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    lostincyberspac said:
    Is there a way off searching the thread to find if this wonder program destroys icq.
    As reading 174 pages of threads is a bit tedious
    Go to first page and Press Ctrl + F (It's search bar on the browser). There type what you want to find and as you are typing browser will find anything there. Also there is a second method,to search over the whole thread using a forum incluced search bar. Click on Search Thread,or click on this link and search there.
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    windows 7 professional & ultimate 64bit laptops

    I'm lovin this...

    LopeSoft Website
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    pacinitaly said:
    I'm lovin this...

    LopeSoft Website
    I agree, Filemenu Tools is among the first software I install on a new system.
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    Found one I havent seen mentioned yet:

    Ethereal Software Download Free Serial Port Monitor Software - USB Port Monitor - Ethereal Program

    Portmon 3.x


    Portmon is a utility that monitors and displays all serial and parallel port activity on a system. It has advanced filtering and search capabilities that make it a powerful tool for exploring the way Windows works, seeing how applications use ports, or tracking down problems in system or application configurations.
    Portmon works on NT 4.0, Win2K, XP and Server 2003, Windows 95 and Windows 98.
    Says works up to 98, but Ihave run it to test, and it works, on my system Win7 64x Home Premium
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    windows 7 64 bit

    Thank you stalker I tried but did not find what i was looking for. mind you I should have seen the search thread DOH.
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    Windows 11 21H2 Current build

    Profile Relocator: Software by Joseph Cox

    Article in Lifehacker: Profile Relocator Moves Windows Profiles to a New Location

    My own tutorial written at AF: Question: adding SSD to system - Android Forums

    Neat little trick to help extend life of the SSD: In addition to things like TRIM, moving hibernation and pagefiles onto spinners, etc. is to move oft use folders, like 1) Special folders (My Documents, etc.) onto the Spinners as well as 2) your Profile folder(s). This is easily accomplished when you're first installing the OS, by way of a little used feature of Win7 called Audit Mode.

    Read about it here: Customize Windows in Audit Mode

    When you get to the screen where it asks for your Username, do this: Hold CTRL + SHIFT + F3 and it will automatically take you into audit mode with a reboot. Then, you'll get a nice dialog (after you get the "Windows is preparing your computer for first time use" animated screen) that asks what you want to do - change the first drop down to "Enter system Audit mode" and the second dropdown to "Quit" - DO NOT SELECT GENERALIZE!! MAKE SURE IT REMAINS UNCHECKED!! - and then sysprep will create a throwaway admin account for you to use for all sorts of purposes, including installing apps, customizing settings, etc.

    Next, get Profile Relocator from bootblock: Software by Joseph Cox - extract and run.

    How to use:
    Profile Relocator is a step-based application that allows the re-locating of the Windows Users profile directory. Once re-located, any created profiles will appear in the new location in their entirety. The advantage to doing this allows profiles to be stored in a location that doesn't reside on the system drive, ensuring that profile data isn't compromised as a result of re-installation or system failure.

    Profile Relocator has been designed to work with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

    The application contains the required information on how it works, but below is a brief recap on what you should do. Please note that if the "re-installing Windows" step doesn't apply to you, you can just create the new account from your current account. Unfortunately this means you will not be able to create the new account using your current account's name.

    If you're just about to re-install Windows, you should create an account when prompted by Windows during the Windows installation phase using a temporary name. Do not use the name you would like your permanent account to have. For example, use an account name of Test.

    Once you've been logged into your temporary account (or main account if you did not re-install Windows), do not install anything except for Profile Relocator. Run PR, read and agree to the the disclaimer in the first step, then select the location you would like all future-created Windows profiles to be located in and click Start.

    Once the relocation process has finished, click Finish.

    Restart your PC and log back into your temporary account and create your new profile using the User Accounts control panel applet, using the original account name that you wanted. Check the profile destination you entered in PR above and you should see the newly created account in that location.

    Log out of your current temporary account and then into the newly created account. Once you have ensured the account is working as intended (no errors being reported by Windows upon login), feel free to delete the temporary account (eg. Temp) that you just logged out of as it is no longer required.

    Profile Relocator does not support the location change of existing profiles as is much more risky due to the required number of steps and their complexity.
    Since Audit mode creates a throw away Admin account, after (and every time) reboot you get the same dialog as before, with 2 drop down boxes and the generalize button. When you are complete with making all of the changes, leave the first dropdown on "Enter System Out of Box Experience" and the second on "Reboot".

    Et voilà your user directories (and all future users' profile directories) are now permanently configured to be located on a different drive from the SSD, making reinstalls much much easier, as most of your software settings (even those in the registry) are stored under %USERS% profile. Furthermore, it also makes Software reinstalls a lot easier, as the settings are not wiped when you format the system drive, but you'll have to go through this process again on a reinstall. Finally, as settings get continuously changed when you use software, you're not writing repeatedly to the SSD.

    One point to note: When in system audit mode, change the power settings to High performance- otherwise, if you have to walk away, and the system goes into standby mode, you cannot unlock it, as the throwaway admin account gets disabled, and you'll need to reboot the machine to get back into Audit mode.


    (I really should make this into a blog and start posting it for ppl to use....)

    I have written a blog about it since, but have not included any details, just a general write up on how easy it is. I can make a tut later this evening to add to the Move Users folder tut....
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    Win 7 Pro x64 / Win 10 Pro

    Here is a free Cursor Editor AniFX - The Free Cursor Editor I have been messing with it for a few days and it works quite well. It worked on both .ani and .cur
    Portable AniFX Portable | - Portable software for USB, portable and cloud drives
    AniFX is a freeware cursor editor. It is an all-in-one solution for cursor creation, extraction and editing.
    FREE Great Programs for Windows 7-before.png

    After recoloring them
    FREE Great Programs for Windows 7-after.png


    FREE Great Programs for Windows 7-anifx.png
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    Windows 7 64bit Home Premium Enhanced

    You missed a good one, ChromePlus (web browser) ( And Chromium itself )

    ChromePlus has all the features of Google Chrome, plus a some extra added features, without the googlefication. It's based on the latest Chromium build (just like Google Chrome) and has all the sandbox based security and speed you would expect in a Chromium based browser. It's extra features include: double click tab to close page, mouse gestures, super drag, IE tab and download tools support in context menu.

    1) Double Click tab to close page: Everytime you need to close a tab, you will have to double click on the close button. This prevents accidental clicks on the close button.
    2) Mouse Gestures: Chrome Plus has an advanced mouse gesture which were earlier seen in Firefox and Opera.
    3) Super Drag: With the help of super drag, you will have to just drag a link anywhere on the page and the link will be automatically opened on the new tab.
    4) IE Tab: With the help of this feature, you can open IE compatible web pages in Chrome itself. All you have to do is just click on the IE tab button situated at the end of location bar.
    5) Download Tools Supported In Context Menu: Now you have the added benefit of downloading stuffs in your download manager. Just right click the link and select the download manager.

    ChromePlus,a Chromium based and fast browsing experience web browser.

    As per my research:

    Many people are turned off of Google's intrusive nature these days and won't use Google Apps. You've heard of Chromium but you may wonder, how come no one's using it ? The Chromium browser does not release public stable builds for windows binaries because it's continually in development getting improved on. It's like a geek test project that never gets finished by design yet some people decided they wanted a "stable" release so they take the latest good version and release it. That's what Google and makers of ChromePlus have done. There is virtually no difference between the Google Brand of Chrome and the latest Chromium build, accept for some Google eye candy. None.

    This is where ChromePlus shines over Google Chrome. Not only did they use the latest stable build for the latest version of ChromePlus, they have the above mentioned added features too. A much better deal than Google Chrome.


    It is possible to download and use the latest nightly builds from Chromium itself here:Index of /f/chromium/snapshots/Win

    The folder at the top will always be the latest build and inside of that folder get the file that is called "". Unzip, open the folder and run the file called Chrome.exe. There is no installer. If you wish to uninstall simply delete the folder.

    Remember these are considered "Nightly' builds which mean they come out very often with various tweaks and improvements for testing. Some nightly builds may be more stable than others. You can try any builds from any date in the above folder if you wish.

    I have used both ChromePlus and Chromium for about a year now as backups to my main browser (Firefox) and they are awesome. At times I update my copy of Chromium to the latest nightly build, but I have never had a serious problem with any of them, I find they are all stable.
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    Windows 7 32 bit

    Chromium Snapshots



    It is possible to download and use the latest nightly builds from Chromium itself here:Index of /f/chromium/snapshots/Win
    I can't disagree. If you look in the Browswers and Email sub forum I've been touting Chromium snapshots for awhile. Best is to get the Win32 zip instead of the installer. Also look in the Change Log xml file and pick one without a lot of unresolved issues.

    These snapshots are surprisingly stable.
    I'm posting with 15.0.847.0 now. :)
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    johngalt said:
    Profile Relocator: Software by Joseph Cox

    Article in Lifehacker: Profile Relocator Moves Windows Profiles to a New Location

    My own tutorial written at AF: Question: adding SSD to system - Android Forums

    Neat little trick to help extend life of the SSD: ...
    User Profiles - Create and Move During Windows 7 Installation

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