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    Windows 7 32 bit


    Here's another one of mine called Toggle. You can download from this page:

    It's the one that just says Toggle, not to be confused with TopMost Toggle that's lower down on the page.

    Usage: Toggle [% width] [% height] Title

    e.g. Toggle 75 90 Opera

    It sits in the tray. When you press Alt-F11 or double click the icon, it looks for a window with title Title, saves its current size and position, then centers it and sizes it the specified %width and %height of the desktop.

    If you only specify one number that will be used for both. If you specify no number, just the Title, 50 will be used for both. Also if you don't specify any params it will assume Firefox at the size I like. If you don't like that size, specify something.

    Why? Because I hate maximizing apps. When maximized they block RocketDock and other stuff. This way I can hit the hotkey and toggle between big(but not maximized) and original size and position. (btw if the associated window is maximized, the command will do nothing in order not to mess up the stored window state used by Windows.)

    Once launched it only toggles window with Title. You can launch more than one with different params to toggle different windows, but only the 1st can capture the hotkey. But you can just Double Click the Tray Icon to toggle. The tooltip tells you which window that instance toggles. (It matches substring Title in the window caption. If more than one window comes up a match, it should pick the one most recently active.)

    If the associated window is not found, it pops up an error dialog for 2 seconds. I try to save the active window and restore around the error dialog to avoid it stealing the focus, but that only works with the hotkey. Naturally if you double click a Tray Icon, no application window has the focus anyway.

    It should work with Windows XP and later. It's only for the main monitor.
    I don't have multiple monitors to test multi-monitor stuff.

    You are welcome to use it at your own risk.

    (Yes I know there are a zillion desktop window size control thingies out there. But I only want to toggle a specific window. If you are using one of those, you should probably do everything with that utility to avoid conflicts.)

    There's an included Readme.txt with probably less detail than I've already posted, but it may have something I missed here. :)
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    Windows 11 Pro x64 [Latest Release and Release Preview]

    Found a link to this in my in-box today and thought it may be of use to anyone with SMART hard drives.

    CrystalDiskInfo – Repair Tool of the Week | Technibble

    The great thing is that It reads SMART info from USB attached drives which many programs will not

    Please read the note on language selection
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    Windows 7 32 bit

    I also like their benchmark, CrystalDiskMark. You can click to run an individual benchmark, or the whole group. There's a native 64 bit version. Nice freebie.
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    Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

    Another great one I didn't see on the list is TVersity. TVersity - Home
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    Windows 7 32 bit

    MilesAhead said:
    Here's another one of mine called Toggle. You can download from this page:

    It's the one that just says Toggle, not to be confused with TopMost Toggle that's lower down on the page.
    I've changed the design on this to make it a utility dedicated to one window. For instance if you want to be able to toggle your browser between 2 non-maximized sizes and positions(that's what I wrote it for.) This way it's simple to save settings in an .ini file. I really did write this for myself. That's why it's not so general-purpose. But I thought a few people might like to try it. Every time you hit the hotkey, the current size and position of the associated window is saved, and the window is moved to the alternate size and position. This way there's no "start state" so to speak. Just a "green" and a "red" toggle state. (The Tray Icon changes color to reflect the current state. Also the ) You can keep on moving the window and toggling to jump between the last 2 sizes/positions.

    This is a much better approach I think than centering the window. I usually run Firefox in the lower right hand corner of the screen above RocketDock. If I want to just have it a bit taller and a bit wider without being centered, like to watch a video or whatever, I can drag with the mouse. Also because it just saves window position and moves to it, it could possibly be more friendly toward multiple-monitor.. but I don't have a way of testing.

    Anyway, if you like to mess around with little utilities, the latest version is up on my site now. Have fun. :)

    edit: just fixed another minor bug. Now the Tray Icon Tooltip updates when you change the associated window title. Latest version is 1.2 and is available for download:

    edit2: btw if you want to set it to work with the active window, use WinTitle of [ACTIVE] (with the brackets just as typed.) Play around with it and see how it works.
    Last edited by MilesAhead; 15 Feb 2010 at 20:25.
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    7ven ultimate

    Thanks for the this application list.

    To be thorough you could add about sysinternal process explorer (now microsoft) that selecting 'Replace Task Manager' in the options menu, will integrate it in windows, thus making it non stand alone any more.
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    Windows 7 32 bit



    edit2: btw if you want to set it to work with the active window, use WinTitle of [ACTIVE] (with the brackets just as typed.) Play around with it and see how it works.
    btw I updated it to v. 1.3. Now [ACTIVE] is the default WinTitle. Only thing is, when using [ACTIVE] you need to use the Alt-F11 hotkey to Toggle instead of double-clicking on the Tray Icon. If you double-click on the Tray Icon the icon will be the active window. Not what you want. I put in some checking when [ACTIVE] is active, to do nothing when the window caption is blank, as you get with tray icons. In that case the function returns with no action, just like it does if the window is maximized.

    Anyway, I'm having some fun with it.
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    I've been using Total Commander (website) for years. Technically, it's shareware, but aside from the initial screen, it is nag-free, and a wonderful replacement for Windows file manager system, search tool, multi-rename tool, built in FTP client, built-in support for creating and using archives (ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE), etc... a great little program that I recommend highly!
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit

    I may include ad-aware from lavasys or so is not recommended, rather add malwarebytes.

    I cannot confirm this with evidence but I have a severe trojan after downloading a file, my antivirus "MSE" found it and half way neutralized it, after a 30 min scan or so with ad-aware it was not detected, malware bytes is very active and found 10 trojans, all of which I googled and was not "fabricated" by the program

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    Brink said:
    Barman58 said:
    Hi all,

    You can add Comodo Internet Security Version 3.5.54375.427 (current on Comodo Site) to the list of windows 7 Compatible software (I only run the firewall but AV should work also)

    only caveat is to set the installer to compatibility mode for Vista RTM otherwise install will fail.

    you can add Thunderbird and OpenOffice 3 to the list of compatibles
    Thank you Nigel. These have been added.

    Dont add Comodo, it is total shit, they make an excellent firewall but everything else is bad, adding it would make security off others worse. Suggest adding.

    Suggest adding Eset Smart Security or Nod 32, can get a 60 day trial and it is one off the best antivirus on the market (Eset smart security is nod32 with a firewall)

    also add Zone alarm internet security, It is the complete pack off the zone alarms protection, it features Anti Virus, anti malwares/spybot, Firewall. May I include that it is running on the sophisticated Kaspersky engine and its firewall is one off the best firewalls up to date?, better then the Windows crap.
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    Windows 7 x64 / Same

    I would recommend Malwarebytes over anything Lavasoft. Lavasoft stuff is crap.
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