

    ZTE - Wikipedia
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