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    MilesAhead said:
    I'm trying out this WindowsMenuPlus. It looks like it has potential. I suggested they add more positions to the command that moves the window without resizing it.. but it has a few useful commands it adds to the System Menu of any window that has one.

    The site also has other freebies. This is the first one I'm trying as I just noticed it mentioned on Addictive Tips. Here's the page for the program:

    Moo0 - 31 freeware and 2 shareware
    Good one .. Thanks Mate :)
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    johnwillyums said:
    That looks great MilesAhead. Will it work on 7x64?
    Should work on anything that AutoIt3 supports(which I believe is XP and later both 32 and 64 bit.)

    btw I updated TicTac to v. 1.1. Now you can change the Hotkey modifier using a setting in the .ini file. For example, you can set it to use Alt or Control-Alt instead of Win Key etc.. Also has About dialog to show the current hotkey, show readme file etc..

    The .ini file has comments showing how to set the modifier key.
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    For some reason Google Chrome - Get a fast new browser. For PC, Mac, and Linux is not on the list yet. This link also has a link to the Beta on the page. If you want to try the dev version, just Google it.
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    TicClick v. does the same thing as TicTac, positioning the active window to one of 9 spots, except it only uses the mouse. WinKey Left MouseClick pops up a grid with the 9 positions and you click the position you wish to move the window to. You can edit the .ini file to change the hotkey. Eventually I'll have a menu command to avoid editing the .ini file. It will just pop up a dialog and save the result to the .ini file. I'm still working on the dialog stuff.

    edit: I took the easy way out and added an "Edit IniFile" command that opens the .ini file with the default program(via Windows file association) and quits the app so it can be restarted with the new settings. At least this way you don't have to dig it out of the folder manually. :)

    edit2: I updated TicClick to Now it has a Check for Update command in the Tray Menu. Seems to work fine for me, but I haven't tested it with a dial-up connection. I'm updating a few other programs with this feature. It's preferable to just posting announcements.. also more convenient than going to the web page. Might take me a bit of feedback to get all the bugs out. :)
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    Note that these programs on my
    page now have a Check for Update command in the Tray Menu:


    Way more convenient. :)

    This is the first time I've implemented going online to check for updates so a few notes may be in order:

    It seems to work fine on my system, but I don't have dial-up to test with a dial-up connection. The function uses standard Inet calls, so it should be pretty vanilla.

    The update process only sends file download requests to the server. No other info is sent. The file version info in the .exe file on your system is compared with the latest version available, that's read from the downloaded file. If the one online is newer, it asks if you want to download. The version info is in a small .ini file I keep updated on the server. The name of your running program is used to look up the file version info from the downloaded .ini file. Once the update check routine has the info it needs from the .ini file, it's deleted. Super simple. :)

    If you update, the zip file and the program folder are both opened, and the program quits, so you can overwrite it with the newer files.
    Last edited by MilesAhead; 06 Aug 2010 at 15:14. Reason: grandma grammaw or grammar.. something like that :
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    MilesAhead said:
    The function uses standard Inet calls, so it should be pretty vanilla.
    What API or library is that?
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    Win7User512 said:
    MilesAhead said:
    The function uses standard Inet calls, so it should be pretty vanilla.
    What API or library is that?
    Function InetGet
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    JonM33 said:
    This should definitely be included...

    Nitro PDF Reader: Nitro PDF Reader — The PDF Reader, Reimagined

    Great find! This is definitely better than FoxIt.
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    Thread Starter

    NetStat Live already on list.
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