Partition Wizard issue

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    Partition Wizard issue


    First time poster. Because I found other Partition Wizard postings in this forum, I hope this is an acceptable place for the following question.

    Using PW 4.2 on a Windows 64-bit installation. Objective is to resize the C: partition (currently C: is the only partition on the 1TB HDD).

    When I complete all the necessary tasks of resizing the partition (I've watched the videos on the software's Website), then click "Apply," an operation begins, but is quickly interrupted asking me whether I want to restart, close open apps, or cancel operations. Choosing to restart seems to go well until the PW system begins, shortly after the "Starting Windows" screen. Twenty seconds or so into the PW process, a message appears on the screen reporting that my "disk configuration has changed," and therefore PW will not continue. When Windows completes its reboot, nothing has changed about the C: drive.

    I don't know what to try next. Any suggestions? (I am very new to PW, so go easy, please!)

    Bill Coley
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    Have you tried Windows built in partition manager? It will do what you are trying to do.

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    Beware of free Partition Wizard

    This program is crap. It fu cked up my computer. And I have skills using computers.
    I couldnt repair my computer to its normal state even with bootsect.exe, bootrec.exe, Paragon rescue disk etc.

    Now it dont even let me install Windows 7 again. Although I completely deleted the c: resides partition. It gives me some kind of error. I dont want to delete all the partitions (it could work this way) because I have 250Gb of data. I'll try to install Ubuntu.
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    ybubill said:
    Using PW 4.2 on a Windows 64-bit installation. Objective is to resize the C: partition (currently C: is the only partition on the 1TB HDD).
    Your particular problem aside, in my opinion Partition Wizard is a FINE product.

    In my opinion it is really the old Partition Magic (from Powerquest, and later Symantec, and now back with who I believe to be the original author who went to work for Symantec and has now parted ways and gone into business for himself since Symantec removed the product from their software line... but that's just my own personal theory, because Paritition Wizard really looks identical to Partition Magic).

    Anyway, it has always worked fine for me (under Win7 as well as WinXP) when doing miscellaneous assorted partition resize/delete/create tasks, along with a variety of other functions... as long as dealing with non-boot partitions (i.e. affecting the C partition or boot drive). It has never failed to do the right thing and complete perfectly anytime I've replaced/added hard drives and had to create one or more logical/primary partitions to prepare them for addition to my Windows environment.

    Of course once this was completed and Windows re-booted, it is almost always necessary to then use Disk Management (from COMPMGMT.MSC under Windows) to straighten out the drive letters of the new partitions, getting them to be what I really wanted them to be and putting back my existing drive letters if they'd unwittingly gotten changed by Windows due to the appearance of the new hard drive and partition(s). This is not the fault of Partition Wizard, it's just how Windows reacts to new drive and partitions, and proper management of them (and the corresponding drive letters) is YOUR responsibility. That's why this is possible within Windows itself... so that you can get things to look the way YOU want them to.

    For some more significant changes (such as work on the C partition) it will require a re-boot, in order to initiate the PRE-WINDOWS-STARTUP state of the program (really running from the equivalent of a DOS prompt, but in sort of a GUI mode) in order to complete the remaining steps of the script which cannot be performed while booted to Windows.

    So, you should have seen that "2nd-half" of Partition Wizard get automatically triggered (a) after the requested restart, and (b) before Windows actually gets booted. Only when this 2nd-half of the PW task process completes will Windows actually be booted. And of course, there shouldn't have been any errors occurring during this special "DOS-state" activity of PW.

    Now just to be double-sure that PW is running truly and completely 100% standalone outside of Windows, so that it cannot possibly be doing something which should not be done while Windows is running (such as re-sizing the C boot partition while it is actually in use by Windows), you can run the truly STANDALONE BOOTABLE PARTITION WIZARD, booted from either (a) bootable CD/DVD or (b) bootable USB flash drive!

    I would always recommend you use this standalone bootable media when working on your boot drive or C partitions.

    You can download an ISO image of the CD/DVD and burn it, or you can use Partition Wizard itself to create either the bootable CD/DVD or the bootable USB flash drive.

    Try the standalone bootable approach, and see if you can complete your desired re-size of C down from the 1TB full-drive to something more appropriate. I assume you'll then create a second partition with a drive letter in the newly available "free space" from the resize.
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